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Put Out Your True Vibes by Choosing the Right Semi Precious Stone on Your Jewelry

Clothes, accessories and even shoes reflect your personality and mood. While a bright, colourful and neatly ironed shirt talks about your happy mood, a somber looking crumbled shirt and non-polished shoe shows your careless side to the world. To display your best side to the world you tend to be careful when choosing your shirt or dress for an occasion. But do you know that the stones on your jewelry also talk tons about personality! Surprised and confused! Don’t worry, gemologists at Alakik‌ ‌Universal‌ ‌Exports‌ ‌, a prominent wholesaler of semi precious stones will help resolve your problem.


Did you know that amber is not a stone but a fossilized tree resin? Considered valuable since ancient times, Amber is an orange coloured stone linked to the Sun. Amber pieces have been found in graves as long as 2000 years ago! If you have amber on your jewelry, it is said to ease stress and clear your mind of worries and tension.


Amethyst which is a precious gemstone derives its name from ancient Greece meaning ‘against drunkenness’. In ancient times it was believed that amethyst protected one against the adverse effects of alcohol and therefore one could see its presence in cups and goblets. The rich purple colour of the stone also signifies royalty. Experts at Khambhat based Universal Exports suggest you to wear amethyst if you wish to bring peace and balance in your life. It also helps you overcome insomnia.


We all love to wear garnet when it comes to semi precious stones. It comes from the Latin word ‘granatium’, meaning pomegranate. Though it comes in various colours except blue, the rich, dark red colour is the most common. Garnets were commonly worn during the Victorian period. If you wear garnet, it shows that you are a person with passion and energy. So if you are a person with high level of confidence, we would recommend you garnet.


Jade is one of the few stones which is highly valued by the Chinese. It is almost synonymous to gold in China. Jade comes in a variety of green shades but the darker variety is the most commonly used. Since Jade requires skilled craftsmanship, it was valued more by the Chinese nobility. Jade is related to the matters of the heart and so if you are in love, just go for it!


Love and value of emerald is ever lasting! Just like Jade, it is also green in colour and a symbol of true love. It is the most powerful talisman and synonymous with productivity and clairvoyance. Universal Exports suggest emerald for those in search of true love and also who wish to become moms as its translucent green colour can improve fertility.

So the next time you choose to wear a semi-precious stone, you know what is right for you. And, to clear your doubts or to check on the latest range of semi precious jewelry, you can always log on to Alakik‌ ‌Universal‌ ‌Exports‌ ‌.