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How To Select The Right Chakra Stone-Alakik-Universal Exports

How To Select The Right Chakra Stone?

The reason for working with chakra stones or gems is that each stone has the motivation behind amplifying or adjusting the energy community you’re zeroing in. To pick a mending rock, you need to take a gander at a few stone credits, including its fiery quality, shading, and the automatic or individual reverberation you have with it.

Chakra Stone Jewelry 

In case you’re wearing a mending stone as gems, you may consider a stone that upholds your general energy or fits a particular goal. The precious stone could have an actual recuperating reason, reflect passionate or otherworldly desires – or you may pull in to a shading that impacts you that day. Recall that the clearness of your aim expands the stone force. So ensure you pick cautiously. 

We propose to utilize a kind of string or mounting piece that doesn’t meddle with the stone mending power. Like thin ropes, calfskin, or pure metals, silver or gold, nonpartisan materials are acceptable choices. 

You are wearing chakra stone gems around your neck or armband as an assertion both for yourself and other people. Stones are excellent enhancers and may emanate or pull in energy both in and out through their typical characteristics, symbolic and social implications, just as the individual affinities you have with them.

How Do Healing Stones Work? 

Chakra stones are utilized to enact, balance, or enhance the energy of the chakras. Gem mending depends on the conviction that stones or gems have a characteristic recuperating recurrence to add to moving or adjusting point around them. On account of chakra stones, every gem’s vibrational mark relates or reverberates with unique energy places. 

You may utilize expectation and instinct to actuate the recuperating force of the stones. A dynamic creative mind or perceptions could help get to space where you can use stones or gems in the mix with chakra recuperating. 

Energy is diverted and amplified through the gem. It at that point influences or enters in reverberation with the vibration or recurrence of the chakra you’re zeroing in.

Approaches To Choose A Privileged Chakra Stone. 

1) Have a look clearly, that jumps out at you right away. Try not to tap on it and don’t peruse anything about it- record the names. Here are a few inquiries to assist you with this progression. 

  • Which one are you attracted to in light of its excellence? 
  • Which one pulls you vigorously as you ignore your eyes every one of the various stones? 
  • Which one feels like it’s shouting to you? 
  • Which ones are shouting to you to contact them? 

2) Now invest a little energy looking at each changed stone (again without perusing anything about them). As you do that, be keeping watch for the accompanying: 

  • Notice any feelings that surface as you look at a stone. 
  • How does its appearance cause you to feel? 
  • Close your eyes and envision grasping it – notice if your hand turns out to be warm or on the off chance that you feel any sensations or unobtrusive vibrations. 
  • Request that your higher self guides you and follow your instinct. 

3) Find out if anyone promptly attracted to likewise established a long term connection with significantly more than one you invested a little energy looking into the picture. Provided that this is true, those are the ones to begin. 

4) Click on the stones you were attracted to the most in stages 1 and 2 and read about them. Our conjecture is you’ll be astounded at the amount they line up with what you are searching for in your life at this moment.


Using Red Jasper for Chakra Healing and Balancing Energy

Red Jasper is a beautiful, vibrant, rich and deep red colored stone with dark gray streaks from the family of Microcrystalline Quartz Stone. Red Jasper name can be traced back to ancient languages like Greek, Hebrew, Persian, Arabic and Latin. The stone is found in India, America, Russia, France and Brazil. 

All the Red Jaspers connect with the Earth and can be placed on base Chakra for energizing and stabilizing human body. If you lay it over each and every chakra it will boost, cleanse and realign aura and chakras. This will also help in balancing yin and yang energies as well as aligning the emotional, physical and mental aspects to ethereal realm.  

The stone helps in stimulating the base or root chakra which is located at the spinal base and controls the energy for kinesthetic movement and feeling. It is a foundation for spiritual and mental energy for the body. The physically out of balance symptoms include low levels of activity, low enthusiasm, need for constant stimulation and lethargy. 

If spiritual energies are out of balance one can feel lightly disconnected from reality or distant. If the Base Chakra is balanced properly, the physical body regains stamina and strength and spiritual energy is reignited in sense of one’s own power and security. It leads to spontaneous leadership and independence. 

The stone can be used in form of talisman and amulet. At Alakik‌ ‌Universal‌ ‌Exports‌ ‌, there is an availability of red jasper stone in different forms and shapes. One can buy the stone according to their choices and preferences. 

Benefits of Chakra Healing Stones-Alakik-Universal Exports

Benefits of Chakra Healing Stones

In a human body, seven chakras are wheels of energy that give energy to us. If all the chakras are nurtured and balanced the body is centered, grounded and energetic. The chakras make our bodies clean and are good for one’s well-being and health. 

Chakra stones help in proper energy flow between the chakras, free discomfort and is a proven method for spiritual practice. The rocks are actually semi-precious stones and are known by different names like gemstones, chakra stones, healing stones, etc. 

Benefits of Chakra Healing

It is important for beginners to understand seven chakras and their colors. 

The first chakra point is the base chakra. It is a connection to your root and foundation. If you want to heal the root chakra, you are concentrating on your survival and foundation. 

This chakra associated with the element of earth, preserving, stable and strong energy which defines our relationship with the earth. 

Muladhara represented by a red color that represents the rule of logic and order. It stands for our sexuality and needs for physical strength. The five stones that can be used for this chakra point are:

Tiger Eye: 

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Fire Agate:

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Black Tourmaline 

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It should be kept in mind that every chakra stone has different functions so it is important to read about all of them before choosing the right one. 

The second chakra point is a sacral chakra that is connected to pleasure, sexuality, and well-being. This energy wheels up the spine that is situated in your pelvic or lower abdomen area. This point is connected to sexuality, well-being and pleasures you feel in your lifetime. It is related to creativity that can be fulfilled with a healthy sexual life. 

The wheel is connected with the element of water, mutability, sensitivity, devotion, and thankfulness. The four stones associated with sacral chakra are: 


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The third chakra is solar plexus chakra which is related to self-examination which concentrates on self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth. It helps you in making a decision and set a direction you want to take.

The solar plexus is connected to fire where inspiration, passion, excitement, and spontaneousness are created. The four chakra stones that can balance your solar plexus chakra are:


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Heart Chakra is the fourth chakra that is related to joy, love, and inner peace. It is located at the point of the heart. If the heart chakra is unbalanced, you might experience physical pain in the chest and upper back area or heartbreak.

The chakra is associated with air and symbolizes love, peace, and intelligence. Five chakra stones related to heart chakra are: 


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  • White Calcite Tumbles:

Green Aventurine

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Green Tourmaline

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Rose Quartz

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The fifth chakra is called throat chakra and is related to communication, self-expression, and truth. It is located at the center of your throat. It concentrates on your self-expression and communication. It is a passage between the head and heart and how you express yourself and your feelings. 

If you face trouble in transferring a message or react the way you want might have an energy blockage in your throat chakra that needs healing. The element associated is ether and it is called a sound or spirit element. The stones that balance this chakra wheel are:


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Tourquise Power Bracelet

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Angelite Balls 

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  • Angelite Balls:


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Aquamarine Chakra 10mm Elastic Bracelet With Charms


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Third eye chakra enables you to look at the bigger picture, your mind and seeing something more than what you see in reality. The point is located between the brows and is an all-seeing eye. It can be strengthened by meditation and yoga. 

Intellectual energy is connected to the brain and lets you see a bigger vision of the world. It is not associated with any element because it can connect with all the elements. The stones that can bring positivity to the third eye chakra point are:

Black Obsidian 

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Purple Fluorite 

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The seventh chakra is the crown chakra that is associated with the spiritual world and intuition. It is located in the spiritual level of an individual that is at the top of your head. It is an energy receiver and giver by consciousness.

You project your energy also known as aura and you get spiritual enlightenment for the same energy.If this chakra is well balanced you can see your higher self and past everything. The element related to this chakra is cosmic energy, thought or universe. The chakra stones for crown chakra are: 

Clear Quartz

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Thus, there are many benefits of chakra stones for a healthy and peaceful life. So what are you waiting for? Order an Alakik stone as per your energy blockage today and experience a change in your mind and body


Learn to Balance your Energy Body with Chakra Healing Stones

There are a total of seven chakras in the body of the human beings which exist at seven different points along the body. Each of the chakras is associated with a different set of systems as well as organs. The chakra can be considered similar to a wheel but it itself operates like a ball of energy that necessarily interpenetrates the physical body. The chakras do not exist physically and it is not visible. They are actually aspects of consciousness which interacts with the physical as well as energetic body via two of the major vehicles that are the endocrine system and the nervous system. Each of the seven chakras so present in the body is associated with the nine endocrine glands of the human body and also with a specific group of nerves referred to as plexus thereby making them crucial elements for the purpose of healing.

The Chakra System

 The chakra system is actually the field of precise as well as gentle energy that helps in animating the physical bodies. Now, at any point of time, these physical bodies are out of the alignment, the affected individuals can be necessarily pulled in a number of directions along with a feeling of ‘off-centre’. This results in diverting the individual from the state of natural well being. This is exactly where the chakra healing stones come to the rescue of the individuals. These healing stones are placed over the seven chakras of our body and then balanced in the proper manner so as to come up with the desired results. The balancing necessarily shows us the direction as well as the size of the energy that the chakra is emitting. The level of energy will reveal imbalance, balance or any kinds of energy blocks. It helps in the proper diagnosis and thereby plays a crucial role in properly balancing thereby playing a crucial role in the maintenance of good energy, spirit and physical well being. 

Balancing is the Key

Balancing of the chakras with the help of the healing stones is certainly the key to healing. It cannot be said that one chakra is better than the others or are more important for the purpose of healing. The body always wants to achieve energetic balance in the chakras. But moving too far in any one of the direction that is either under reactive or overreactive in any one of the seven chakras can necessarily give rise to some of the negative effects in the body which in turn can be counterproductive to the energy of the body and the chakra healing process. When a chakra is under reactive it kicks another chakra into overdrive which then results in the pulling of extra energy away from that part of the body. Thus, balancing the chakras is certainly the key in crystal healing. 

How the Balancing is Done?

Now, it can be clearly understood that balancing the energy of the body with the help of the healing stones plays a crucial role in the overall healing process. To begin with the process of balancing, the healing crystals are placed at certain positions on the body and then the forces of gravity and inertia help to create movement. But at that point of time when no force is caused on the weight, there is something that starts to happen naturally and that too completely all by itself. The energy helps to move the weight with a slight help from the unconscious mind of the individual. The healing stones feel just magical even at the time when they are completely still. Then they start moving for the purpose of detecting the invisible energy which is present around the individual. 

Thus, properly balancing the energy body with the help of the healing crystals plays a crucial role in the overall healing process by providing the desired results.