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The Healing Properties of Agate Arrowheads: A Holistic Perspective

What are Agate Stones ?

Agate is a unique form of gemstone created via a process that is not fully understood at this time. There are many theories on how it was created. Agate can be found across the planet. It is not a rock in the literal meaning of the term. It is classified as a mineraloid, which is a rock-like structure formed when minerals interact and are subjected to the same environmental stresses as rocks.

Agate is mostly created in igneous rock. They can also occur in metamorphic or sedimentary rock, but such agates are extremely rare. The process begins with the dissolving of silica in water. This water then interacts with a rock, producing agate.

Geodes and agate rock have similar origins. A hollow, pocket, or chamber is found within a rock. These holes are formed by a variety of processes, including gas chambers developing in lava when it solidifies to form igneous rock. These pockets contain water and carbon dioxide, which ultimately leave the chambers. Only the holes remained.

Other causes include pockets formed between sedimentary layers and animal interactions with the rock. The majority of natural pockets are generated via the first way. As a result, basalt rock is a common site for agate formation.

Agate Arrowheads: The Perfect Blend of Aesthetics and Power

Agate arrowheads are not only beautifully made but they are very important historically and spiritually. In the past, arrowheads were used for hunting and fighting though people use them today for their significance and medicinal properties holistically.

Agate arrowheads are specially crafted to bring out the visual and metaphysical properties of a piece of agate, and this same principle applies to the ones found at Alakik Universal Exports. In creating each arrowhead, a balance is struck between perfection in aesthetics as well as in the inherent life force of nature that they embody, suggesting the artist’s mastery.

Uses of Agate Arrowhead

  • Spiritual and Emotional Healing

Agate arrowheads are great tools for spiritual and emotional healing. Very often they are used in meditation and energy healing to assist in aligning the body, mind, and spirit. Here is how they can be used.

Meditation aid: Holding an agate arrowhead during meditation will assist you in anchoring your energies making you feel more balanced and calm. The stone has a calming influence that clears up the mind thus increasing concentration.

Chakra Balancing: Different kinds of agate match various chakras. Take blue lace agate, for example; it is linked to the throat chakra, inducing lucidity in communication; while moss agate correlates with heart chakra where it helps reconcile emotions by bringing healing.” 

Protection and Grounding: People say agate arrowheads form a wall against malign energies. Often these objects find their way into buildings or pockets so that one feels safe and secured.

  • Physical Healing

Agate is believed to hold many physical healing properties in relation to holistic health. Some of the things people say about agate are:

Improves Circulation: For enhancing blood flow, it has been speculated that agate could be used in some cases as an alternative medicine meant for toning down heart rate and making sure one has good organ function.

Assists in Digestion: It could possibly help relax the stomach and intestines thereby possibly reducing gastritis amongst other issues concerning digestion.

Strengthen the Immune System: Agate’s energy is said to stimulate the immune system, allowing the body to fight off sickness and sustain general health.

Decorative and Collectible Value

Beyond their healing properties, agate arrowheads are highly valued for their beauty. They make stunning decorative pieces, adding a touch of natural elegance to any space. Collectors often seek out these unique pieces for their rarity and craftsmanship.

Benefits of Agate Arrowheads

Emotional Balance and Stability 

One major benefit of agate arrowheads is that they help in maintaining emotional balance, adjusting mood swings, lowering anxiety, and in the enhancement of inner tranquility.

Better Focus and Intelligence

Agate can be used by students, professionals or anyone who needs a clear mind as it’s a helpful tool. Individuals should also know that it helps with concentration, perception as well as analytical abilities.

Holistic Protection

Agate arrowheads protect you as a whole making your aura naturally strong as well as saves you from bad vibrations. When you feel outside powers are too much for you, these arrowheads would be just perfect as they prevent any negativity from coming your way.

Connection to Earth Energies

Agate is deeply linked with earth therefore it helps people reconnect themselves back into nature thereby grounding them securely thereon even though this makes them appreciate her aesthetics too.


Agate arrowheads combine nature’s artistry with human skill. These lovely stones create wonderful useful and decorative goods. Agate arrowheads are truly remarkable instruments for holistic health, which includes emotional balance, security, spiritual enlightenment, and physical healing. Explore the gorgeous collection of Alakik Universal Exports and experience the therapeutic powers of agate for yourself.


Wholesale Arrowhead Pendants from Alakik Universal Exports

Arrowhead Pendants are said to assist in relieving suffering and stave off pessimistic energies from touching you. Bring an Arrowhead pendant and wear them to stay calm and focused. It also stimulates peace and blocks toxic ideas.

Why you should Wear Agate Arrowhead Pendants

  • Agate Arrowhead is an outstanding stone for rebalancing and reconciling the body, psyche, and heart. 
  • It cleanses and solidifies the feeling, eradicating and altering negativity. 
  • Agate Arrowhead improves the cognitive process, enhancing engagement, awareness, and rational skills. 
  • It soothes and calms, recovering internal resentment or uncertainty, and builds an understanding of security and protection. 
  • Arrowheads pendants are adored all over the earth as they are acknowledged to defend their wearer. When you wear them up, you can preserve yourself from all sorts of pessimistic vibrations and any kind of adverse attack. They were donned in ancient periods also for a similar reason. The arrowheads are an incredible alternative, as they ensure your safety.
  • We all are bred with a passion for adventure but our brisk schedules are not permitting us to see that standpoint in our spirits. Wearing an agate arrowhead can encourage you to incite your feeling of exploration. 

Metaphysical Properties of Agate Arrowhead

Chinese acknowledge that agate can propose spiritual security can facilitate one’s life cycle while purifying their sense to make room for prosperity and good luck.

The healing properties of agate are sluggish and smooth. Their properties send peace to all traits of subjective, spiritual, and bodily being. 

Helps you slow down the pace of life – Described as other stones in the mineral world, Agate Arrow emits a deeper, more gentle frequency, which brings about an ideal property for someone willing to slow down the pace in life. Agate’s soothing and anxiety-relieving features can encourage you to attach to the energy of the Earth by bringing harmony to your mind, body, and spirit.  

Balancing Your Life – If you learn you are wasting too much stamina in one area and not sufficient in other areas, connecting with an Agate Arrowhead can help you evaluate where to best concentrate your time.  Agate supports you to determine where to direct extra or limit your energy and then exhorts you to appear with a strategy to bring your life back into balance.  The Agate Arrowhead furthermore encourages you to recognize what is most valuable to you on a wider level so you can reside in alignment with your integrity. 

Getting Grounded 

An Agate Arrowhead stone clenches the pure energy to fix you and extend an understanding of strength, particularly when you think as though your strength is all over the area and dispersed. The balancing impact is what provides the Agate Arrowhead pendant signifying such influential grounding energy. 

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Understanding the healing properties of Agate Arrowheads-Alakik-Universal Exports

Understanding the healing properties of Agate Arrowheads

What is Agate stone?

The attractive agate stone is a semi-precious gemstone that is available in a variety of different colours. The wide colour palette of agate stone includes red, blue, white, orange etc. Agate is a microcrystalline variety of silica, mainly chalcedony. Agates often display bands of fine quartz that create beautifully layered patterns. 

What are the healing properties of Agate stone?

  • Agate helps to bring mental, physical and emotional balance while balancing yin/yang energies
  • It helps to achieve self-acceptance
  • It helps to build your self-confidence and guides you to trust your intuition
  • It helps to overcome negativity 
  • It helps in releasing anger and de-stressing your soul
  • It’s a harbinger of good luck and prosperity
  • It helps in healing your relationships 
  • It also helps in enhancing your creative skills
  • It helps to heal diseases related to stomach, skin diseases, irritants & strengthens your immune system

What is Agate stone Arrowhead?

Agate derives its name from Achetes river in Sicily as it was first found there. It is also called an earth rainbow as it is found in nearly every colour. There are different types of agate arrowheads such as blue lace, crazy lace, dendritic lace, fire, laguna and moss agate. 

What are the uses/ purpose of Agate Arrowhead?

Agate Arrowheads can help to inculcate three inner reserves i.e. stability, composure and maturity. It works as a protective amulet when worn while travelling and helps in preventing accidents. 

What are the functions of Agate Arrowhead?

Emotional Healing – Agate Arrowheads help in taking important decisions in life. It helps in self-analysis and finding a true purpose in your life. 

Spiritual Energy – Agate Arrowheads are effective in helping to connect with one’s consciousness thus it aids in the spiritual healing process. 

Physical Healing and Energy – Agate Arrowheads can help in enhancing your concentration levels and analytical abilities. It can also help in treating digestive problems and skin issues. 

Chakra Healing – Agate Arrowheads can help in transforming negative energies into positive ones and it also helps in making your seven chakras more powerful. 

Colour Energy – Agate Arrowheads are available in several colours. Not many know that each of these colours have their energy. Wearing coloured Agate can help to solve individual problems. 

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Harness The Power Of The Arrowhead-Alakik-Universal Exports

Harness The Power Of The Arrowhead

Arrowhead was used as a weapon in olden times and its pointed shape could easily pass through the skin of the target. Many stones were used in making an arrowhead. The style and size kept on varying according to the use. In order to fire an arrow, one required great strength, excellent vision, and keen instincts.

The arrowhead was worn around the neck as a talisman to protect oneself from evil. The talisman is a symbol of strength, protection, and courage. Native Americans firmly believed that the arrowhead can allow the wearer to absorb the enemy’s power and remove negative energy.

The arrowhead is still worn or carried by many even after decades. In the modern world, many people believe in this old-age customs. This holds true especially for the descendants of Native Americans.

4inch Arrowhead

How can you utilize the Power of Arrowhead?

People enjoy wearing arrowhead jeweler even today in order to bring positive energy to their lives. Arrowhead also helps in bringing a sense of adventure to the wearer which many people lack these days. Today’s generation normally uses their time by using the Internet, movies, games, social media and other unsatisfactory activities. The power of arrowheads can reawaken the adventurous spirit of an individual.

If you want to harness the power of arrowhead in your life, there are many stones which can crave this piece like:

  • Quartz balances energy, awakens talents, and enhances natural gifts.
  • Obsidian – sharpens senses, protects the owner’s aura, and removes negative energies.
  • Amethyst – self-confidence, spiritual growth, inner strength, cleansing powers.
  • Turquoise – healing properties, promotes inner peace.
  • Rose Quartz – brings, gentle, warm energy, love, and pleasure.
  • Agate – lessens stress and negative energy, heeling energies.
  • Jasper – relieves stress, stabilizes emotions, and enhances insight.
  • Tourmaline – balances feelings and emotions, vitalizes energy around the heart.
  • Labradorite – facilitates positive change, removes negative feelings.

Regardless of the stone used for craving the arrowhead, it has usages in different areas which are courage, strength, and protection.

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The importance of arrowheads can be understood by those who wear it. So, what are you waiting for? Order arrowhead jewellery today and bring a positive change to your life. Alakik‌ ‌Universal‌ ‌Exports‌ ‌ are Manufacturer-Exporter of New Age healing products, Metaphysical gemstones, Esoteric crystals along with Agate Arrowheads.

What is Agate-And Its Healing Properties-Alakik-Universale-Exports

What is Agate? And Its Healing Properties

Agate is an ornamental stone that primarily consist of cryptocrystalline silica, chalcedony along with microgranular quartz. These ornamental stones are characterized by the fineness of grain and variety of color. Even though agate can be found in several types of host rock, they are usually related with volcanic rocks and are common in several metamorphic rocks.

Although the color of agate differs depending on the type, this popular stone is well-known for its beauty and can be identified by its transparent shine and signature bands. Agate is formed as a result of igneous rock combined with the silica deposits in groundwater. The multicolored bands that give the semi-valuable stone its brand are layers of agate deposits that build up on top of each other. Agates come in a range of colors such as brown, pink, white, red, black, purple, yellow and gray. This cryptocrystalline mineral is made up of silicon dioxide and is found popularly around the world in places such as Egypt, Brazil, Nepal, India, Germany, Italy, the USA and Mexico.

Take a look at the category of Agate Arrowheads healing properties:

The meaning of Agate differs from civilization to civilization, for instance the followers of Islam as well as Babylonians used to believe that agate can ward off the tragedies and evil eye. On the other hand the Egyptians and Persians believed that agate can provide protection against natural disasters such as lightning and has the ability to deliver powers of speech. Chinese believed that agate can offer spiritual protection, and can stimulate one’s life force while cleansing their mind to make space for fortune and good luck.

The healing properties of agate are slow and steady. Their properties bring harmony to all aspects of emotional, spiritual and physical. Blue lace agate heals properties ease the nervousness within the throat, and allow flexibility between mind and mouth. On the other hand, moss agate which is a light green colored stone is known to help people who are seeking the courage for long lasting stamina. Those struggling with addiction or want to implement healthy habits; moss agate healing properties are advantageous for them.

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The types of Agate and the their uses

The Types of Agate and The Their Uses – Alakik

The different banded Chalcedony varieties, a mineral belonging to the Quartz family has been given the name Agate. This product derived its name from Achetes River present in Sicily, the discovery site of Agate. They come banded in stripes or layers, with few varieties having color specks or ‘eye’ markings, while others are solid and fossilized inclusions.

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Agate are considered to be fascinating and evolving, with over thousands of types being found across the globe. It is their attractive and mesmerizing color bands that brings about magic and wonder to the planet. The different types are enumerated below:

  1. Blue Lace Agate: They have soothing, soft elegance, similar to sky blue waters that are released from the grasp of winter. It’s circular, graceful design is found to have positive, stimulating effect on attitude and emotions. It is rather termed to be a stone of support and encouragement and not protection. The circular flowing energy elevates, uplifts and calms.
  2. Dendritic Agate: It is also called Stone of Plentitude, bringing out fullness and abundance to all life areas, ranging from agriculture to business endeavors. This stone was associated with tree and woodland spirits and ancient Greek dryads.
  3. Crazy Lace Agate: It is also known as Happy Lace or the Laughter Stone. This is associated with Mexican dancing and fiestas, brining about joy to everyone wearing it. It encourages and provides support, thus elevating thoughts and to promote optimism. Circular energy flow is crated through its graceful random lacy pattern design to stimulate the attitude and mind.
  4. Laguna Agate: It is regarded to be the world’s most praised banded agate and popular for its vibrant shades of scarlet and red including for tight banding. It is found in Chihuahua area of Mexico.
  5. Fire Agate: It is called spiritual flame of pure perfection, known to carry wonderful mystery that is locked within  deep brown crystal. The fiery embers are seen to ignite if the stone is touched.
  6. Moss Agate: This stone throughout all cultures and history, is popularly termed to be agriculture and gardeners’ crystal. Tribal priests of those days had considered it to be a mysterious stone having miraculous healing properties. They are known to come with power for interacting with human organic system. Hence, it found use as talisman that was won by warriors with an objective to become strong and victorious.

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This stone is said to come with numerous beneficial properties, some of which are given below:

  • It promotes maturity, composure and inner stability. Its protective, warm properties help to encourage self confidence and security.
  • During pregnancy, it is stated to be a wonderful crystal. New mothers will find it easier to avoid those ‘baby blues’ that are at times experienced after the birth of the baby. Wearing this stone can help to encourage lactation.
  • The burning undesirable things can be stopped with this stone. It also helps those trying to juggle with multiple jobs and commitments.

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Knowing About Agate Arrowhead Products – Alakik

Wholesale Agate Arrowhead Products

Not just gold, diamond or platinum, but the fairer sex has extended their cravings of jewelry to precious stones that sparkle and adds on to their beauty. Yes, these stones come in various size, shape and color and they are undoubtedly beautiful. As we all have heard about the precious stones like Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, there are other entrants to this league that serves the purpose of both: beauty and health! And these are none other than healing stones!

Not only women, the arrowhead products have captured a great attention among the younger generation in today’s scenario. Like for instance, if you see a young boy enter a store filled with various types of stones and rocks, his eyes is sure to widen looking at the beautiful range of arrowheads placed over there! Their basic interest or eye catcher is the wide range of gemstone arrowhead products!

An arrowhead, to define, is a usually sharpened tip added to an arrow in order to make it more dangerous and deadly. Known to be an archeological artifact, this arrowhead is into use from the Stone Age which has just evolved with time in terms of appearance, usage and designs. Available in pretty versions, people use it as key rings, necklaces, pendants and much more.

Agate arrowhead products are yet another craze amongst younger generation because of certain reasons attached to it. Firstly, these products come in beautifully designed arrow shapes in different colors that allure them to buy it then and there. Next, one can wear it as different accessory in form of necklace, rings and so on! Third – it is inexpensive in nature and hence is easily possible for everyone to get one share of them as per their choice and demand. It should be noted that each of this agate arrowheads is made with using same method as it used to in ancient times.  The advantage of this is getting a unique look for every handmade arrowheads.

So, if you are one among them who is in search of such beautiful agate arrowhead, without any further delay, contact Universal Exports to avail your favorite product easily. The varieties of agate arrowhead products available at Universal Exports are:

  • Arrowhead key rings
  • Arrowhead necklaces
  • Arrowhead pendants
  • And many more

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