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Benefits of wearing 925 Silver – Alakik Universal Exports

The concept of using silver for different usage dates back to the metal granulation era around 3000 – 2500 B.C. However, the primary reason for the usage of silver in the granulation era was thoroughly based on the availability of the material. By the dawn of 2300 B.C with the primary setting of ancient medical knowledge the concept of using silver for healing properties was a revolutionary change that began in South East Asia. This ancient medical knowledge of using silver for healing properties which originated in South East Asia, now know as India, showcased large scale study on the different ways silver was used in those era, to treat minor to major wound along with other diseases. The historical data on why and how silver was molded for different use also highlights the use of silver to make cutlery, was also a common thing based on the notion that it will help improve health overtime. With research focusing on intricate details of cutlery and other medical equipment like needles made for stitching it was discovered that, all silver that was used for manufacturing purposes majorly have one common factor; that is majority of the silver usage was from a quality vantage of 925 , signifying the importance of 925 quality marker in silver usage for manufacturing things. One of the biggest reason behind this was 925 quality showcased the most pure form of silver that can be used to create a compact and long lasting product. Above and beyond this marker the product stability deteriorate because of the soft nature of silver, and below 925 the quality dropped, reflecting 925 as the strongest and pure at the same time for manufacturing things from silver. This laid the foundation of 925 quality silver usage in today’s world. 

Keeping in mind the historical representation and usage of silver let’s take a look at what is 925 silver and the benefits it provides while wearing it.  

What is 925 Silver?

925 Silver also known as sterling silver is an alloy made from 92.5 percent of pure raw silver and 7.5 percent alloy. An alloy used for manufacturing of 925 silver is essentially the mixture of two (or more) elements taken from the periodic table. Even though pure fine silver of 99.9% purity is available in the market, but it is relatively soft to manufacture anything out of it. So silver is usually alloyed with other elementary metals to increase its hardness and strength. Sterling silver is prone to tarnishing when manufactured using copper, and hence elements other than copper are often used in alloys to reduce tarnishing, as well as casting porosity and fire scale. Other elements significantly used for making 925 or sterling silver include germanium, zinc, platinum, silicon, and boron. Recent research shows usage of alloys like include argentium, sterlium, sterilite and silvadium are also persistent in development of quality 925 or sterling silver. 

Health Benefit of using 925 Silver

The historical evidences of using silver for healing properties and healthy reasons clearly signifies the principle foundation of different benefits that can be derived with the usage of 925 Silver. However, the detailed revelations of some major benefits that can be achieved with the usage of 925 Silver are reflected below: 

925 silver helps in Improving Positivity

Silver contains positively charged ions it is because of this reason silver bind readily with negatively charged oxygen receptors creating a conductive positive field. This field allows silver to reflect harmful electromagnetic radiation away from our bodies that can boost levels of energy, a sense of balance, and emotional behavior. This in turn brings positive vibes to an ambiance and a flow of pure energy helping in improving positivity in an individual. 

925 silver helps in Improving Blood Circulation

Science-based research shows that silver has positive ions that have the ability to reflect harmful electromagnetic radiation away from our body that can boost levels of energy and create a sense of balance. This is done by adsorbing of negative ions from our body when in contact with 925 silver. This in turn increases the flow of oxygen in the body based on the theory of conductive convulsion. Once the oxygen level is increased in the body, it helps in improving the blood circulation of an individual. 

925 silver helps in Improving Decision Making

A higher quantity of oxygen level in the body always account for a sharper mind as proven through many scientific research. Further with improved blood circulation with use of silver the balance flow of blood to the brain is thoroughly maintained when 925 Silver comes in contact with body. On the other hand removal of negative ions and super charging body with positive conduction helps in creating: positive vibes, pure energy flow and control emotional behavior. All these factors contribute to an individual’s thinking process based on more diligent, compassionate, observational, and rational decision making clearly indicating the positive impact of silver usage on the decision-making process. 

925 silver helps in Improving Immunity to overcome Colds and Flu

Studies reflect silver have both anti-bacterial and antibiotic properties, it is because of this reason silver contribute in large manner to immune-response of an individual. The process showcases positively charged ions in silver bind readily with negatively charged oxygen receptors found in bacteria. As a result, silver can destabilize metabolic enzymes in common bacteria and ultimately kill them. Furthermore, silver can protect us from harmful electromagnetic radiation. Conductive field created by positively charged silver ions can act as a shield to reflect harmful electromagnetic radiation away from our body. The same conductive field can also stimulate our body’s natural electrical flow and enhance the body’s internal heat regulation and circulation. This in turn helps in improving immunity of an individual along with protecting them from chronic cold and flu, with usage of silver over a period of time. 

925 silver helps in Improving Bones 

Wearing 925 rings, silver anklets, bracelets, and other jewelry can assist in reducing the pain in arthritic conditions. People with arthritic infirmities in their hands or joints have gained from specially designed silver rings and other utilities that contribute to reduce their joint inflammation and help in of ease movement. This actually takes place with conductive field created by use of silver which can also stimulate our body’s natural electrical flow and enhance the body’s internal heat regulation and circulation. This in turn helps in releasing trapped unwanted gases from porous bones as seen during arthritis along with draining of water from joints that actually creates the pain and restrict movement, clearly indicating the positive impact silver have on bone improvement. 

925 silver helps in maintaining Quality of Water

Through the introspection of historical events of voyages, when sailors were to move in their huge ships to travel across the seas they bring huge water barrels with them. They used to fill the barrels with water and then put silver coins and silverware in them in order to keep the water free from impurities and germs. Silver coins prove to a good solution for making water drinking fit. It is because the antibacterial properties of silver have proven to slow down the replication process of bacteria like E.coli. That’s why it is advised to drink water from the purifiers which contain filters made of silver and copper. And the good thing about 925 silver is the fact that it contains a good percentage of copper too. 

These benefits clearly showcases the large scale contribution 925 silver makes to individual’s health highlighting the positive impact it can have on an individual from health point of view. 

Other Benefits 92.5 Silver Provides 

The introspection of a noble metal like silver even though showcases large scale health benefit for individuals, but it is not limited to only physical and mental attributes of an individual. 925 Silver also contributes to aesthetics and economic benefit for an individual. It is because purchasing sterling silver jewelry or investing in silver is a bright idea and a good investment for taking on the contingency situation. The value of this metal doesn’t depreciate like other investments and would give a good return after some years. Further with change of taste and preferences across generation and usage of jewelry for office and regular purpose 925 Silver is an ideal material for slickest design. Thus making it a handy metal signifying class and aesthetics when wore by an individual, clearly highlighting both economic and aesthetics contribution that 925 Silver can have. 

So if you are an individual facing too much health issues whether it be from personal, professional or medical stand point of view, then 925 silver is your ideal solution. It will not only provide you with health benefits but also contribute to your aesthetics and economic growth, helping you improve in your personal, professional as well medical challenges. If you are looking for best quality 925 Silver then please get in touch with us, we would be glad to help you. 

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Advantages of Chakra 925 silver pendant

Know the Advantage of Chakra 925 silver pendant

The Chakra 925 silver pendant represents the 7 spiritual powers in the human body. Including the physical elements  – earth, water, fire, air and ether(space), the elements of light and cosmic energy. 

When you wear this pendant you have the universal force within yourself and healing power that can help to increase your vitality and supports you in getting what you need. The Chakra necklace reduces stress, fear, anger, resentment and other negative emotions. 

Did you know wearing silver jewellery has many health and fitness benefits? Health benefits of silver include the prevention of cold and flu, wound healing and skincare. Also, it contributes greatly to the heating and blood circulation in the human body. It also has the capacity to boost levels of energy and a sense of balance. It is antibacterial, antibiotic, improves blood circulation, removes toxins from the body etc. 

Silver represents the moon and is also important in the yin philosophy of the Chinese race. Its colour is said to bring tranquility and calmness to the wearer. It even strengthens your immune system. 

Get your Chakra 925 Silver Pendant from Alakik‌ ‌Universal‌ ‌Exports‌ ‌ now and reap the health benefits.