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Rose Quartz – The Love Stone

Rose quartz

Traditionally, stones are known to have their specific characteristics and the way they influence some or the other thing in people lives positively, these stones are even today considered to be a great healing source of various health problems. Not only health problems, but these stones are known to carry characteristics that can bring an overall change in the life of individuals. One such stone is Rose quartz.

This stone is often symbolized as love stone as its energetic hallmark of unconditional love has the heart chakra. Hence, this specialty has made it or defined it as a stone for every type of love including self-love, family and relatives, romantic, platonic and unconditional. Rose Quartz is known to possess high energy which signifies the enhancement of love regardless of a situation an individual is in!

Love is an emotion needed by one and all in this world.  Being a happy and a loving stone, Rose quartz has a tendency to bring love in to life that leads to inner warmth, lowers the stress and soothes the people around it. Talking about the physical and spiritual monarchy, this stone is often used for charms and love spells. In addition, it has the efficiency of making the process of transition in dying easier and gentle by making an aura of unconditional love of Divine.

For the people who want to recall their dreams or want to go ahead with their dream work, Rose Quartz can work best for them.  Moreover, it even aids in raising one’s own self esteem as well as a strong sense ofown worth! The energies released from this stone teach us to make ourselves more worthy as well as to apply the same love on ourselves.

It depicts an emotional behavior as it is used to balance emotions as well as invites peace and calm all around. This indirectly results in stress relief as well as removal of negative feelings like anxiety. Carrying the highly positive energy of forgiveness, compassion, tolerance, to be able to see well in ourselves as well as others, Rose Quartz is a stone that actually proves to be a love stone by all means.

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Semi Precious Jewelry – The Current Craze Amongst Women!

Semi precious jewelry

All that glitters is not gold but it definitely is eye catchy for sure. As we all know, nature has bestowed us with different kinds of precious stones having unique specialty in each one of them. Adding beauty and charm, these precious stones have kept on wooing the fairer sex since decades.

With all the love that these precious as well as semi precious stones are getting from women all over the world, it really proves that surely, along with diamond, any precious stone is a girl’s best friend.

These semi precious stones, known as gem stones are a portion of minerals which are either refined or in cut form and are further used to create stunning jewelry. Moreover, one can even find organic resources that are not minerals but are still considered as gem stones and are used in making jewelry. Like, for instance, we get jewelry made from jet or amber – the stones that are not minerals and still considered as gem stones.

Talking about the difference between the precious and the semi-precious stones, diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds are considered to be the precious stones and the rest of stones that are available in today’s time fall under the category of semi precious stones.

The stone jewelry has a great demand in today’s modern time. With fashion being followed so strictly by the mass, women tend to shop accessories that satiate their fashion thirst! Presence of numerous colorful and designer stone jewelries, women started possessing the ones that went best with their dresses and in no time, the demand for such stone jewelry went up to skies.

Sufficing the need of these fashionista mass, Alakik‌ ‌Universal‌ ‌Exports‌ ‌ makes it a point to provide a really large collection of these semi precious jewelry that can woo them totally. With different stones – their color and designs being available easily, Universal Exports has become a centre of attraction for all the ladies out there!

So if you are the one who is in search of such impeccable gem stones, the one stop destination is Universal Exports that will serve all your stone jewelry demands under one roof!  It’s time for every woman to pull up their socks and hit on to Universal Exports for crafting an awesome collection of the stone jewelry of today!

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