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All About Crystal Turtle and How to Use It.

It is believed that the animals dominate a certain power in nature and have incredible energy associated to particular elements. We must have some or the other time come across the statues of decorative animals at work places or even homes but never tried to solve the mystery behind it! So let’s find out its significance today!

Feng Shui is a very prominent word and people of today widely follow it while taking decisions related to certain things of their life.  Feng Shui is associated with animals as it helps solidify the environment with special signification. Out of all, the most famous and commonly used animal guardian is the tortoise. So, what does it signify in the Chinese culture?

The turtle is most commonly represented as a figurine that is made up of hard and decorative stone. As we all know a turtle is blessed with a long life, it indicates long life of a person, hence recommended to old people in order to increase their longevity. Not only this, the wholesale crystal turtle is known to remove negative energy around the people, so when kept at work place or home can render the people with positivity. It is given the tag of ‘Good luck turtle’ as it is associated with overall good health and positive energy.

So, these new age healing crystals are very effective in kicking out the problems in one’s life.  To be specific, the crystal turtle is effective because it adorns the following qualities in it: longevity, good health, positive energy and protection. The crystal turtle is made from glass which is considered to be a positive element in Chinese culture. The best place to keep the crystal turtle is near a window so that it is able to send the colors of rainbow and also spread the good and positive energy all around.

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