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Benefits and Everyday uses of Chakra Pendulum

Benefits and Everyday Uses of Chakra Pendulum

When hearing the Chakra Pendulum, we all know that it is a light weighted object that adores the beauty of the individual and is connected by a string or cord. But when we discuss crystals, the comparison is in mythological form. Carrying a pendulum is considered a divine tool for spiritual guidance, making decisions, answering questions, and cleansing negative energy.

For individuals practising Reiki, or want to know the use of a pendulum with the associated questions, here is the blog we are sharing with you. The practitioner needs to hold the Pendulum, and it will swing in a specific direction, and that is the moment which will help you get the answers to your questions.

It is a short and quick description of the Pendulum, but the history and world behind them are much bigger and filled with complexities. Using the Pendulum is a pious form of divine power filled with physical manifestation. Also, it is meant to have a higher self-power which means the sixth sense of individuals.

Here, we are discussing everything about the Pendulum and its usage to know about the artistry behind the swinging crystal.

Pendulums – Everything to Know 

Pendulums aren’t something new that we are listening to for the first time. It is a crystal that people swing, and it has been since the 17th century. Galilei was the first to study and report about the pendulums in 1602 formally. It was the era after which there was no looking back, and it cropped with some new and scientific minds across the globe and over the centuries. From Leonardo Da Vinci to Isaac Newton, pendulums have long been keeping the beat in time; the use of pendulums has been for religious practice since the 16th century. It also assumed and estimated that these pendulums were used in Ancient Rome and Egypt.

Pendulums: Introduction and What it is?

Let’s start with knowing what a pendulum exactly is. A pendulum is a form of crystal or gemstone on the end of a string, chain, or rope. It is something that needs to be carried on the chain and is something symmetrical and weighted. It is a fact that crystals are meant to be the most outstanding choice regarding pendulums. The frequency of positivity and deep dose of spirituality is seen in the pendulums, and with its motion, it helps offer support and guidance and pendulates in different directions according to the answer.

Pendulums: What it’s used for?

The use of Chakra pendulum has been practised for centuries and is known as the technique to search for the invisible, also called Dowsing. The process of Dowsing relies on the motion of the pointer, and it also changes the directions to answer the questions with the support of guidance. The Pendulum is a mediator for the receiver and transmitter that gages the unseen influences and helps it communicate with individuals.

Further, the one using the Chakra Pendulum can directly get the answers to the questions in the form of yes and no. It is a straightforward method used as a tool of divination. Also, using a pendulum helps clear up negativity and bad vibes from the room and office place to find lost items and water sources. The latter also shares the name ‘dowsing,’ and dowsing rods are commonly used for finding water.

How do Chakra Pendulums work?

Until now, we have shared about Pendulums and the reason for their use; now, we are discussing how these pendulum dowsing or divination work. To start with, in simple terms, it has its intuition. Sometimes the answer is stashed deep inside us, and thus, it can be tricky to carry on with the work of it. The threads here are tangled; sometimes, finding or knowing our truth becomes difficult. The merging of the tool can be from left to right sign as per our brain, and it is best known to be working to harmonise the work together.

The best way here is not to oppose the forces and help manage a properly balanced solution. The shortcut of the Pendulum can be through the nose. It is a way for these pendulums to work on the ground level with the meaning of a deep spiritual level. It is the most significant source of energy that helps find the unseen forces surrounded by the power of kicking off negativity and providing spiritual effect.

What Questions to Ask?

Asking a question about the Pendulum itself is a question. The best way to communicate this is Yes and No questions which are the best source of communication and the viable option the Pendulum can answer. Here the individual can turn any issues, queries, concerns, and decisions into yes and no. What matters here is that the person should be clear with the question, calmly and mindfully understand the feel of the question, and get into it in-depth. 

One thing that needs to be known is that the connection of the Pendulum is with our energy, which keeps fluctuating; due to this, there will be variations in the answer on one day and the next. That’s not to say the answer is inconsistent or wrong, but by gathering intentions and responses, we can learn to hone our energy better and connect in less scattered ways to the Pendulum. 

Steps to Use Pendulums

Taking the discussion further, let us understand the steps required to use the pendulums. Here is a brief detail of it.

(1) Cleansing- The initial stage of using the Chakra Pendulum is cleaning it. It is a method that is always good when working with any crystals for the first time or possibly after an energetic use. The process of cleansing the crystal will help lose any blockages or evil eyes that have a frequency to be shifted to another. Hence, it is a mandated process to cleanse the crystal before starting divination. Here is the method that will help you cleanse the crystals.

– Smudge the stone to cleanse.

– Keep the stone under some water.

– Place it beneath the full moon.

– Place it in a slant of sunlight for a short while

– Bury it in the soil

– Leave it in the presence of other cleansing crystals

The above step must ensure the individual is centred before plunging into a pendulum session. Before starting the session, the practitioner should keep practising taking deep breaths or meditating for a few minutes to feel the connection and have a space where the mind and soul are calm and quiet.

(2) Pendulum moves – To have the Pendulum move, it is necessary to hold it in your hand for a few moments. It will help connect the dots and convert them into an energetic bond. Once the process is done, the following requirement is to convert the response from no to yes. Holding the Pendulum a few inches above the palm and starting questioning is necessary to proceed with this. Here the questionnaire should be kept straightforward; the person needs to note those yes and no statements. It is how you can continue moving the Pendulum and get the answers to the questions.

(3) Start small- To initiate the practice of the Pendulum, the best way is to keep asking questions to which you know the answers. It will help you sync with the energies and grant you the confidence to continue with the questions to be asked further on. 

(4) Stay Open-Minded- While working on the Pendulum, it is necessary that an individual takes time and have patience. Here spinning the Pendulum frequently will not respond to the response with immediate effect. It will take time for an individual to connect and build a relationship with the Pendulum and get answers from it. So, do not force the mindset in one direction, as this could influence the Pendulum. Hence, by being open-minded, the representation of the answers will be effective and evitable.

Final Words: 

Chakra Pendulum is an excellent way to get clear and positive answers to questions. It also helps to connect to the inner core and allow the external energies to guide positively. As the pendulums have a great source of positivity and help you make wise decisions, they give you a sense of overwhelming power and experience as a divine tool.

To know more about the Pendulum and know more about it, you can speak to our experts at Alakik Exports, and we will help you share more details about the Pendulum and its usage.

How Does The Chakra Pendulum Balance Your Body Energy?

How Does The Chakra Pendulum Balance Your Body Energy?

The chakra pendulum helps evaluate the health of all the energies present in your body. The best part is anyone can use the simple pendulum to balance their chakra. As you wear the pendulum in the form of a pendant or bracelet, you will get to know the location of every chakra present in your body and its movement. It makes the cleaning process an easy one.

What Constitutes the Pendulum?

The pendulum has numerous elements, including wood, crystal, metal, or glass. It comes in various sizes and shapes. Besides, the blunt edge brings the body into a meditative state. It helps to align the chakras in the body to maintain the alignment of the energy centers.

The chakra pendulum, being one of the deviation tools, detects the energy blockage of our body. As you wear the pendulum, it helps in cleansing the order while keeping the energies grounded. Along with that, the pendulum helps balance the chakras present in our bodies.

How Does The Chakra Pendulum Balance Your Body Energy?

Many times a person may experience a blockage of energy in their mind and body. The pendulum acts as a healing tool while helping the body maintain its spiritual and physical health. Apart from balancing and healing our bodies, the wearer can also experience the cleansing of their system. As a person wears the pendulum consisting of chakra gemstones, it helps them to move in the direction of invisible positive energy.

Balance Your Body Energy with the Pendulum

As you hold the pendulum over the seven chakras of the body, it helps to remove the energy blocks and imbalances present in the chakras. The person using the pendulum can start with the crown Chakra on the top portion of the head. You can hold the pendulum an inch above the crown chakra to receive the optimum advantage. It will help the chakra automatically to pick up on a subtle vibration. In the same way, you can move on to the next six chakras. You can also carry a pendulum chart to balance your energy efficiently.

Sometimes even after following the steps properly, the chakra may not work. During such a situation, you need to clean the pendulum regularly. These pendulums absorb every kind of energy. Therefore if you do not cleanse, it will not function properly for you. You can put it under a running tap or wash it by soaking it in a bowl with a mixture of water and sea salt.

To understand whether the pendulum is working well, you need to choose your eyes to experience its energy vibes.

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