Chakra Sets that help relieve stress

Chakra stones are said to be a great stress buster as they relieve you from all the worries and tensions and lets you think of the future. The stones have been worn by people since ages and are trusted by people from all over the world. Some of the chakra sets which can help in relieving the stress of an individual are. 


  • An eight stone set with engraved chakra symbols include stones like amethyst, lapis lazuli, green aventurine for heart chakra, blue aventurine/sodalite, orange calcite, red jasper, yellow aventurine, clear quartz along with a carry pouch. 
  • Raw stones set will help you connect with nature. The stones are honey calcite, red calcite, green quartz, pineapple calcite, ametrine, celestite and clear quartz. 
  • Multi-coloured stones help in free flow of energy. The stones in the set are orange kyanite, malachite, sodalite, red jasper, yellow apatite, aquamarine and amethyst spirit quartz. 
  • The rainbow of terminated quartz points helps in balancing yourself. The terminated points are of green jade, lapis lazuli, red jasper, orange aventurine, amethyst, blue aventurine and golden quartz.
  • You can opt for raw stones if you are a lover of natural beauty. The stones are hematite, amethyst, sodalite, cernealian, citrine, green aventurine and clear quartz along with a pouch. 
  • Pyramids help in opening your energy centers easily. The pyramid set of stones include orange aventurine, amethyst, red jasper, yellow aventurine, sodalite, lapis lazuli and green aventurine. 
  • A beginner crystal set includes raw stones like rose quartz piece, citrine point, clear quartz point, tiger eye’s piece, hematite piece, amethyst point and black tourmaline red. 
  • A rainbow sacred geometry set include yellow aventurine octahedron, sodalite merkaba star, amethyst sphere, lapis lazuli icosahedron, green aventurine dodecahedron, orange aventurine cube and red jasper tetrahedron stones along with a wooden box to store them. 
  • You can go for a merkaba stone set which has lapis lazuli, jasper, red aventurine, red jasper, amethyst, blue aventurine and aventurine. 
  • You can start your journey with a starter chakra set which comes with a abalone shell and sage along with necklace, red jasper, citrine, green aventurine, tiger’s eye, amethyst, sodalite, clear quartz and wooden stand. 
  • Oval shaped stones which can fit in the palm of your hand are red jasper, carnelian, green aventurine, yellow aventurine, lapis lazuli, amethyst and clear quartz. 
  • The cubed stone set looks like paperweight but is filled with energy. The stones are green aventurine, peach aventurine, yellow aventurine, clear quartz, amethyst, lapis lazuli, red jasper and a pouch. 
  • Orgonite chakra set can help you in turning your bad vibes into good along with the stones carnelian, citrine, cherry quartz, amethyst, brass, seraphinite, chalcedony and clear crystal quartz inside an orgone heart. 
  • The thumb sized worry stones are yellow jade, green aventurine, lapis lazuli, amethyst, blue aventurine, carnelian and red jasper with an information card and pouch. 
  • Raw and natural crystal chakra set has amethyst, blue calcite, sodalite, tiger eye, red jasper, orange calcite and kambaba jasper. 



If you are looking to buy chakra sets online, search no further and visit alakik website. Here we have housed all kinds of chakra sets for people with different tastes. 

Enrich Your Intuition Power With Chakra Healing Stones-Alakik-Universal Exports

Enrich Your Intuition Power With Chakra Healing Stones

Many people know about intuition but do not have any idea about how to enhance it. The article will lay emphasis on how to develop and enrich great intuitive sense so that you can use your inner intuition effectively. There are many ways to improve your intuition but gemstones and crystals are natural gifts to achieve it.

The chakra healing stones help in trusting your intuition, developing an ability to connect with the spiritual world and develop a strong intuitive sense. The crystals should be used for intuitive development is by holding it in your hand for while meditating, visualizing or sitting quietly for 10 to 20 minutes.

Another method is by laying on your back and placing the chakra stones on the third eye for 10 to 20 minutes and while using this method one should be sure that the stone is in accord with third eye chakra. The crystals that can be used for developing your intuition are.  

  • Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a calming, soothing and generous gemstone. It is linked to water element and develops clarity in vision, communication and intuition. It quietens the mind during meditation that helps in bringing out the inner truth and developing powerful intuition. If you are unclear in mind or spirit, you can meditate with aquamarine.

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  • Moss Agate

The stone is healing as well as beautiful. It perfectly balances left and right hemispheres of the brain. The inner wisdom comes out when both the hemispheres are balanced. It gives perseverance and courage and removes stress and anxiety. Less stress and more courage will aid in intuitive development.

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  1. Faceted Moss Agate Pendulum:
  2. Moss Agate 10mm Power Bracelet:
  3. Moss Agate 2inch Bowls:
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  5. Moss Agate Arrowhead Generator:
  6. Moss Agate Arrowhead Neckalce:
  • Amethyst

Amethyst is well known for healing and protection qualities. You can also activate your Crown chakra and enrich your intuition with the crystal as well. You need to place Amethyst on your Crown chakra while doing meditation and the stone will open up your intuitive power.

Psychic visions, improved meditative experience and accurate intuitive calls are some of the things experienced by frequent amethyst users. The stone has an ability to take you for an adventure ride once it is placed on the crown chakra.

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  1. 3 Amethyst with Diamond ring earring:
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  • Azurite

Azurite develops intellect, intuition and insight. The stone has high vibration frequency that goes well with Third Eye Chakra. Third Eye chakra is the sixth chakra or Ajna located on your forehead between your eyebrows. Ajna is the centre of intuition and it can be developed and enhanced with a stone that goes well with it.

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  1. K2 Raindrop Azurite Big Pyramids:
  2. K2 Raindrop Azurite Towers:
  • Labradorite

The stone opens and cleans all 7 chakras. It is a magical stone because it opens and clears chakra system and awakens psychic powers and intuitive sense.

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  1. 2 inch labradorite Bowls:
  2. Chakra Bonded Engrave Reiki Sphere:
  3. Labdradorite 7pcs Geometry set with velvet purse:
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  5. Labradorite 2inch Orgonite Angels:
  6. Labradorite 300bds Tree with Wooden Base:
  • Celestite

Celestite vibrations can contact angels, guardian angles and spirit guides. It also develops psychic energy. The stone lets you access high transpersonal chakras and opens your soul star chakra and crown chakra. These chakras develop psychic gifts like clairsensitive, clairaudience and clairvoyance.

  • Quartz

The crystal works in harmony with the human body because it has silicon dioxide that generates positive energy and encourages clear and open communication. When you are developing you intuition you need clear communication with your inner self that can be done properly by Quartz.

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  1. Brazlian Clear Quartz Master Pyramid:
  2. Brazlian Clear Quartz Pyramid 20-25mm:
  3. Clear Quartz Orgone Dodecahedron with Tree of Life:
  4. Clear Quartz SOD with hook pendant:
  5. Crystal Quartz Jaladhari (Yoni):
  6. Rose Quartz Master pyramid:

The stone brings clarity in your mind that helps in listening to your soul. Whenever in doubt, one should go for quartz.


Thus, we see that the above-mentioned stones can help in enriching your inner self that helps you in taking good decisions. Crown and heart chakras play a vital role in balancing human body. At Alakik, we deal with wholesale chakra stones which can be ordered online and used for opening your chakras which enable proper body functioning.

Healing Crystal Stones You Should Have On You During The COVID-19 Outbreak-Alakik-Universal Exports

Healing Crystal Stones You Should Have On You During The COVID-19 Outbreak

The outburst of Coronavirus is causing widespread calamities around the globe. Everyone is concerned about the situation right now. Carrying healing crystal stone right now to cope with the virus helps in calming you. It is very important to take care of your hygiene right now like washing your hands often.

Let us discuss what exactly Coronavirus is. It is large community of viruses that causes illness ranging from common cold to more severe diseases. World Health Organization has said that the epidemic is caused by new breed of virus known as Novel Coronavirus (nCov).The common symptoms of Coronavirus include fever, shortness of breath, common cold and runny nose.

It is very important to follow medical cautions but going for healing crystal stones can become an additional shield for your family and your well-being. Some crystals whose vibration frequency will help in preventing fever and other viral illness are.

  • Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a stone that removes all kind of negative energies and brings positive wellness and vibrations. The stone strengthens the immune system of the wearer. It is very famous for its metaphysical properties and relieves pain, fever and all other types of physical issues.

The stone was a very powerful crystal as believed by ancient Shamans and heals on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

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  1. 3pc Black Tourmaline Pendulum:
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  6. Black Tourmaline 10mm Braclet with Diamond Ring:
  • Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz circulated positive energy everywhere and is one of the most powerful healing stones. The stone has many healing properties. It cleans congested area in the body, ensures free flow of energy, and helps you in feeling better quickly. It is an excellent remedy for lung-related illnesses and common cold.

Take a look at our Clear Quartz products:

  1. Brazlian Clear Quartz Master Pyramid:
  2. Brazlian Clear Quartz Pyramid 20-25mm:
  3. Clear Quartz Orgone Dodecahedron with Tree of Life:
  4. Clear Quartz SOD with hook pendant:
  5. Crystal Quartz Jaladhari (Yoni):
  6. Rose Quartz Master pyramid:
  • Ruby

Ruby is popular in medical sciences. It is used to remove ailments like fever and irregular blood circulation. It restores health, vitality and zest in an individual’s body. It helps in reviving normal physical state and save you from unwanted illness. Ruby brings peace, possession and brings well-being. 

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  1. Chakra Double Round with centre Ruby 925 Pendant:
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  • Carnelian

The stones activates healthy blood flow in your body. Complications of health like cold, pain or discomfort can be healed with this stone. It helps you in staying from major illnesses and improves blood circulation. The stone is associated with kidney and other organs that help in proper blood flow.

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  1. Baby Orgone Red Carnelian Pyramid:
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Coronavirus severity can lead to kidney failure and Carnelian helps in smooth functioning of all the important organs in your body.


All the stones are available on Metaphysical Wholesale – Alakik Universal Exports located in USA. The stones in addition to taking hygienic measures can be bought if you want to stay healthy and safe in this tough and tense situation.

Best Metaphysical Store in The USA-Alakik-Universal Exports

Best Metaphysical Store in The USA

Alakik Metaphysical products store is known for its native art called Knapping that shapes and carves an object by chipping one stone against others. Alakik is a family-owned business and our products are exported to foreign countries including Israel, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, USA, New Zealand, etc.

What are the metaphysical products?

Metaphysical products help in the spiritual healing of an individual. They cleanse you from within and also bring peace of mind which helps us to take away your responsibilities. It also generate energy and aura that required for living a healthy and positive life.

What makes our metaphysical products different?

At our metaphysical store, there are a variety of products available that have crafted with expert knowledge passed down to generations. Our metaphysical products are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors and give you a sense of healing. 

What products are available at our store? 

In Alakik store, we offer various products like Angels, Skulls, Arrowheads, Healing sticks, Massage wands, Merkabas, Gemstone Pendulums, metal pendulums, Specimens Feng shui, Natural points, Tumble Stone, Esoteric, Metaphysical, New Age products and many more.

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Benefits of Chakra Healing Stones-Alakik-Universal Exports

Benefits of Chakra Healing Stones

In a human body, seven chakras are wheels of energy that give energy to us. If all the chakras are nurtured and balanced the body is centered, grounded and energetic. The chakras make our bodies clean and are good for one’s well-being and health. 

Chakra stones help in proper energy flow between the chakras, free discomfort and is a proven method for spiritual practice. The rocks are actually semi-precious stones and are known by different names like gemstones, chakra stones, healing stones, etc. 

Benefits of Chakra Healing

It is important for beginners to understand seven chakras and their colors. 

The first chakra point is the base chakra. It is a connection to your root and foundation. If you want to heal the root chakra, you are concentrating on your survival and foundation. 

This chakra associated with the element of earth, preserving, stable and strong energy which defines our relationship with the earth. 

Muladhara represented by a red color that represents the rule of logic and order. It stands for our sexuality and needs for physical strength. The five stones that can be used for this chakra point are:

Tiger Eye: 

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Fire Agate:

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Black Tourmaline 

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It should be kept in mind that every chakra stone has different functions so it is important to read about all of them before choosing the right one. 

The second chakra point is a sacral chakra that is connected to pleasure, sexuality, and well-being. This energy wheels up the spine that is situated in your pelvic or lower abdomen area. This point is connected to sexuality, well-being and pleasures you feel in your lifetime. It is related to creativity that can be fulfilled with a healthy sexual life. 

The wheel is connected with the element of water, mutability, sensitivity, devotion, and thankfulness. The four stones associated with sacral chakra are: 


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The third chakra is solar plexus chakra which is related to self-examination which concentrates on self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth. It helps you in making a decision and set a direction you want to take.

The solar plexus is connected to fire where inspiration, passion, excitement, and spontaneousness are created. The four chakra stones that can balance your solar plexus chakra are:


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Heart Chakra is the fourth chakra that is related to joy, love, and inner peace. It is located at the point of the heart. If the heart chakra is unbalanced, you might experience physical pain in the chest and upper back area or heartbreak.

The chakra is associated with air and symbolizes love, peace, and intelligence. Five chakra stones related to heart chakra are: 


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Green Aventurine

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Green Tourmaline

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Rose Quartz

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The fifth chakra is called throat chakra and is related to communication, self-expression, and truth. It is located at the center of your throat. It concentrates on your self-expression and communication. It is a passage between the head and heart and how you express yourself and your feelings. 

If you face trouble in transferring a message or react the way you want might have an energy blockage in your throat chakra that needs healing. The element associated is ether and it is called a sound or spirit element. The stones that balance this chakra wheel are:


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Tourquise Power Bracelet

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Angelite Balls 

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Aquamarine Chakra 10mm Elastic Bracelet With Charms


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Third eye chakra enables you to look at the bigger picture, your mind and seeing something more than what you see in reality. The point is located between the brows and is an all-seeing eye. It can be strengthened by meditation and yoga. 

Intellectual energy is connected to the brain and lets you see a bigger vision of the world. It is not associated with any element because it can connect with all the elements. The stones that can bring positivity to the third eye chakra point are:

Black Obsidian 

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Purple Fluorite 

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The seventh chakra is the crown chakra that is associated with the spiritual world and intuition. It is located in the spiritual level of an individual that is at the top of your head. It is an energy receiver and giver by consciousness.

You project your energy also known as aura and you get spiritual enlightenment for the same energy.If this chakra is well balanced you can see your higher self and past everything. The element related to this chakra is cosmic energy, thought or universe. The chakra stones for crown chakra are: 

Clear Quartz

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Thus, there are many benefits of chakra stones for a healthy and peaceful life. So what are you waiting for? Order an Alakik stone as per your energy blockage today and experience a change in your mind and body

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Wearing a Gemstone-Alakik-Universal Exports

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Wearing a Gemstone

Gemstones are very effective in healing you from inside and give you a positive outlook towards life. Gemstones should be worn by one and all in order to experience its powers. The major reasons why you should start wearing a gemstone are being elaborated below.

Types of Gemstones

  1. Powers

Each and every Gemstone has restorative powers. Each and every gem represents a planet and can draw electricity from that planet and direct it to you. The energy of all the gemstones neutralizes negative energies and fills you with positive energy which makes you look at the life with a positive perspective.

  1. Connection

Gemstones increases your concentration and connects you with inner conscience. You can find motive in the incidences where you were uncertain earlier. Gemstones is not restricted to any religion and anyone can wear it.

In olden times, gemstones used to facilitate theory and bring about love and hate. Gemstone is not affiliated to any tradition or religion. Everyone can benefit from wearing a gemstone.

  1. Reminds Your Purpose

Gemstone mala reminds you of your purpose. The wearing of gemstone necklace have a calm effect on the wearer. In the hectic modern life gemstones helps you in restoring inner calm. The gemstones relieve pressure and tension and has a grounding effect.

  1. Healing Powers

Gemstones offer many healing advantages and gemstone spheres are useful when counting affirmations or mantras. The stones can be bundled in your hand palm and placed on the place of frame you want to direct recovery and strength.

  1. Gemstone Influences

Gemstones have a lot of electricity in them and can make us effective. It is false that you experience the power of gemstones on an astrologer’s advice. Gemstones effect complete functioning of an individual’s character.

Start wearing gemstone today to experience positive energy and new vibes which definitely brings a change in life. Order a gemstone from Alakik and change your lifestyle for good. Alakik universal is one of Manufacturer cum Exporter of New Age healing gemstone products, having a good market in the USA.

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Harness The Power Of The Arrowhead-Alakik-Universal Exports

Harness The Power Of The Arrowhead

Arrowhead was used as a weapon in olden times and its pointed shape could easily pass through the skin of the target. Many stones were used in making an arrowhead. The style and size kept on varying according to the use. In order to fire an arrow, one required great strength, excellent vision, and keen instincts.

The arrowhead was worn around the neck as a talisman to protect oneself from evil. The talisman is a symbol of strength, protection, and courage. Native Americans firmly believed that the arrowhead can allow the wearer to absorb the enemy’s power and remove negative energy.

The arrowhead is still worn or carried by many even after decades. In the modern world, many people believe in this old-age customs. This holds true especially for the descendants of Native Americans.

4inch Arrowhead

How can you utilize the Power of Arrowhead?

People enjoy wearing arrowhead jeweler even today in order to bring positive energy to their lives. Arrowhead also helps in bringing a sense of adventure to the wearer which many people lack these days. Today’s generation normally uses their time by using the Internet, movies, games, social media and other unsatisfactory activities. The power of arrowheads can reawaken the adventurous spirit of an individual.

If you want to harness the power of arrowhead in your life, there are many stones which can crave this piece like:

  • Quartz balances energy, awakens talents, and enhances natural gifts.
  • Obsidian – sharpens senses, protects the owner’s aura, and removes negative energies.
  • Amethyst – self-confidence, spiritual growth, inner strength, cleansing powers.
  • Turquoise – healing properties, promotes inner peace.
  • Rose Quartz – brings, gentle, warm energy, love, and pleasure.
  • Agate – lessens stress and negative energy, heeling energies.
  • Jasper – relieves stress, stabilizes emotions, and enhances insight.
  • Tourmaline – balances feelings and emotions, vitalizes energy around the heart.
  • Labradorite – facilitates positive change, removes negative feelings.

Regardless of the stone used for craving the arrowhead, it has usages in different areas which are courage, strength, and protection.

Read more: The Types of Agate and The Their Uses | Alakik

The importance of arrowheads can be understood by those who wear it. So, what are you waiting for? Order arrowhead jewellery today and bring a positive change to your life. Alakik are Manufacturer-Exporter of New Age healing products, Metaphysical gemstones, Esoteric crystals along with Agate Arrowheads.

Chakra Stones Necklaces For Spiritual Empowerment-Alakik-Universal Exports

Chakra Stones Necklaces For Spiritual Empowerment

Chakra necklaces are mainly used to align or quieten the chakras present in our body. These stones give you powerful messages, mantras and inspirations and leads you to self-empowerment. There are seven stones for balancing the body chakras and all of them have unique power which help in balancing the energy of the body.

Benefits of Chakra Stone Necklaces

Chakra Stone Necklace

The benefits of wearing chakra stone necklaces is that they open all your Chakras which allow the energy to flow freely. If the chakras are open and healthy you suffer less both mentally and physically. If you balance your chakras  you can find balance and peace in your mind and life.

The mind of a human being has an incredible power and if you balance and clear your chakras many surprising things await you. Many shifts will happen which can make your life better and orderly.

Multipurpose Necklaces

These stone necklaces can be worn anyway. They can be worn in the form of jewellery, necklaces, talisman, rings and bracelets. All the crystals have a general use and many unique properties. These chakra stones can make up for a beautiful necklace for ladies which can enhance their beauty.


Our body has certain energies and vibrations which can either react positively or negatively in a situation. The crystals has been trusted by ancient rishis and munis for calming down your life and yourself. It controls your body in a positive manner and gives it a much required energy.

Take a look at some of our products of Chakra Stones Necklaces:

7 Chakra Bracelets You Need To Wear Right Now-Alakik-Universal Exports

7 Chakra Bracelets You Need To Wear Right Now

There are seven chakras in a human body and all the illnesses in the body are caused when the energy gets blocked in that particular area of the body. 7 chakra bracelets heals the body and regulates the energy flow in body parts to cure all types of health issues.

How Does A Chakra Bracelet Works in Healing?

 Crystal 7 chakra beads elastic bracelets

According to ancient yogic tradition, there are seven wheels inside the body which keep turning in order to maintain energy in your body. They start from spinal base and move till the crown of the head. Each and every chakra is associated with some major body organs as well as nerve bundles. These chakras affect your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

7 chakra bracelet helps in the overall well-being by keeping all the chakras open and aligned for the energy flow in your body parts. The seven colored stones connect your mind, body and soul in a circular manner and align the energy of a human body.

What Happens During Chakra Healing?

Chakra Healing starts as soon as wear 7 chakra bracelet. All the stones present in the bracelet help in opening up the clogged chakras and give you a fresh start to a new day. They provide you energy and helps in preventing all sorts of illness and ailments. Chakra healing makes you emotionally strong and helps in solving your problems and achieving your goals.

Benefits of Chakra Bracelet

There are many chakra bracelets healing benefits. Some of them are being elaborated below:

  1. The bracelet helps in relieving stress and staying focused.
  2. It gives you spiritual awakening and balances your chakras.
  3. There are positive vibrations in the stones which brings back balance to the chakras and replaces negative thoughts with positive ones.
  4. It is just like an alternate medicine for curing spiritual, physical and emotional ailments and gives energy to the body.
  5. While meditating or doing yoga you can use this bracelet to attract healing powers of the 7 chakras.
  6. Chakra Bracelets can also help in the recovery of alcoholics and smokers and females who have suffered pain from childbirth or a chronic disease.

Take a look at our our product range of Chakra Bracelets:

So what are you waiting for? Start wearing the 7 chakra bracelet right now and experience changes in your life and body.

Here are the list of our 7 Chakra Bracelate Products. Buy Now:

Meaning and Uses of Chakra Stones Based on Colours-Alakik-Universal Exports

Meaning and Uses of Chakra Stones Based on Colours

 Chakras are the energy circles that centres inside the human body to help in all processes. It regulates from emotions to organ processes and to the immune system. There are total seven chakras residing in the body. Although we normally speak of only seven chakras, the human energy field is made up of thousands of minor chakras in addition to the major seven. Starting from the base of the spine ending at the crown of your head. Each of this chakra has their own colour and vibrational frequency, and it leads to special functions, which makes you a human being. It is important to understand the chakras before we start defining each chakra individually. You are a human being and made of energy. All living things are made of this energy. The energy is the reason it keeps you spiritually, physically, psychologically and emotionally balanced.

The term ‘Chakra’ in Sanskrit means, ‘wheel’. So according to that meaning, chakras are spinning regularly. These are the colourful wheels of energy. To the millennials, chakras are essential in life. The topic of chakras has been originated in India first, around 1,500 B.C. Also, there is the mention of chakras in Yoga Sutras of Patanjali which is around 200 B.C. 

Seven Major Chakras and the Colours

There are seven types of chakras in a human body and each of the chakra stones for the seven chakras are based on the colours that are as listed below.

  • Root: It stays at the base of the spine, and red in colour. It mainly governs survival instincts and grounding.
  • Sacral: Situated in the lower abdomen, orange in colour. Generally, it governs self-worth and esteem, intuition, sexuality.
  • Solar plexus: Stays at the upper abdomen, yellow in colour, controls ego and impulse.
  • Heart: Situated at the centre of the chest. Green and controls spirituality and compassion.
  • Throat: Stays at the throat, blue in colour and governs mostly emotion & communication.
  • Third eye: Situated between the eyes, purple and controls imagination, wisdom & rationality.
  • Crown: Situated at the top of the head. Colour is indigo and governs the connection with the divine beings.

So, now it be clearly understood as which are the chakra stones to be used and that too of which colour. But at this point of time, it is to be made sure that the stones so chosen are genuine and brought from a trusted, reputed as well as reliable seller.