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5 Reasons Why You Should Start Wearing a Gemstone-Alakik-Universal Exports

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Wearing a Gemstone

Gemstones are very effective in healing you from inside and give you a positive outlook towards life. Gemstones should be worn by one and all in order to experience its powers. The major reasons why you should start wearing a gemstone are being elaborated below.

Types of Gemstones

  1. Powers

Each and every Gemstone has restorative powers. Each and every gem represents a planet and can draw electricity from that planet and direct it to you. The energy of all the gemstones neutralizes negative energies and fills you with positive energy which makes you look at the life with a positive perspective.

  1. Connection

Gemstones increases your concentration and connects you with inner conscience. You can find motive in the incidences where you were uncertain earlier. Gemstones is not restricted to any religion and anyone can wear it.

In olden times, gemstones used to facilitate theory and bring about love and hate. Gemstone is not affiliated to any tradition or religion. Everyone can benefit from wearing a gemstone.

  1. Reminds Your Purpose

Gemstone mala reminds you of your purpose. The wearing of gemstone necklace have a calm effect on the wearer. In the hectic modern life gemstones helps you in restoring inner calm. The gemstones relieve pressure and tension and has a grounding effect.

  1. Healing Powers

Gemstones offer many healing advantages and gemstone spheres are useful when counting affirmations or mantras. The stones can be bundled in your hand palm and placed on the place of frame you want to direct recovery and strength.

  1. Gemstone Influences

Gemstones have a lot of electricity in them and can make us effective. It is false that you experience the power of gemstones on an astrologer’s advice. Gemstones effect complete functioning of an individual’s character.

Start wearing gemstone today to experience positive energy and new vibes which definitely brings a change in life. Order a gemstone from Alakik and change your lifestyle for good. Alakik universal is one of Manufacturer cum Exporter of New Age healing gemstone products, having a good market in the USA.

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Gemstone Healing Crystals: How to Choose the Best Gemstone for You

Gemstone healing crystals are those that used for the purpose of treatment of a number of physical as well as mental ailments. As can be understood from the name, these are precious or semi precious stones that are used for the purpose of treating a number of disorders thereby helping to promote an overall physical as well as mental well being. In these crystals, the life energy is continuously drawn into the centre and when it approaches the centre, the life force is completely determined. As we all know that there are seven chakras in the body of a human being. If there is any kind of imbalance in these chakras, there arises disturbances. These healing crystals help in the proper balancing of the chakras for an overall well being of the human beings. Now, the main confusion that arises in this regard is the selection of the right gemstone. Now, here are a few steps to follow at the time of choosing the appropriate gemstone.

Checking the Zodiac Sign

First and foremost, you need to start with the checking of the zodiac sign which is a matter of immense importance. If you wish to use the healing crystals for getting rid of some troubles from your life, then considering the zodiac sign is quite essential. The election of the gemstone should be in consideration with the zodiac sign of the individual for necessarily getting the desired results.

Checking the Zodiac Sign

Determine the Intention

At the time of selection of the gemstones, you need to be absolutely clear about your goal and the issue that you want to resolve with the help of the gemstone. There are a number of gemstones available and each one is intended to serve a specific purpose. So, it is important to know what is the exact problem that you want to solve and select the healing crystals according for the purpose of getting the best possible results.

Checking If They are Wearable

When you wish to choose a healing crystal for yourself, you need to necessarily check the wear ability of the same. There are many crystals which is not be worn by a person which is decided by considering a number of factors. These are basically earth materials which can react with the skin and hence it is to be made sure that the stone you wear does not reach with your skin thereby wearable. So, it would be a very good idea to consult an expert in this field for the purpose of the judging the suitability of wearing of the gemstone by any particular individual.


The durability of the healing crystal also needs to be checked before the selection of the same. These stones possess some powers which help in various aspects. But you need to essentially check the durability of the gemstone which is actually determined by its hardness. The more durable is the stone, the longer it lasts.


The availability of these stones is low and hence the price tends to be on the higher side. So, you need to proceed as per your budget and select the crystal that is right for you. In an addition to this, whenever you plan to buy the gemstones make sure that they are certified and necessarily of the authentic quality.

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7 Chakra Gemstone Jewellery-Benefits-Alakik-Universal Exports

7 Chakra Gemstone Jewellery – Benefits

We all know that there are seven chakras in our body and for each of the chakra there is a specific gemstone. Now, the 7 chakra gemstone Jewellery is a type of Jewellery that contains all of the seven gemstones for each of the seven chakras of the human body. The seven chakra gemstone Jewellery can be in the form of bracelets, pendants, pencils, balls, pyramids, and pendulums. There are a number of benefits of wearing these 7 chakra gemstone Jewellery which is as listed below.

Helps to Connect

The seven chakra gemstone Jewellery helps the individual in connecting properly and opening the chakras that are blocked. This, in turn, helps in the free flowing of the energy which is highly beneficial for the overall well being of the individuals. It also helps in the stimulation of centric energies of the body.

Great Healing Powers

The gemstone jewellery possesses great healing powers and has enough capability to heal the individual from a huge number of conditions. It readily enhances the overall health of the individual thereby promoting physical, mental, spiritual as well as emotional well being.

Reduction of Stress

The seven chakra gemstone jewellery is extremely helpful in the reduction of stress and anxiety thereby inducing a calmness which is highly beneficial for a stress free life. It brings about overall prosperity in the life of the individual.

Brings an Overall Prosperity

The gemstone jewellery readily helps in the improvement of intellect power, self-respect, and creativity. It acts as a blessing in the life of the individual by bringing good luck in life. The seven chakra gemstone jewellery also helps in the enhancement of both physical as well as emotional balance by the removal of anxiety and fear. It simply bestows the individual with love and brings about overall prosperity in life.

Elimination of Negative Energy

The gemstone jewelleries are quite vital in the elimination of all the negative energy from the body which changes the life of the individual in a quite positive way by getting rid of health problems or any other problems in life.

So, now it can be quite clearly understood as to how the 7 chakra gemstone jewellery benefits the individuals. So, if you intend to avail the benefits, you need to make sure that you select a trusted and reputed chakra jewellery supplier so that you necessarily get the genuine chakra gemstone jewelleries.

Rose Quartz Eggs Can Be Used In Matters Of Love, Heart Healing, And Fertility-Alakik

Rose Quartz Eggs Can Be Used In Matters Of Love, Heart Healing, And Fertility

It could be that the person is seeking authentic Rose quartz eggs for sale. This might be because as he/she has been recommended by someone or an expert to use it to enjoy good health, fertility and to get love. Whatever be it, rose quartz eggs do have its own significance, the reason why it is found to be growing in popularity among people across the globe. But before planning to buy one, it is very much important to know more about such type of gemstones. Doing adequate and thorough research is quite crucial to understand more about this gemstone and to make a well informed purchase. Also, it will be useful to buy them only from reputed stores or online sites that have been offering authentic gemstones. This is to avoid fake gemstones that are being offered by some scrupulous traders.

About Rose Quartz Eggs

These are regarded to be fabulous fusion of fertility and love energy. Rather, it is found to be a sacred symbol of egg shape. Rose quartz is rather seen as a source to view the world via rose colored lenses. It is also considered to be among the most desirable of all quartz varieties available across the globe. At times, it is known as the ‘Love Stone’. Being egg shaped, it can be termed to be the perfect fertility symbol and a wonderful creation that is worth the purchase and use.

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Getting to know the magical properties of rose quartz eggs

According to many, it is regarded to be a favorite workhorse gemstone. It can be used regularly for achieving success in any kind of work or on someone. It can be done personal or for anyone in the family or anyone known. Using properly the rose quartz eggs and the correct way does bring plenty of love and happiness in the person. At the same time, it also helps to ease out pain that the person may be suffering from due to some long bygone issues with someone or with anything. It also ensures transforming of energies within and surrounding the home. Using it also helps to calm down nerves and makes the person to have more elegance and grace. The different type of benefits that is provided by such gemstones is enormous and the list simply goes on. It also is found to be useful to open up the Heart Chakra, to heal up the heart space as well as to allow easy flow of communication, while bringing peace to its bearer.

How to use the rose quartz eggs?

Correct placement of the gemstone is of utmost importance to derive its useful benefits. This egg is to be held in hand during meditation, so as to allow flow of rose quartz medicine into and through the body. Besides this, the egg shape develops practical energy conduit, which can be used for identifying and clearing blockages present in the body. Egg top could be used as massage therapy tool, held as well as squeezed with the hand to get relief from stress.

Buying them from reputed online sites will mean, the shopper will get rose quartz egg which is around 1.25” to 1.5”in size that comes gift bagged along with white sage leaf to help clear energies. A card also will accompany the gemstone describing clearly its properties and how it is to be used. Wholesale orders for Rose quartz eggs are accepted by such sites.

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Best Gemstone Product Wholesaler – Universal Exports

Best gemstone product wholesaler - Universal Exports

Gemstones – the stones that are famous all across the globe. Especially amongst women, these gemstones have acquired a great importance when it comes to purchasing jewelry. The beautiful stones attract them and have become their hot favorite these days. Fashion is the buzz word that elates the fairer sex up to maximum and this is one of the main reasons that has noticed an increase craze of such stone accessories.

Nowadays, with women adorning themselves with varied forms of jewelry, these gemstones have also taken place here in the form of bracelets, bottles, sticks, balls and so on. Apart from fashion, one can find a large population who believes in other side of coin: healing! Yes, these gem stones that are even known as healing stones are used by a large crowd for healing their problems, personally or socially!

Universal exports, a great wholesaler of these healing stones, is a popular hub where one can find his choice of healing stones easily. Present in India, Universal Exports caters to the demands of the people worldwide and is more into exports. You name any healing stone and they have it. Hence, it is advisable to resort to this one stop destination when it comes to any kind of healing stones requirement.

If you need gemstone bracelets, raise your requirement and it will be fulfilled within days with Universal Exports. Similarly, instead of bracelets, you intend to have these gemstones in varied forms, you can easily get it. For instance, wholesale gemstone bottles, gemstone chakra healing stick and so on. Moreover, Universal Exports is even a gemstone egg wholesaler as well as gemstone ball wholesaler who provide the same as per the customized orders and requirement of the clients. Hence, not only varied healing stones, but Universal exports are a wholesaler in providing even the different kinds of the healing stones. This wholesale gemstone business of Universal exports has been acknowledged greatly all over the world and its popularity has made it achieve a strong loyal client base that is into the healing stone business outside India as well as the direct customers who require healing stones for their personal use.

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Gemstone jewelry – a rising demand of today

Gemstone jewelry – a rising demand of today

There goes a saying: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! But the truth is jewelry itself is a girl’s best friend. And as the history says, shopping is in their blood, the fairer sex tend to shop often to curb their cravings. Gone are the days when they chose gold over precious stones. Now, the current trend has highly laid stress on the colorful gemstones as it has become the most demanded jewelry amongst women.

Gemstones are adorned by women in many ways like necklaces, neck pieces, Gemstones bracelets, earrings, finger rings and so on! Hence, with constant rise in demand of them, the jewelry makers have come up with exotic designs to woo the public and satisfy their cravings. But, there is yet another use of these gemstones which even has a popular demand right from decades. This demand for gem stone jewelry is not for fashion but to heal the problems of one’s life. Yes, it’s true that the gems have the quality to relieve respective problems from people’s lives. Every gem has its own peculiar quality for which it is known to deliver perfect long time solutions.

If you are one of those looking for gemstone jewelry to remove your problem from roots, first of all, it is advisable to determine your problem and the stone that has the attribute of healing your problem. Once you are done with this, resort to the one stop Wholesaler of gemstones – Universal Exports.

Universal exports are known as a wholesale gemstone provider based in India and caters to demands of people worldwide.  Availability of every type of stones under one roof, Universal Exports has earned great recognition worldwide by catering to the demands in every possible way. As said earlier, people use gemstones in varied forms and hence if they intend to get such wholesale gemstone bracelets or wholesale gemstone pendants, all they need is to figure out the stone that will bring their problem to an end and later order the required gemstone pendant or bracelet from Universal Exports.

Catering to every demand of the customers, there are valid reasons for which Universal Exports have gained recognition and is considered to be the one stop destination for gemstones. Moreover, it supplies all over the world within stipulated period of time and double checks the delivery to the end customer.

In short, if you are a firm believer of healing stones and intend to cure your problems with the same, all you need is to resort to Universal Exports, communicate your demands to them like which gemstone and in what form you want (bracelets, pendants etc) and take a back seat until you receive your order as per the delivery date conveyed by them! And there you can go ahead with solving your problems with the respective healing stones through gem stone jewelry!

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