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The Healing Properties of Agate Arrowheads: A Holistic Perspective

What are Agate Stones ?

Agate is a unique form of gemstone created via a process that is not fully understood at this time. There are many theories on how it was created. Agate can be found across the planet. It is not a rock in the literal meaning of the term. It is classified as a mineraloid, which is a rock-like structure formed when minerals interact and are subjected to the same environmental stresses as rocks.

Agate is mostly created in igneous rock. They can also occur in metamorphic or sedimentary rock, but such agates are extremely rare. The process begins with the dissolving of silica in water. This water then interacts with a rock, producing agate.

Geodes and agate rock have similar origins. A hollow, pocket, or chamber is found within a rock. These holes are formed by a variety of processes, including gas chambers developing in lava when it solidifies to form igneous rock. These pockets contain water and carbon dioxide, which ultimately leave the chambers. Only the holes remained.

Other causes include pockets formed between sedimentary layers and animal interactions with the rock. The majority of natural pockets are generated via the first way. As a result, basalt rock is a common site for agate formation.

Agate Arrowheads: The Perfect Blend of Aesthetics and Power

Agate arrowheads are not only beautifully made but they are very important historically and spiritually. In the past, arrowheads were used for hunting and fighting though people use them today for their significance and medicinal properties holistically.

Agate arrowheads are specially crafted to bring out the visual and metaphysical properties of a piece of agate, and this same principle applies to the ones found at Alakik Universal Exports. In creating each arrowhead, a balance is struck between perfection in aesthetics as well as in the inherent life force of nature that they embody, suggesting the artist’s mastery.

Uses of Agate Arrowhead

  • Spiritual and Emotional Healing

Agate arrowheads are great tools for spiritual and emotional healing. Very often they are used in meditation and energy healing to assist in aligning the body, mind, and spirit. Here is how they can be used.

Meditation aid: Holding an agate arrowhead during meditation will assist you in anchoring your energies making you feel more balanced and calm. The stone has a calming influence that clears up the mind thus increasing concentration.

Chakra Balancing: Different kinds of agate match various chakras. Take blue lace agate, for example; it is linked to the throat chakra, inducing lucidity in communication; while moss agate correlates with heart chakra where it helps reconcile emotions by bringing healing.” 

Protection and Grounding: People say agate arrowheads form a wall against malign energies. Often these objects find their way into buildings or pockets so that one feels safe and secured.

  • Physical Healing

Agate is believed to hold many physical healing properties in relation to holistic health. Some of the things people say about agate are:

Improves Circulation: For enhancing blood flow, it has been speculated that agate could be used in some cases as an alternative medicine meant for toning down heart rate and making sure one has good organ function.

Assists in Digestion: It could possibly help relax the stomach and intestines thereby possibly reducing gastritis amongst other issues concerning digestion.

Strengthen the Immune System: Agate’s energy is said to stimulate the immune system, allowing the body to fight off sickness and sustain general health.

Decorative and Collectible Value

Beyond their healing properties, agate arrowheads are highly valued for their beauty. They make stunning decorative pieces, adding a touch of natural elegance to any space. Collectors often seek out these unique pieces for their rarity and craftsmanship.

Benefits of Agate Arrowheads

Emotional Balance and Stability 

One major benefit of agate arrowheads is that they help in maintaining emotional balance, adjusting mood swings, lowering anxiety, and in the enhancement of inner tranquility.

Better Focus and Intelligence

Agate can be used by students, professionals or anyone who needs a clear mind as it’s a helpful tool. Individuals should also know that it helps with concentration, perception as well as analytical abilities.

Holistic Protection

Agate arrowheads protect you as a whole making your aura naturally strong as well as saves you from bad vibrations. When you feel outside powers are too much for you, these arrowheads would be just perfect as they prevent any negativity from coming your way.

Connection to Earth Energies

Agate is deeply linked with earth therefore it helps people reconnect themselves back into nature thereby grounding them securely thereon even though this makes them appreciate her aesthetics too.


Agate arrowheads combine nature’s artistry with human skill. These lovely stones create wonderful useful and decorative goods. Agate arrowheads are truly remarkable instruments for holistic health, which includes emotional balance, security, spiritual enlightenment, and physical healing. Explore the gorgeous collection of Alakik Universal Exports and experience the therapeutic powers of agate for yourself.


How to Use Gemstone Towers for Yoga and Meditation

Gemstone towers are increasingly becoming essential in enhancing benefits of yoga such as meditation among participants involved in holistic practices. These beautifully crafted rocks do not only add beauty into one’s sacred space but also increase the spirits and energetic advantages one gets during practice. This blog will show readers how they can apply them while doing yoga or meditating, what makes them unique, as well as several reasons why they are useful tools regarding those activities.

What Are Gemstone Towers?

Gemstone towers, which are also called crystal points, are stones that have been made into a tall and pointed shape. This shape allows the energy in the stone to be focused and magnified, making them perfect for use in healing and meditation, as well as spiritual work. A diverse range of gemstone towers with differing characteristics and powers are available from Alakik Universal Exports.

How to Use Gemstone Towers in Yoga and Meditation

Setting the Space

Make sure to create a peaceful environment before starting yoga or meditation. That calm and energetically charged space can be established by placing gemstone towers around the room. It is possible for you to either set them up in lines or place them around at random using your instincts so that they can work best.

Meditation Practice

Choosing the Right Stone: Choose a gemstone tower that aligns with your intentions. For example, amethyst towers enhance intuition and spiritual growth, whereas rose quartz towers promote love and emotional healing.

Holding the Stone: In meditation, use the crystal tower to concentrate on the energy it emanates, either hold or place it in front of you, and let it transport you into deeper levels of relaxation and consciousness.

Visualizing Energy Flow: Visualize the energy from the stone entering your body, flowing through your chakras, and clearing any blockages. This practice can enhance your meditative state and promote a sense of inner peace and clarity.

Yoga Practice

Enhancing Your Space: Put the gemstone towers at the corners of your yoga mat or in the room. When they are around, they can make a feeling of tranquil and a clear state, beneficial for going into more profound poses.

Setting Intentions: Prior to your yoga training session, set an aim lest shall be reached through your selected stone pillar. Have the stone in your hand, then close your eyes and say your aim out to yourself either verbally or mentally. This will assist you in maintaining concentration and being rooted during the entire practice.

Using During Poses: To get started with an explanation, consider that putting gemstone towers on or near your body can make certain yoga postures, especially those that restore you, more effective because there is a direct correlation between these objects and bodily function. Let’s say during your day’s last pose like savasana, you can place an ice white quartz tower right on top of your crown, as an assistant to improve purity and enhance spiritual connection.

Properties of Popular Gemstone Towers


Properties: Amethyst is a strong stone used for meditation because it has soothing and spiritual characteristics. Its powers include enhancing intuitive awareness about faith and making the brain peaceful.

Benefits: Amethyst towers are useful for deepening meditation, relieving stress, and protecting against negative energy.

Rose Quartz

Properties: Quartz Rose is the stone of unconditional love and emotional healing. It serves to open the heart chakra and encourages compassion, self-love, and profound emotional healing.

Benefits: If you happen to use the rose quartz towers during meditation, they could support emotional recovery, promote healthy relationships and enhance peace and self-worth.

Clear Quartz

Properties: Known as the “master healer” a clear quartz is capable of amplifying any type of energy and intentions placed into it. It brings harmony to the chakras and aligns the subtle bodies while doing so.

Benefits: For enhancing clarity, concentration, and overall energy balance clear quartz towers are superb. In addition to amplifying the effects of other stones, they can also serve as an enhancer of the overall energy in your room.

Black Tourmaline

Properties: Black tourmaline is a powerful protective stone that protects against harmful energies and aids with stabilizing and equalizing energy within your environment.

Benefits: You could be kept grounded and centered by the use of black tourmaline towers during yoga and meditation in order to create a protective shield.

Benefits of Incorporating Gemstone Towers

Enhanced Meditation and Focus

When it comes to meditating, gemstone towers can be used as a weightier focal point. They also increase the intensity of the energy waves around you thus aiding in much deeper meditation and spiritual connection.

Emotional Healing and Balance

Various healing properties can be realized from different types of gemstones. Balancing emotions, healing past traumas, as well as promoting a sense of peace and well being are some other ways they can be served by including them into your practices.

Energetic Protection and Grounding

Black tourmaline gemstone towers can shield you from negative energies and keep you grounded, protecting your energy during your yoga session.”

Amplifying Intentions

Setting goals using gemstone towers may greatly increase their realisation. The stones magnify the energy of your aspirations, allowing you to reach your spiritual and personal goals more efficiently.

gemstone obelisk

Gemstone Obelisk (Use, Information, Benefits and Advantages)

The captivating beauty of Gemstone Obelisk transcends aesthetics, offering energetic properties that enrich our well-being. Today, we delve into the realm of gemstone obelisks, exploring their historical significance, diverse uses, and the undeniable benefits they bring to your space.

Timeless Legacy of the Obelisk

Obelisks, towering pillars with a tapered shape and a pyramidion (pointed top), have captivated civilizations for millennia. Ancient Egyptians revered them as petrified rays of the sun, representing creation and stability. These majestic structures served as religious symbols, marking sacred sites and honoring deities.

The enduring appeal of the obelisk transcends cultures. Romans adopted them, associating them with power and victory.Today, obelisks grace famous landmarks globally, serving as testaments to history and architectural marvels.

Alakik’s Gemstone Obelisks

Alakik elevates the obelisk’s legacy by crafting exquisite gemstone obelisks. Each obelisk is meticulously carved from a single, premium gemstone, showcasing the stone’s natural brilliance and inherent energy.

We offer a captivating selection of gemstones, each with unique properties:

  • Amethyst Obelisk: Embrace tranquility and spiritual growth with the calming energy of amethyst.
  • Citrine Obelisk: Attract abundance, success, and vibrant energy with the sunny optimism of citrine.
  • Clear Quartz Obelisk: Amplify your intentions and enhance clarity with the pure energy of clear quartz.
  • Rose Quartz Obelisk: Cultivate love, compassion, and emotional well-being with the gentle embrace of rose quartz.
  • Black Tourmaline Obelisk: Shield yourself from negativity and promote grounding with the protective power of black tourmaline.

Benefits of Gemstone Obelisks

Beyond their captivating beauty, gemstone obelisks offer a multitude of advantages:

  • Energy Enhancement: Each gemstone possesses unique energetic properties. By incorporating an obelisk into your space, you can harness these energies to cultivate specific intentions.
  • Crystal Healing: Gemstone obelisks are believed to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. For instance, amethyst obelisks are associated with stress relief and improved sleep, while citrine obelisks are said to attract prosperity.
  • Feng Shui Enhancement: In the art of feng shui, obelisks are considered powerful tools for balancing energy flow (chi) within a space. Their pointed shape is believed to direct and amplify energy, creating a harmonious environment.
  • Meditation and Focus: The stillness and beauty of a gemstone obelisk can serve as a focal point during meditation or mindfulness practices. Gazing upon the stone can enhance concentration and promote inner peace.
  • Exquisite Decor: Alakik’s gemstone obelisks are not just functional; they are stunning works of art. Their radiant colors and captivating forms adds luxury and sophistication to any home.

How to Use Your Gemstone Obelisk

The possibilities are endless! Here are some inspiring ways to integrate your Alakik gemstone obelisk into your life:

  • Position it strategically: Place your obelisk in your living room to promote positive energy flow, in your workspace to enhance focus and productivity, or in your bedroom for a calming and restful atmosphere.
  • Hold it during meditation: Focus on the stone’s energy as you meditate, allowing its properties to amplify your intentions.
  • Carry it with you: A smaller obelisk can be a discreet companion, offering a touch of protection and energy throughout the day.

Alakik: Your Trusted Source for Gemstone Obelisks

At Alakik, we are passionate about crafting gemstone obelisks that elevate your space and empower your well-being. We source only the finest gemstones, ensuring exceptional quality and vibrant energy. Explore our collection today as we help to discover the perfect gemstone obelisk to usher harmony and positive energy into your life.

Gemstone obelisks are more than just decorative objects; they are powerful tools for enhancing your environment and enriching your life. Visit Alakik today and embark on a journey of gemstone-infused wellness.

mix gemstone pyramids

Mix Gemstone Pyramids

Who doesn’t desire to cultivate a space brimming with positive energy and captivating beauty? Our exquisite gemstone pyramids have long been a favorite for those seeking to elevate their environment. But have you explored the magic of Mix Gemstone Pyramids?

These captivating creations combine the power of multiple gemstones, each with its unique properties, to create a synergy of intention and aesthetics. Whether you seek focus, tranquility, or a boost of creativity, there’s a Mix Gemstone Pyramid perfectly suited to your needs.

The Concept of the Pyramid

The pyramid shape itself holds a powerful symbolism across cultures. In ancient Egypt, pyramids were believed to be portals to the afterlife, harnessing cosmic energy. This geometric form is said to amplify and direct energy, making it an ideal vessel for the potent vibrations of gemstones.

Alakik’s Stones

Alakik’s Mix Gemstone Pyramids are handcrafted with a thoughtful selection of complementary gemstones. Here’s a glimpse into some popular combinations and their potential benefits:

  • Focus & Clarity: A mix of Clear Quartz, known as the “master healer” for its ability to amplify intention, paired with Amethyst, promoting focus and mental clarity.
  • Tranquility & Peace:  Amethyst combines with Lepidolite, a stone known for its calming influence, and Rose Quartz, fostering feelings of love and peace.
  • Creativity & Inspiration:  Carnelian, a stone of action and motivation, works alongside Citrine, known for attracting abundance and stimulating creativity.
  • Protection & Grounding:  Black Tourmaline, a powerful shield against negativity, blends with Smoky Quartz,promoting grounding and emotional stability.

Choosing Your Mix Gemstone Pyramid

When selecting your Mix Gemstone Pyramid, consider your personal intentions. Do you seek a boost in creativity for your workspace? Perhaps tranquility for your meditation area? Alakik offers a curated selection online, or visit our store to explore the unique energy of each pyramid.

Caring for Your Pyramid

Like any gemstone, your Mix Gemstone Pyramid benefits from proper care. Here’s how to maintain its vibrant energy:

  • Cleansing: Once a month, cleanse your pyramid with a smoke cleanse using sage or incense. You can also place it under running water for a few minutes, visualizing negative energy being washed away.
  • Charging: Leave your pyramid in direct sunlight for a few hours. This allows it to absorb the sun’s revitalizing energy.Alternatively, place it on a selenite charging plate.
  • Intention Setting: Hold your pyramid and visualize your desired outcome. Focus on the specific energy you wish to cultivate, amplifying its power.

Quality & Expertise

At Alakik, we source our gemstones with the utmost care, ensuring their authenticity and ethical procurement. Our skilled artisans handcraft each pyramid with meticulous attention to detail, creating an object of beauty and purpose.

A Mix of Beauty and Balance

Mixed Gemstone Pyramids are more than just decorative pieces. They are powerful tools for cultivating a harmonious environment and attracting positive energy. With their captivating beauty and the combined power of their gemstones, Alakik’s Mix Gemstone Pyramids offer a unique way to enhance your well-being and elevate your space.

Visit Alakik today to explore our collection of Mix Gemstone Pyramids and discover the perfect one to bring balance and beauty into your life.


Healing Crystal Gift Box – Alakik Universal Exports

Crystals can enhance our life and well-being. Curated with intention, our Healing Crystal Gift Box is a beautiful and thoughtful present for yourself or a loved one seeking for peace, balance, and inner strength.  Each carefully chosen crystal within this box possesses unique energetic properties, designed to support you on your journey towards a more vibrant life.

Learn the magic of these eight remarkable stones:

  • Amazonite: Known as the “Stone of Hope,” Amazonite is a calming and soothing crystal.  It is believed to promote emotional balance and discard negativity, building a sense of optimism and resilience.  Amazonite’s invigorating energy can also be helpful in communication, encouraging clear and truthful expression.
  • Yooperlite: This stone, found only on the shores of Lake Superior, is a mesmerizing blend of feldspar and sodalite.  Yooperlite is believed to enhance inner peace and spiritual connection.  It is said to promote a positive outlook and encourage self-acceptance, making it a valuable companion for personal growth and self-discovery.
  • Ruby: It is a dazzling stone symbolizing passion, love, and vitality, Ruby is a powerful motivator.  It is believed to ignite inner fire and inspire one to pursue their dreams with confidence.  Ruby’s stimulating energy can also enhance creativity and leadership qualities.
  • Agate: A grounding and stabilizing crystal, Agate is known for its immense energy.  It is believed to promote emotional and physical security, alongwith a sense of calm and well-being.  Agate’s protective properties can also be helpful in shielding against negativity and promoting inner strength.
  • Kunzite: Often referred to as the “Stone of Love,” Kunzite embodies the essence of compassion and emotional healing.  It is believed to promote self-love, forgiveness, and gentle communication.  Kunzite’s soothing energy can be helpful in releasing emotional blockages and offers inner peace.
  • Quartz (Clear): This versatile crystal is known as the “Master Healer” due to its ability to amplify and cleanse the energy of other stones.  Clear Quartz is believed to promote clarity of thought, focus, and intention.  It can also be used to enhance the energetic properties of crystals placed around it.
  • Pyrite: Often referred to as “Fool’s Gold,” Pyrite is a powerful stone of abundance and prosperity.  It is believed to attract wealth, success, and positive opportunities.  Pyrite’s grounding energy can also improve focus and determination, allowing you to manifest your goals easily.
  • Lepidolite: Known as the “Stone of Peace,” Lepidolite possesses a calming and soothing energy.  It is believed to promote emotional balance and reduce stress and anxiety.  Lepidolite’s supportive energy can also be helpful in managing mood swings and promoting a sense of inner peace.

More than just beautiful stones, these crystals offer a unique way to connect with your well-being. 

Alakik’s Healing Crystal Gift Box is not just a present; it’s an invitation to explore the world of crystal magic and discover the power of these gems to enhance your life.

How to Use Your Healing Crystal Gift Box:

  • Cleanse your crystals: Upon receiving your gift box, it’s recommended to cleanse your crystals to remove any residual energies they may have picked up. There are many ways to cleanse crystals, such as smudging them with sage, placing them in moonlight, or soaking them in salt water (be sure to check if the specific stone is water safe first).
  • Set your intentions: As you hold each crystal, take a moment to connect with its energy and set your personal intentions. What do you hope to achieve with this stone? Peace? Motivation? Clarity? Focusing your intentions helps to create a powerful synergy between you and the crystal.
  • Carry or display your crystals: Keep your crystals close by throughout the day by carrying them in your pocket or placing them on your desk. You can also create a sacred space in your home to display your crystals, allowing their energy to continuously radiate throughout your environment.

Alakik’s Healing Crystal Gift Box is a beautiful and meaningful present for any occasion. 

It’s a gift of self-care, a reminder to prioritize your well-being, and a gateway to explore the fascinating world of crystal magic.  With this special box, you can achieve a more balanced, vibrant, and fulfilling life.



Exploring the Uses and Benefits of Rainbow Moonstone Worry Stones

The art of using natural stones, pendulums, and Reiki therapy is an age-old tradition that has delivered positive results, and thus, there is a strong belief in it. One of the therapies that is considered a top-notch process is the use of the rainbow moonstone worry stone. 

When discussing the rainbow moonstone, you need to know how effective it is. It has the power to provide inner peace and harmony. Rainbow Moonstone Worry Stone is a boom for anyone who is finding it difficult to concentrate, soothe their mind, help focus or maintain a balance between their emotional and spiritual outcome. 

The greatest power of the stone is that it is filled with vitality and emanates joy, happiness, and life force. Rainbow Moonstone provides a positive experience in terms of purifying negative energies and working as a protection stone. Another core outcome is that the stone helps us maintain emotional balance in our bodies. 

With the connection and power of the moon, rainbow moonstone helps activate all of the Chakras and is very helpful for females. Also, it stimulates the expansion of inner consciousness. Today, we will continue to understand the uses and benefits of rainbow moonstone worry stone. Let us have a further discussion about it. 

How to Use Rainbow Moonstone Worry Stone.

When it comes to knowing how to use the beautiful and elegant rainbow moonstone, the best way is to adore them in a manner which is perfect and is the eyepiece for everyone. Having said this, let us answer this question and proceed further with it.

Jewellery:  The best use of rainbow moonstones is to adorn a piece of jewellery. An individual can use the stone in multiple forms: as a ring, necklace, or earring. As you wear this, you will find enhanced ability throughout the tenure because it carries mystical energies and enhances intuitive abilities.

Meditation:  You can increase your meditation power with the help of moonstone. It has access to calming and increasing intuitive-enhancing properties. While meditating, you only need to hold the stone in your hand or place it on your third eye or the crown chakra. It will thus increase your meditating power.

Feminine Symbol: Since the stone is connected to the moon, it is known as the symbol of femininity. Place it on your altar or in your sacred space to evoke the energies of the divine feminine.

Benefits of Rainbow Moonstone Worry Stone

Let us discuss the benefits of rainbow moonstone worry stone. It has multiple benefits as plays and delivers excellent results with proper methods and steps. Here are the benefits of it.

Rainbow Moonstone Physical Benefits

There are multiple benefits associated with the use of rainbow moonstones. Having said this, the natural stone has great physical benefits. Below is the list associated with delivering physical benefits.

  1. Neurological
  2. Dreams
  3. Awareness
  4. Longevity
  5. Endocrine System
  6. Female Health
  7. Reproduction
  8. Detoxification
  9. Lymphatic System
  10. Urinary System
  11. Organs
  12. Energy
  13. Stress

Rainbow Moonstone Emotional Benefits

Every individual is somewhere or the other facing emotional problems, and for the same they wish to find effective ways. Having said this, using rainbow moonstone is an effective and healthier option. We have listed the emotional benefits when the stone is effective.

  1. Mental Clarity
  2. Knowledge
  3. True Love
  4. Inner Peace
  5. Transition
  6. Grief
  7. Comfort
  8. Sex Drive
  9. Self-Confidence
  10. Joy
  11. Kindness
  12. Balance
  13. Insight
  14. Enthusiasm
  15. Creativity
  16. Addiction
  17. Acceptance
  18. Divine Feminine
  19. Opportunities
  20. Harmony
  21. Stability
  22. Empowerment

Rainbow Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

Metaphysical properties are also one of the areas where people face problems. Check the list as mentioned where the stone is effective and a good option to select from. 

  1. Astral Travel
  2. Spiritual Realms
  3. Protection
  4. Transition
  5. Divine Feminine
  6. Spiritual Development
  7. Spiritual Awakening
  8. Spirits
  9. Grounding
  10. Intuition
  11. Psychic Ability 
  12. Dreams

Final Words:

Alakik Universal Exports is the leading name in the market for helping you get authentic and genuine Rainbow Moonstone Worry Stone. You can order them with us, and we assure you we will deliver them within time, along with the user manual. Feel free to connect with us for further details,


Chakra Pendant

Choose Right Chakra Pendant for Yourself

As individuals, we all have been fascinated with jewellery and desire to adorn them with grace and charm. Some of them can be worn occasionally, while some are worn regularly. The jewellery, which can be routinely adorned, helps us protect ourselves from evil eyes and negativity, balancing chakras and maintaining a balance in our health. Today, we will discuss choosing the right pendant chakra, which benefits our health and body physique.

Now, the question is choosing the best chakra jewellery that helps meet your goals and desires and maintains a balance in your regular lifestyle. The crystals and gemstones available come in different shapes, sizes, and colours and have different characteristics. The selection of this gemstone or crystals is entirely based on the individual’s personality and how they resonate with them. 

Before you decide to purchase chakra jewellery, it is essential for you to understand its benefits, healing powers, and uses. There is a common misconception about using chakras because they are believed to resemble religious symbols. However, we need to change the thought as these are not religious in the traditional sense.

Let us discuss this and help you choose the chakra pendant that benefits you and your personality.

Defining Chakra Stones

Since the ancient era, there has been a strong belief that chakra stones possess remedial properties. It has a vital essence of healing power, thus known as the healing stone. The core abilities believed for these stones are that they heal deep wounds and help bring prosperity. It continues with happiness and maintaining a proper balance in life and good health.

Discussing the chakra stones, all seven types of rocks have unique strengths and healing abilities. It is also believed that in some cases, these chakra stones or pendants are most advantageous to dealing with family and financial issues, including love issues. Also, to be more precise, these crystals are best known to be a protective shield that helps from harmful energy and evil eyes.

List of 7 Different Chakras

  • Crown chakra — violet
  • Third eye chakra — indigo
  • Throat chakra — blue
  • Heart chakra — green
  • Solar plexus chakra — yellow
  • Sacral chakra — orange
  • Root chakra — red

Each chakra listed above is connected to our body part, colour, emotional aspect, and illness. These chakras are further defined into five parts, which are connected to each chakras. 

5 Parts to Each Chakra:

  • Physical
  • Psychological
  • Feelings
  • Energy
  • Spiritual

Types of Chakra Jewelry you can choose from.

Sterling Silver Chakra Necklace

You can select the chakra pendant by wearing it as a necklace piece. The silver material adorned with seven chakra stones is a necklace, which restores the inner energy and refreshes the soul. The best thing about the necklace is its pleasing contrast and attractive appearance.

Chakra Silver Chain Pendant Jewelry

Another way you can keep yourself stable, secure, and safe is by wearing a chakra silver chain pendant. Again, it is a great way to adore it as a piece of jewellery connected to your body. It also helps us work on our intuition and feel connected with the universe. Another reason you can select this as a pendant is because it increases confidence, energy, and peace in the mind and soul. Your self-esteem will grow as you wear this pendant.

Final Words: 

Alakik Universal Exports is the wholesaler in the industry to help you make your purchase easy and with 100% authentic products. You can order the Chakra pendant with us, and we assure you that it will be delivered in time. From understanding the requirement for the chakra pendant to getting it delivered to your doorstep, this is the ultimate motto of our company. You can send us your inquiry; our team will assist you further.


Different Pyramid Pendulum and its Benefits

When nature blesses us, none of us should be deprived of it. At Alakik Universal Exports, we help you find crystals, gemstones, and pendulum pyramids based on your requirements. With this said, let us have a detailed discussion on different types of Pyramids and their benefits. The blog will emphasise these two parameters, and we assure you it will be for your best use.

Introduction to Pendulum

Pendulums is the object built from two parts. One is the chain, and the other one is the gemstone connected with the chain. However, a gemstone is the most commonly used object hanging in the pendulum. But apart from the gemstone, these pendulums are made of wood and metal and are also customized in the form of a key that hangs around them.

The process of using a pendulum can be done in various ways. All you need to do is have a proper understanding of its movement. A practitioner has to hold the pendulum at the end of the chain, let it float, and move in a specific direction. Once you start rotating the pendulum, the questions can be asked. The pendulum’s movement will be based on the answer to yes and no; this is how a practitioner can understand it.

Let us continue further and check on the list of different types of pyramid pendulums and their benefits.

Different Types of Pyramid Pendulums.

There are roughly seven main types of shapes a pendulum has, and from this list, the team of people choose from. Once the shape of the pendulum is decided, the user next selects the material for the pendulum. The shape and material of the pendulum matter significantly; hence, while picking them, all the necessary queries must be resolved before buying them. 

  1. Hexagonal
  2. Pointed
  3. Rectangular
  4. Teardrop
  5. Sphere
  6. Pyramid
  7. Miscellaneous Shapes

Benefits of using Pendulums

Pendulums are a deviation tool which helps fight all odd power and spread positivity. Once understood, the art of using a pendulum is easy and accessible. Now, when discussing the benefits of using a pendulum, below is the list that will give more knowledge.

  1. Chakra balancing
  2. Aura cleansing
  3. Clearing the blockage of energy (chi) in the body
  4. Grounding

Based on the use of the pendulum, the best result is derived with accurate precision and detailing. We at Alakik Universal Exports take pride in sharing that we are the leading and one-stop destination for quickly purchasing these pendulums. 

Final Words:

Pendulums are the most significant and finest source of delivering positivity and getting the answers to queries. From knowing the market and being in the industry for such a long time, we assure you that you will get the best and most authentic pyramid pendulums with us. At Alakik Universal Exports, we not only help you share the product details but also provide full-fledged support in knowing the detailed specifications of the product and how to procure it. For more details and understanding, don’t hesitate to contact us today!


Amethyst Worry Stone – Your Ultimate Healing Companion

Amethyst Worry Stones- Benefits, Applications & Healing Properties

We all believe in the positive power received from natural processes, specifically with the Stone, Pyramids, Crystals, and Gemstones. Each of us is fighting our own battle to heal ourselves from negative thoughts and their power. Having said this, multiple ways are considered, and those are effective and powerful. One of the ways is by using this stone. Let us share the details with you and help you understand its benefits, application, and healing properties.

Introduction to the Amethyst Worry Stone

It is quartz with a beautiful purple colour and is known as part of hexagonal crystal systems. The best thing about Amethyst is that it is a semiprecious stone with a glassy lustre and is vitreous. As per the colour specification, it often comes in shades of purple and violet. The core meaning of Amethyst is to help provide spiritual healing, calmness, and wisdom.

Benefits and Healing Properties

When we discuss the Amethyst Worry Stone, we are curious to know its benefits and how it can help heal in our routine life. The essential areas where this stone works as a magic wand are:

  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Emotional

These are the three major areas where the Amethyst worry stone works as magic and helps us overcome problems and issues positively.

Moving further, when discussing the benefits that play a crucial role in our lives, here is a detailed understanding of how the crystal works in different areas.

  1. Physical Healing: Amethyst worry stone is crucial in helping individuals heal from physical problems and relive a healthy lifestyle. The stone helps us heal from major physical problems like:
    1. Boosting our Immune
    2. Deep and Sound Sleep
    3. Helps decrease migraine pain.

  2. Spiritual Healing: When discussing the spiritual healing properties, Amethyst plays an essential role. It works in areas where individuals often fail to overcome their negative thoughts, which influence them to wrongdoings. Hence, to fight this back, Amethyst worry stone plays a positive role in helping heal:
    1. Intuition Power
    2. Focus on Third Eye Awakening
    3. Reduces negative energies and thoughts

  3. Emotional Healing: Now comes the most crucial area many of us face to get an effective outcome and heal ourselves from it. The one we are discussing is about having a way to have proper and balanced emotional healing. Amethyst worry stone tends to help individuals heal from emotional breakdowns. The essential areas where the stone works as life-saver are:
    1. Balancing Emotions
    2. Soothes Mind
    3. Increases Courage
    4. Helps in Decision Making

How to Use Amethyst Worry Stone

While discussing the use of the Amethyst worry stone, it can be used in multiple ways and turns out to be a result-oriented property. Let us discuss it further. The beautiful and soothing crystal an individual can use in various ways and these are,

  • Form of Jewelry
  • Home and Office

Final Thoughts:

Alakik Universal Exports helps you get the authentic and genuine Amethyst worry stone, which will help you benefit in multiple ways. The stone has natural power; thus, many of us use it to find peace, calmness, and serenity. You can order this stone with us; we will deliver them to you at the best prices and with its detailed manual. 


Heal Your Body, Mind, and Spirit with Yooperlite

Discover Calming & Healing Powers of Yooperlite Stone

We all believe in natural therapy and the power of the Gemstones, crystals, and pyramids, which help heal and overcome our fear and worry. The research found that Yooperlite worry stone has a significant power which helps improve the body, mind, soul, and spirit. The stone is naturally made of sodalite and can be found in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. What makes it best about this yopperlite is that these stones glow under UV light and spread their power.

While discussing Yooperlite, it is proven to be helpful in many ways and issues, including stress relief, anxiety, and depression. Also, it helps increase peaceful sleep, boost the immune system, and increase energy levels. It remains true that Yooperlite is a versatile crystal that can be used in many different ways and is beneficial to everyone using it.

This blog will emphasise sharing the meaning of Yooper Lite Worry Stone, its uses and benefits, how you can use them in meditation and more.

Yooperlite: Meaning, Uses and Benefits

Yooperlite is a beautiful crystal gifted to humans by nature and found in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The stone holds a metaphysical property that helps clarify and promotes deep understanding and power to see the truth. Moreover, it is also said that yooper lite also helps strengthen our minds during times of change or upheaval.

The name of the crystal originated from the region where it is found and because the people who live there are called the “Yoopers”. Since Yooperlite is one of the types of syenite, it contains fluorescent sodalite. The worry stone comes in shades of green, blue, orange, and pink. Green colour stone is used more as it causes uranium to be present.

While discussing the uses and benefits of Yooperlite, it is defined to be vast and vary from metaphysical and physical uses. It is a belief among a few people that the use of Yooperlite is connected with the spiritual world, while some claim that it has excellent power in healing properties. Still, some people have a strong belief that Yooper Lite helps us protect from negative energy and surrounds us with positive thoughts and power.

At this moment, we are sharing with you the uses and benefits of Yooperlite and how it plays an essential role in our lives to maintain a perfect balance

Yooperlite Physical & Emotional Benefits

Natural therapy has always proven to be one of the most convenient ways to overcome physical problems and deliver the best results. One method is Yooperlite Crystal, which shares an excellent outcome in terms of physical benefits. The list of the advantages is mentioned below.

  • Cells
  • Skeletal System
  • Muscles
  • Recovery
  • Headache
  • Energy

We all have been emotional and sensitive; sometimes, we cannot control these emotions. It would help if you started using yooper lite worry stone as it has proven methods of maintaining a balance in our emotional life. The worrystone stone is beneficial in the below-mentioned areas where it provides a success ratio.

  • Calming
  • Focus
  • Creativity

Yooperlite Metaphysical Properties

Knowing the benefits of the worrystone, it also has a tremendous universal outcome in terms of its metaphysical properties. The list of the same is shared below.

  • Balance
  • Protection
  • Self-Confidence


Alakik Universal Exports helps you possess the worrystone with its wide range of metaphysical and physical benefits. Using the stone with perfection and precision enables you to have a proper chain of meditation that heals your inner soul and mind. For more information and details about Yooperlite Worrystone, you can contact us.