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Healing Techniques for your throat using Healing Crystals-Alakik-Univerlsa-Exports

Healing Techniques for Your Throat Using Healing Crystals – Alakik

It is on the throat that vishuddha chakra or throat chakra, also called the 5th chakra is directly located. According to the experts, throat chakra healing needs knowledge about chakra energies. This is associated with blue color and with self knowledge, truth speaking, choice and willpower. It also compels the person to stand by his own beliefs, and to make honest expressions.

Why use this healing chakra?

On balancing of the throat chakra, the desire to understand why things have happened this way and events that take place in lives are surrendered as spiritual guidance is simply given up. It is possible to introduce powerful changes in lives and to know that few things cannot be changed. Acts of opened throat chakra includes open declaration of hatred for the job or getting mistreated in relationship. Power of choice is held by this chakra within people’s lives as well as the capability to express what is known to those in the surrounding.

Facing issues

Blockage of the throat chakra postpones taking action, thereby making transformational decisions. People then stay in old habits, beliefs and patterns including blocked 5th chakra, although the need has been realized to take action towards changing such thought patterns and behaviors. This represents lack in Divine faith. As there is experienced throat chakra, there is an urge to understand why things are happening the way they are and everything that takes place is not trusted as part of any greater spiritual plan. decisions, opinions and ideas may not be expressed properly.

Throat chakra essence

Chakra healing crystals does provide the courage to make correct choices, to accept that is not possible to be changed and to understand the difference. The chakra also requires standing by the newly declared habits and beliefs and not to get wrongly influenced by anyone.

Throat chakra blockage physically is linked with chronic sore throat, scoliosis, laryngitis, addiction and thyroid problems.

Throat chakra healing with crystals

For this particular layout, the fifth chakra stones to be selected are turquoise, clear quartz, lapis lazuli, shungite and blue apatite. Throat chakra stones along with blue gemstones or blue crystals will work well.

  • One Clear Quartz stone: Properties of other stones are enhanced by quartz, thus brining greater clarity to the situation.
  • One Sungite Stone: Energy is neutralized by Shungite, realized at the time of throat chakra healing.
  • One Blue Apatite Stone: It is powerful to increase personal power and to achieve intentions and objectives.
  • Four Turqoise Stones: It is called Master Healer, helps to strengthen the person’s connection with the other life areas that is desired to be healed.
  • Five Lapis Lazuli Stones: It is a blue gemstone which helps to connect with higher truth.

The throat chakra crystals are to be placed in grid formation above the throat. If there is no one to help with the placement of the crystals, then the stones are to be first laid next to the person, in proper formation and have them transformed to the body. After completing the grid, breathe deeply with eyes closed to enter meditative state.

On gaining better understanding of the reason for blocking of the throat chakra, the crystals are to be removed and journal maintained about what is gained from meditation. This exercise is to be repeated for 21 days for specific time period. The key here is consistency and commitment. One can check out authentic Healing crystals for sale and enjoy its benefits.

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