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Healing Crystals Sets Used for Reiki-Alakik-Universal Export

Healing Crystals Sets Used for Reiki – Alakik

What Does The Term “Reiki” Mean? 

The word Reiki is a Japanese word raising the meaning for “universal life energy”. Reiki is a type of elective treatment which refers to “energy healing”. 

This spiritual practice, named Reiki was emerged in the late 1800s and being developed by the giant Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui.

This practice of Reiki healing is said to be the transfer of energy from the practitioner’s palms to the patience’s soul also to nurture the flow of energy and cultivate equilibrium of harmony. 

Some Reiki techniques

The techniques involved have names such as:

  • Centering
  • Clearing
  • Beaming
  • Extracting Harmful Energies
  • Infusing
  • Smoothing And Raking The Aura

The Benefits of Reiki 

Quite possibly, the most extraordinary part of Reiki is that singular members report fluctuating responses and encounters after they have gone through treatment. Quite possibly the most well-known advantages detailed is the inclination of serenity, and quiet Reiki makes, just as an incredible feeling of prosperity. Others report impressions of shivering and heat and extraordinary, passionate emotions. Some Reiki patients have said they saw unordinary colors while going through treatment.

The Use Of Healing Crystals Reiki

Crystals have for quite some time been credited to having extraordinary mending properties. Like Reiki, mending with gems is executed through energy. Precious stones are utilized to eliminate poisons from the body, wipe out toxins and amplify positive energy. In any case, how are the recuperating properties of Reiki and gems laced?

crystals used during Reiki treatment, will help to heal and keep up energy balance. In orther words, they will boost up the healing flow/ process.

The Health Benefits Of Reiki 

As per professionals, the recuperating impacts are interceded by directing the general energy known as qi, articulated “chi.” In India, it is called “prana.” This is similar energy engaged with jujitsu work out. It is the existence of powerful life that some accept encompasses us all. 

This energy is said to saturate the body. Reiki specialists call attention to that, while this energy isn’t quantifiable by present-day logical strategies, it tends to be felt by numerous who check it out. 

Reiki is asserted to help unwind, aid the body’s regular recuperating measures, and create enthusiastic, mental, and profound prosperity. 

It is also said to incite profound unwinding, help individuals adapt to challenges, calm enthusiastic pressure, and generally improve prosperity.

Reiki has helped Diagnose: 

  1. Cancer
  2. Heart Disease
  3. Anxiety
  4. Depression 

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Healing Techniques for your throat using Healing Crystals-Alakik-Univerlsa-Exports

Healing Techniques for Your Throat Using Healing Crystals – Alakik

It is on the throat that vishuddha chakra or throat chakra, also called the 5th chakra is directly located. According to the experts, throat chakra healing needs knowledge about chakra energies. This is associated with blue color and with self knowledge, truth speaking, choice and willpower. It also compels the person to stand by his own beliefs, and to make honest expressions.

Why use this healing chakra?

On balancing of the throat chakra, the desire to understand why things have happened this way and events that take place in lives are surrendered as spiritual guidance is simply given up. It is possible to introduce powerful changes in lives and to know that few things cannot be changed. Acts of opened throat chakra includes open declaration of hatred for the job or getting mistreated in relationship. Power of choice is held by this chakra within people’s lives as well as the capability to express what is known to those in the surrounding.

Facing issues

Blockage of the throat chakra postpones taking action, thereby making transformational decisions. People then stay in old habits, beliefs and patterns including blocked 5th chakra, although the need has been realized to take action towards changing such thought patterns and behaviors. This represents lack in Divine faith. As there is experienced throat chakra, there is an urge to understand why things are happening the way they are and everything that takes place is not trusted as part of any greater spiritual plan. decisions, opinions and ideas may not be expressed properly.

Throat chakra essence

Chakra healing crystals does provide the courage to make correct choices, to accept that is not possible to be changed and to understand the difference. The chakra also requires standing by the newly declared habits and beliefs and not to get wrongly influenced by anyone.

Throat chakra blockage physically is linked with chronic sore throat, scoliosis, laryngitis, addiction and thyroid problems.

Throat chakra healing with crystals

For this particular layout, the fifth chakra stones to be selected are turquoise, clear quartz, lapis lazuli, shungite and blue apatite. Throat chakra stones along with blue gemstones or blue crystals will work well.

  • One Clear Quartz stone: Properties of other stones are enhanced by quartz, thus brining greater clarity to the situation.
  • One Sungite Stone: Energy is neutralized by Shungite, realized at the time of throat chakra healing.
  • One Blue Apatite Stone: It is powerful to increase personal power and to achieve intentions and objectives.
  • Four Turqoise Stones: It is called Master Healer, helps to strengthen the person’s connection with the other life areas that is desired to be healed.
  • Five Lapis Lazuli Stones: It is a blue gemstone which helps to connect with higher truth.

The throat chakra crystals are to be placed in grid formation above the throat. If there is no one to help with the placement of the crystals, then the stones are to be first laid next to the person, in proper formation and have them transformed to the body. After completing the grid, breathe deeply with eyes closed to enter meditative state.

On gaining better understanding of the reason for blocking of the throat chakra, the crystals are to be removed and journal maintained about what is gained from meditation. This exercise is to be repeated for 21 days for specific time period. The key here is consistency and commitment. One can check out authentic Healing crystals for sale and enjoy its benefits.

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All About Crystal Turtle and How to Use It – Alakik

All About Crystal Turtle and How to Use It.

It is believed that the animals dominate a certain power in nature and have incredible energy associated to particular elements. We must have some or the other time come across the statues of decorative animals at work places or even homes but never tried to solve the mystery behind it! So let’s find out its significance today!

Feng Shui is a very prominent word and people of today widely follow it while taking decisions related to certain things of their life.  Feng Shui is associated with animals as it helps solidify the environment with special signification. Out of all, the most famous and commonly used animal guardian is the tortoise. So, what does it signify in the Chinese culture?

The turtle is most commonly represented as a figurine that is made up of hard and decorative stone. As we all know a turtle is blessed with a long life, it indicates long life of a person, hence recommended to old people in order to increase their longevity. Not only this, the wholesale crystal turtle is known to remove negative energy around the people, so when kept at work place or home can render the people with positivity. It is given the tag of ‘Good luck turtle’ as it is associated with overall good health and positive energy.

So, these new age healing crystals are very effective in kicking out the problems in one’s life.  To be specific, the crystal turtle is effective because it adorns the following qualities in it: longevity, good health, positive energy and protection. The crystal turtle is made from glass which is considered to be a positive element in Chinese culture. The best place to keep the crystal turtle is near a window so that it is able to send the colors of rainbow and also spread the good and positive energy all around.

This wholesale crystal jewelry can even be used for gifting purpose as it comes with a bag of advantages to which the one receiving the gift will definitely consider it worth. So are you the one in search of this crystal turtle to keep one for your home or to gift your friend? If yes, hit on to one and only Universal Exports – the one who is known to provide wholesale crystal jewelry of all kinds. You can even get wholesale crystal bracelet or any other kind of accessory that you wish for at Universal Exports. So why to wait for, grab one crystal turtle and other crystal jewelry of your choice and keep it at the recommended place to get a perfect solution to your problem. You can definitely get the positive results as soon as you place the crystal turtle as per the recommended place. Also, not to forget, you can very well gift one to your dear friend or relative if you feel he or she is in dire need of the same. Universal Exports is sure to cater your requirements with the right product and at its earliest! For more information visit:

Find the Best Healing Crystals at Alakik Universal Exports

Find the Best Healing Crystals at Universal Exports

No doubt that world has gone way ahead as compared to the times when mobile phone did not exist even in wildest of the imaginations. Yet, you’ll come across many big and small things of that era even today. People of that time have been able to leave a long lasting faith and the best example for this is the healing stones! Yes, these healing stones which were discovered way back used to heal diseases and the social problems of one’s life. This belief has remain intact even today as people not from a particular country but all across the globe demand respective healing stones to cure their problems related to diseases or life.

The only change one can observe is the introduction of these stones in various forms. People also use it as an accessory! These stone are now available in the form of crystal pendulum, crystal jewelry, chakra crystal bracelet and many more. The list is really very big and it all depends upon your need and demand for the same!

Hence, these new age healing crystals have a lot more to offer as compared to the ancient times. If you want it just as an accessory, you can easily avail a large variety in the form of bracelet, locket, or even as a proper jewelry. And if not a jewelry, you also get in different kinds like pendulum and so on! So, it is totally up to you in which form you want your desired healing stone.

So, if you are the one who is interested in getting your share of healing stones and are confused about from where to get it, here is the one and only answer – Universal Exports. Yes, widely known as a premium wholesaler in healing stones, it has achieved a great name not only in India but all across the globe. It is known to export these stones to the clients spread worldwide. With these widespread collection at Alakik‌ ‌Universal‌ ‌Exports‌ ‌, one can be rest assured that he will be getting any kind of healing stones that too in the demanded form.

Like if you are looking for a chakra crystal bracelet or a simple crystal pendulum, just resort to the major hub of healing stones i.e. Universal Exports! And you can even get the other varieties over here like crystal pendulum. Moreover, if not for personal use but you are interested in the wholesale crystal jewelry for some or the other reasons, then without any doubt, resort to this place as this is definitely an ideal solution for anyone who wants to indulge in wholesale.

In short, make sure to contact the one and only Universal Exports whenever you desire to have any kind of healing crystals or stones. It will surely help you out with the best quality crystals, at the right price at its earliest! For more information visit: Alakik‌ ‌Universal‌ ‌Exports‌ ‌

Universal Exports: The best wholesaler of new age healing crystals

Universal Exports: The best wholesaler of new age healing crystals

With many noticeable advancements experienced by humans with the changing time, certain old age traditions and beliefs has yet not left its unchanged or uninterrupted belief on them. And out of them, a very popular healing stones and its curing nature has able to keep its belief intact amongst people living in any corner of world. Yes, these healing stones or crystals with its unique characteristics have helped the people at large with their problems and other social issues. And it being delivering best of the results have always been a resort or a lifeline for everyone across the globe.

There are many healing crystals in this world that have their own set of characteristics and healing nature. Every crystal has their respective cure which actually helps the people to diminish their problems from roots. These new age healing crystals being very popular always have searching eyes on! But, with existence of Universal exports – dealing in wholesale healing crystals, people have to no more open their search antennas and can directly resort to Universal Exports with their set of demanded crystals.

Alakik‌ ‌Universal‌ ‌Exports‌ ‌ is a popular one stop hub of all types of healing crystals. With presence of large variety of stones and having a strong base of supplying them all over the world, they have gained popularity with time and have become the one and only best healing stones supplier in India as well as in other countries. There are hundreds kinds of healing stones that has their own specific features and are known for curing specific diseases. Each and every healing stone has its own healing attribute that draws the attention of the people for their respective reasons. Presence of hundreds of healing stones is the USP of Universal Exports and as it deals into wholesale crystals, people from all over the world, with their respective healing crystal requirement, lands here to get solution of a lifetime.

So, if you are one amongst them who is facing some issue and are in search of that respective stone to get a permanent cure, just resort to Alakik Universal Exports and get your demand fulfill quickly. Exporting it all over India as well as outside has created a large base of clientele who are more than satisfied with the concrete solutions.

Thus, Universal Exports being a premium dealer of healing stones that aims at catering to people’s healing stone demands has evolved as the one stop destination for healing stones. Don’t wait more, just order your required stone and Universal Exports will deliver the same at its earliest. Visit:

Healing crystals – one of the best ways to cure problems

Healing crystals – one of the best ways to cure problems

Technology has always been a blessing for the world, but there are still certain things that have not lose its hold on the people. And one such thing is the belief of healing stones that people have even today. Since years, it has been considered as the best way to cure various types of problems like diseases and family issues. Every healing stone has its unique characteristic and when used with the right directions, can cure the problem from its roots.

The healing crystals have just been more advanced than before. With the same trust on it, people from all over the world resort to it to get a permanent cure and relief. The new age healing crystals have been advanced for good. With so many benefits attached to them, all you need is to identify your problem and later get the respective healing stone to get rid of your problem.

For those who are looking for the same, there is a supplier who deals in wholesale healing crystalsAlakik‌ ‌Universal‌ ‌Exports‌ ‌. Universal Exports is into supply of wholesale crystals and one can easily avail his requirements over here. Catering to all kinds of crystals, universal exports have become a one stop destination to get the desired healing crystal.

The professionals like psychiatrist or the ones who are into Reiki therapy can resort to Universal Exports to get every type of healing stone. Being majorly into exports, it delivers a quick supply as per the requirements. The best thing about Universal Exports is the constant availability of healing stones which they are always ready to help with.

As it is widely known, healing stones have cured a big number of threatening diseases due to which, it is obvious for people to believe in them. Alakik‌ ‌Universal‌ ‌Exports‌ ‌ understands this and hence makes it a point to deliver the best of the crystals demanded by the people all over India. Its USP being available for every clientele to deliver his demanded healing stone, it keeps going  with  constant supply of large number of new age healing crystals. Universal exports have earned a great name and have become one –stop destination for healing stones requirement. If any individual is looking forward to some particular crystal for healing his ailment, Universal Exports is the best place to resort to and get treated from roots through these new age healing crystals.

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New Age Healing Crystals

New-Age-Healing-Crystals-Universal-Exports- Alakik

There’s no second opinion towards the magical advancements done by human. Indeed, it is valued to the core and people happily taste its fruits in today’s life. Yet, there are still many things of old age that have been retained and are not abandoned by the mass. As the famous proverb says, “Old is gold”, there are certain things that have increased its value over time.

With medicine getting so advanced, people have a relief as compared to earlier times. Man’s contribution has bestowed cure to almost every diseases which were once considered as incurable. Above all this, people still have faith on certain old and natural treatments as they have experienced its viability in day-to-day lives. One such prominent treatment which people follow even today is usage of healing stones. With the introduction of technology, there have been great advancements in these stones too but, these healing stones have always been at rescue to the ailing health of people since years and even today.

If you are one of those believers in healing stones, Alakik‌ ‌Universal‌ ‌Exports‌ ‌ is here to serve you with all your needs. With the presence of new age healing crystals, Universal Exports has become one of the major manufacturers of healing stones all over India. The healing stones or crystals are known to lighten stress, cure various diseases, boosting creativity, as well as in enhancing physic powers. The belief that the new age healing crystals carry – of having a subtle power, is very much true wherein the level of energy produced by these crystals vary from one type to other.

But, depending on your need, Universal Exports makes sure to fulfill your demands along with providing the best of the guidance related to these stones. These new age healing crystals have really maintained the trust of millions as they are expected to treat a number of life taking diseases like:

  • Anorexia
  • Depression
  • Epilepsy
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Seizures
  • Scoliosis
  • Tumor
  • Cancer

With such a big number of threatening diseases being cured by the healing stones, it is obvious for people to believe in them. Universal Exports understands this and hence makes it a point to deliver the best of the crystals demanded by the people all over India. With constant supply of large number of new age healing crystals, Universal exports has earned a great name and has become one–stop destination for healing stones requirement. If any individual is looking forward to some particular crystal for healing his ailment, Universal Exports is the best place to resort to and get treated from roots through these new age healing crystals.