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Rose Quartz Eggs Can Be Used In Matters Of Love, Heart Healing, And Fertility-Alakik

Rose Quartz Eggs Can Be Used In Matters Of Love, Heart Healing, And Fertility

It could be that the person is seeking authentic Rose quartz eggs for sale. This might be because as he/she has been recommended by someone or an expert to use it to enjoy good health, fertility and to get love. Whatever be it, rose quartz eggs do have its own significance, the reason why it is found to be growing in popularity among people across the globe. But before planning to buy one, it is very much important to know more about such type of gemstones. Doing adequate and thorough research is quite crucial to understand more about this gemstone and to make a well informed purchase. Also, it will be useful to buy them only from reputed stores or online sites that have been offering authentic gemstones. This is to avoid fake gemstones that are being offered by some scrupulous traders.

About Rose Quartz Eggs

These are regarded to be fabulous fusion of fertility and love energy. Rather, it is found to be a sacred symbol of egg shape. Rose quartz is rather seen as a source to view the world via rose colored lenses. It is also considered to be among the most desirable of all quartz varieties available across the globe. At times, it is known as the ‘Love Stone’. Being egg shaped, it can be termed to be the perfect fertility symbol and a wonderful creation that is worth the purchase and use.

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Getting to know the magical properties of rose quartz eggs

According to many, it is regarded to be a favorite workhorse gemstone. It can be used regularly for achieving success in any kind of work or on someone. It can be done personal or for anyone in the family or anyone known. Using properly the rose quartz eggs and the correct way does bring plenty of love and happiness in the person. At the same time, it also helps to ease out pain that the person may be suffering from due to some long bygone issues with someone or with anything. It also ensures transforming of energies within and surrounding the home. Using it also helps to calm down nerves and makes the person to have more elegance and grace. The different type of benefits that is provided by such gemstones is enormous and the list simply goes on. It also is found to be useful to open up the Heart Chakra, to heal up the heart space as well as to allow easy flow of communication, while bringing peace to its bearer.

How to use the rose quartz eggs?

Correct placement of the gemstone is of utmost importance to derive its useful benefits. This egg is to be held in hand during meditation, so as to allow flow of rose quartz medicine into and through the body. Besides this, the egg shape develops practical energy conduit, which can be used for identifying and clearing blockages present in the body. Egg top could be used as massage therapy tool, held as well as squeezed with the hand to get relief from stress.

Buying them from reputed online sites will mean, the shopper will get rose quartz egg which is around 1.25” to 1.5”in size that comes gift bagged along with white sage leaf to help clear energies. A card also will accompany the gemstone describing clearly its properties and how it is to be used. Wholesale orders for Rose quartz eggs are accepted by such sites.

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Best wholesaler of Rose Quartz accessory – Alakik Universal Exports!

Best wholesaler of Rose Quartz accessory – Universal Exports!

It is well proven and acknowledged by the public all over the world that the usage of healing stones has actually helped people in many ways. Due to this, their beliefs of decade are just becoming stronger and stronger with time. As we all know, there are hundreds of different crystals that have their respective properties to heal different problems occurring in people’s lives. Hence, counting on these crystals for any of your problems is actually a wise as well as an acceptable decision in today’s world too!

A renowned and popular wholesaler that caters to every healing stone requirement is Alakik‌ ‌Universal‌ ‌Exports‌. Once can easily find his requirements getting fulfilled here at this one stop destination. With export done in many countries, it has been constantly catering and delivering the requirements to its large based clientele. With every stone known for its peculiar characteristic, Rose Quartz stone is one amongst them which is gaining popularity nowadays.

Rose Quartz is either a translucent or a transparent pink crystal which is popularly known as love stone or a stone of unconditional love.  This stone opens the heart chakra and is said to have characteristic of encouraging forgiveness, help in letting go of anger, jealousy and resentment and even supports in learning how to love your own self.  The Rose Quartz Hearts have additional characteristics like smoothening the complexion, improve vertigo and heal kidney, adrenal and lung problems. If you intend to keep this love stone with yourself, then the best place to keep it is in your pocket or purse. Other places where this Rose Quartz Cut stone can be placed is in the relationship corner of your home or even on your bed under the pillow as it is believed to instigate one’s sleep!

Well, this stone can even be used in different forms like Rose Quartz Bangle, Rose Quartz chakra bracelets or even as a whole Rose Quartz Worry Stone sets. So if you are the one amongst many who are searching for this rose quartz accessory in any form, then the one and only solution for you is Universal Exports as it guarantees to cater you with all your demands and requirements. Present in India and ensuring the delivery in India as well as outside India, Universal Exports makes sure to maintain their mantra of providing the right product to the end customer in minimum days. So if you have any kind of healing stone requirements, resort and universal exports and be free as it ensures you with the best solutions for lifetime. For more information visit:

Rose Quartz – The Love Stone

Rose quartz

Traditionally, stones are known to have their specific characteristics and the way they influence some or the other thing in people lives positively, these stones are even today considered to be a great healing source of various health problems. Not only health problems, but these stones are known to carry characteristics that can bring an overall change in the life of individuals. One such stone is Rose quartz.

This stone is often symbolized as love stone as its energetic hallmark of unconditional love has the heart chakra. Hence, this specialty has made it or defined it as a stone for every type of love including self-love, family and relatives, romantic, platonic and unconditional. Rose Quartz is known to possess high energy which signifies the enhancement of love regardless of a situation an individual is in!

Love is an emotion needed by one and all in this world.  Being a happy and a loving stone, Rose quartz has a tendency to bring love in to life that leads to inner warmth, lowers the stress and soothes the people around it. Talking about the physical and spiritual monarchy, this stone is often used for charms and love spells. In addition, it has the efficiency of making the process of transition in dying easier and gentle by making an aura of unconditional love of Divine.

For the people who want to recall their dreams or want to go ahead with their dream work, Rose Quartz can work best for them.  Moreover, it even aids in raising one’s own self esteem as well as a strong sense ofown worth! The energies released from this stone teach us to make ourselves more worthy as well as to apply the same love on ourselves.

It depicts an emotional behavior as it is used to balance emotions as well as invites peace and calm all around. This indirectly results in stress relief as well as removal of negative feelings like anxiety. Carrying the highly positive energy of forgiveness, compassion, tolerance, to be able to see well in ourselves as well as others, Rose Quartz is a stone that actually proves to be a love stone by all means.

Alakik‌ ‌Universal‌ ‌Exports‌, being the provider of variety of stones, also have variety of these love stones such as Pink Quartz, Rose Quartz Crystal, Rose Quartz Ring to offer to the people who need them for some or the other reasons. Presence of Rose Quartz at Universal Exports has made it easy for the people all over India and other countries as France, Germany, U.K, U.S.A to immediately resort to their needs easily without any fuss or efforts. If you are amongst those who are mesmerized with the qualities of this love stone and are intending to get one for your share, Universal Exports will definitely serve you with this need in no time! Grab this love stone and experience the love aura for the rest of your life!

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