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Spiritual Energy – Alakik Universal Exports

Spiritual Energy-Universal

Have you ever experienced some different kind of energy when you suddenly walked into a room or silence of a library, the buzz of a concert or the love and happiness that comes with a wedding ceremony? Well, in the 60’s and 70’s, these feelings were considered as a vibe which has now been altered and known as energy! Anyway, be it a vibe or energy, it’s all the same thing as these are the waves of energy particles that vibrate at different frequencies. And to be more precise, this energy is not just because of the location, it is within us as well.

This is so true that every human is filled with spiritual energy that is generated from the food we eat, emotions we feel or the thoughts that strike us. The ratio goes in a way that more the vibrations our body feels, healthier we become! Hence, it is very necessary to have positive and uplifting thoughts as well as emotions that can support our health as well as our mood.

If you have noticed, you will know the difference of how you feel when you focus on problems occurring in your life and judging other people or their situations. On the other hand, think about the goodness that has happened with you all your life. And now observe the change that how you feel. These positive and good thoughts have their own vibrations affecting your body emotions and hence contributing to your overall flow of energy.

It is hundred percent true that you will definitely feel light when your energy is flowing with ease. Imagine what and how happy life it would be if you remain in such an energized and a happy state! Basically, as a spiritual being, we tend to be in a state of ease, amusement and lightness unless we let the negative clouds hover around our minds and emotional bodies. If it happens so, we forget who we really are this situation makes our bodies to over react leading to complicated thoughts, heavy emotions and unbalanced actions. But, with this spiritual positive energy, one can reconnect to his true self by following the neutrality and wisdom, redirect the negative and heavy thoughts into positive and lighter ones, clear the emotions and shift the energy. Thus, if one is centered in is spiritual self, he can quickly and easily come out of the negative aura.

There are various spiritual energy tools that can make you feel and experience its existence. Some of the tools include centering, grounding, and aura, have your energy, and shift your energy. It is believed that operating more through our spiritual awareness can help us to easily shift our energy and stay healthy. If you are intending to have some spiritual energy through healing stones, the best and the premium dealer of the same is Alakik‌ ‌Universal‌ ‌Exports‌ ‌ that cater the healing stones requirement all over world. Get connected with Alakik‌ ‌Universal‌ ‌Exports‌ ‌ and learn more about what and how healing stones can help with the spiritual energy to stay fit and lead a healthy life.

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Universal exports | Crystal Ball


The word ‘crystal’ gives an enlightening effect to any human any day! ‘Crystal’ itself attracts the people in some or the other way and the most prominent reason for it is its beauty! The term crystal ball is taken by a layman as a gypsy woman who wears dangling earrings and bracelets, who has dark curls wrapped up in a bright scarf trying to divine your future. But apart from this perception of layman, today’s people largely use these crystal balls in Feng Shui practices, Gypsy Divination, Buddhist rituals, transcendental meditation and Wicca. These crystal balls may either be smooth or facetted, opaque or clear transparent ones and are available in three types – leaded glass, natural crystal and laboratory grown crystal.

Natural crystal as the name says comes from naturally occurring veins of the crystals and is majorly used in jewelry industry.  The popular gemstones like diamonds, emeralds, citrines and amethyst are cut from this section of crystals that has the feature of few inclusion and flaws. Those natural crystals that command a high value are definitely the ones that have a high level of clarity in them!

The laboratory grown crystals are similar to those used by electronics industry, because, though having the amplifying and storage properties, these crystals are known to be considerably cheaper. As these crystals are man-made, the crystalline structure is perfect having distinctive vibrant qualities differing from natural crystals.

Leaded glass crystals contain a small amount of lead which enhances the reflective qualities of glass making it very apt and suitable in manufacture of crystal ware like Swarovski and Waterford. Presently, leaded glass is a form of crystal that is used largely for the costume jewelry.

Being found in both, faceted and smooth forms, these balls are available at Alakik‌ ‌Universal‌ ‌Exports‌ ‌ as faceted crystal balls as well as droplets found on chandeliers.  The faceted crystal balls are majorly used in Feng Shui and are hung on windows to transmute the negative energies entering homes into a positive energy. One thing to note is that Universal Exports serve you with varied size of the crystal balls depending on the amount of energy that you wish to or are trying to transform!

Additionally, crystals are said to be best as earth energy enhancers. So, displaying six smooth crystal balls in center of your living room ensures that everything in your life goes well and smoothly. Moreover, it is even considered as an aid during meditation. These crystal balls from Alakik‌ ‌Universal‌ ‌Exports‌become a gateway for developing one’s physical ability by acting as a natural amplifier.

With so many benefits attached with the crystal balls, people from all over the world consider it to be of great use and use it as per their required needs. It is very easy to get your choice of crystal balls now at Alakik‌ ‌Universal‌ ‌Exports‌ ‌ as it renders you with all your related requirements easily. All you need is to mention the type of crystal ball that you wish to have and Universal Exports will cater your needs anywhere in the country.

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