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The Science Behind Crystal Chakra Healing and Balancing

There are many who are interested to use crystal healing and chakra stones for balancing and enjoying life. Different cultures across the globe have been for ages practicing chakra and crystal balancing on the human body for purposes of healing. People in huge numbers are eager to know the science that actually goes behind chakra balancing and crystal healing.

How the inert stone can benefit the human body in a powerful way? The rising demand for Wholesale Chakra Stones is sufficient proof of its increasing popularity.

More about Crystal Healing

The answer to the above question is said to lie in a particular phenomenon known as piezoelectric effect. Taking into account a quartz watch, it is best possible to understand more about piezoelectric effect. A small quartz piece, if slightly bent is likely to put out continuous voltage, which in turn keeps the watch in running condition with great accuracy. The same thing and effect is derived by the human body with gemstones and crystals. They are said to place small charge which interacts with the human bio-magnetic field, thus developing more balance and harmony in life.

Find the Best Healing Crystals at Alakik-Universal ExportsUnique and effective

Every stone is stated to have its own unique vibration similar to that of every person. It is for this reason that the specific stones required to balance the chakras will vary from one person to the other and different suggestions can be noticed across numerous chakra books written.

Determining the right gemstone

In order to enjoy the effects of the powerful gemstone, it is very much important to get the right one that suits the person’s needs and requirements. The correct way is to determine if the specific gemstone perfectly is found suitable or meets the needs of the specific chakra. It will be wise to examine the gemstone by placing it on the person’s body and check with the body’s subtle and find out how it tends to respond to it.

Even a friend can be requested to place the different gemstones on the body, keeping the eyes in closed condition and to determine which of the chakra feels the best when placed. The body’s response to the gemstone is to be always trusted upon. In case, the stone gives out that bad feeling when placed on the body, then it should be immediately removed.

Simple rule to follow

A good rule that needs to be followed for chakra balancing will be to identify if the chakra color is similar to that of the tone. It will be good to boost as well as balance the chakra. Therefore, the following needs to be understood:

  • The primary chakra stone is to be red toned and
  • The secondary on is to be orange toned.

Certain stones such as quartz can be found in various types of hues, which are allowed to be used for different types of chakras. This again will depend upon its shade.

Selecting the right type

While checking out the type of gemstone to be used for every Chakra stones for healing, one should take into consideration the secondary colors. The common types found are pink for heart chakra and black for root chakra. But, it does not necessarily mean that each stone which heals a specific chakra will be that chakra’s secondary or primary color, since exceptions do exist.

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The most powerful healing stones-Alakik-Universal Exports

The Most Powerful Healing Stones – Alakik

There are several stones and crystals that are said to have miracle powers of healing. It is necessary to know their characteristics, so that the right one is chosen.

Top healing stones

Favorite healing stones: The natural healer is regarded to be gemstones. Crystal does offer wonderful healing. One can come across variety of stones and get hold of the perfect gemstone. The below mentioned stones are must haves to display on the crystal altar or for the amulet healing pouch.

  • Rose Quartz: It is known for its subtle energy and called as loving stone, since it helps the wearer to open up to love in every form: spiritual, sexual and platonic. It can also heal physical heart ailments including emotional heartbreaks.
  • Flurorite: This can be found in wide range of colors and is called protector gemstone as it helps to ward off all types of negative energy. It also helps in meditation and finding spiritual tranquility.
  • Lapis Lazuli: This stone can unlock the mysteries and help to eliminate emotional blockage and confusion. It also helps to link celestial and material realms, thus revealing the cosmos wonders.
  • Hematite: This grounding stone is of silver gray metallic color that is used often as grounding tool. It helps to avoid those worldly events/tasks through out of body flight. It will be useful to have a hematite piece in the pocket to help take care of stressful situation.
  • Jade: This stone is said to carry calming and serene energy. It helps the person to find inner calm, peace of mind and self acceptance. It also assists him to tap his inner creativity and understand dream symbolism, while relieving physical pain like cramps, flushing out toxins from within the body.
  • Amethyst: This stone has powerful healing techniques, being both spiritual and physical. It also imparts proper balance and sense of calmness, clears the mind from all types of confusion, soothes stressful and negative emotions. Also, it helps to balance the hormone levels, while strengthening immune system.
  • Turquoise: The Native Americans have a strong belief in this stone as they value it for its capability to ward off all evil, to interpret dreams and strengthen bonds of friendship and love. It also helps the person to get immense confidence in himself.
  • Kyanite: This stone is good for channeling purpose and enables open communications, thus enabling proper contact with angels and spirit guides. It is also known for the wonderful balancing properties to align the chakras, more specially throat chakra. It automatically clears all negative energies.
  • Obsidian: The different varieties of stones of this type are used as protective and grounding agents. Snowflake obsidian present can help to surrender as well as to eliminate past pathways which are of no use any longer including negative habits. This stone can also bring about opportunity for clarity, serenity and change.
  • Citrine: This energizing yellow stone helps manifest the goals and objectives. It keeps the person cheerful as it gets filled in empowering solar energy, attracting personal power and abundance.

The above are the top gemstones or healing stones that are used for healing purposes.

Reiki Stones and Their Uses for Chakra Healing

In Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism, a chakra is considered to be a node or energy point in the subtle body. It is believed that they are the part of the ingenious body or Nadi which is the meeting point of the energy of non-physical nature. It is believed that Nadi is the channels in the psycho-spiritual body through which human life force or vital energy or Prana moves. From different theological texts and teachings, you can learn about the different types of chakras. According to the Tantric texts, the subtle human body has many chakras. But amongst them, only seven chakras are considered the most important ones. The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit word meaning wheel. Many describe it as a spinning wheel of light.

A Brief about Chakra Healing

It is believed that within our physical body there resides a body double, a spiritual body which contains the chakras. They are those centers of activity which receive, assimilate and express life force energy. This force energy maintains a person’s physical, spiritual and mental functions. The force energy absorbs natural energies to and from the universe celestial entities and nature helps to transmit them. The activities of chakras influence our body shape, glandular process, chronic physical ailments, behaviors, and thoughts. If one chakra is blocked or is wide open or any disruption in the chakras results in an imbalance which is manifested in all areas of life. Reiki is one of the methods by which we can influence our chakras.

Healing Power of Reiki Stones 

There are very few tools and resources at our disposal that can align our entire body with healing that works. Chakra healing is considered the easiest way to have all your centers aligned. This is a science. Reiki stone is one of the most important tools of chakra healing. Reiki was developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist MikaoUsui. The word reiki has been derived from two Japanese words, Rei meaning god’s wisdom and ki meaning life force energy. This Reiki means life force energy that has been guided spiritually. There are a number of ways of healing with reiki stones. The most common way is to lay on the stones, this can activate all your energy centers that are your 7 chakras. This will help you to release the energy unblocking those centers in your body.

Reiki stones can be used for chakra healing on its own. There is an abundance of reiki products that can be available in different shops and online stores, but the availability of quality and authentic products are very less. It is very important to know about the quality and authenticity of reiki products before you buy them. If you are new, then you definitely need a wholesale partner, who will provide you with the authentic and wide range of wholesale reiki sets. Alakik being one of the pioneering online stores and reiki set exporter is an authentic and reliable store. They have a wide variety of reiki sets for sale. Doing good to people through their business is the main objective of alakik.

Alakik‌ ‌Universal‌ ‌Exports‌ ‌

Universal Exports – Metaphysical Stones Wholesaler

Universal Exports - Metaphysical Stones Wholesaler

Healing stones are the stones that have emerged as one of the popular products in the world that aids in various healing properties. The unique feature of these healing stones is that every stone has its own peculiar benefit that helps in curing particular diseases. Hence, the world knowing its effectiveness has crazily started its use and has increased its demand by leaps and bounds.

Every stone has some or the other metaphysical healing properties that catches the attention of the respective people who are facing the problems that can be cured with such stones. Let us know various metaphysical properties of certain healing stones:

Amazonite: Known as a goddess stone, offers us a place of quiet compassion. To connect to our own power with joy and confidence, opt for this healing stone!

Apache Tears:  Used for grounding and protection from negative energies.

Aventurine: Holding an optimistic energy, Aventurine is a prosperity stone and a soothing heart chakra stone.

Bloodstone:  To purify the body of toxins and disease, bloodstone is your solution. It increases vitality, strength and endurance and even helps in maintaining trust and faith in the Divine.

Citrine: Known as an abundance and prosperity stone, Citrine helps in manifesting our dreams and even stimulates our creative energy.

Jade: Representing harmony and happiness in family as well as business, Jade helps to feel connected to the earth and nature.

Lapis Lazuli: The one who wears it gets a chance to have an insight of deeper mysteries of life. Additionally, this stone assists in creative endeavors and renders with widen perspectives.

Moonstone: Associated with the feminine called “The Goddess Stone”, moonstone has been used to connect with the energy and power of the moon.

Quartz:  Quartz magnifies energy and is known as a powerful meditation tool. Also, it is useful as a dream stone and helps in remembering and interpreting dreams.

Ruby: To bring vitality and life force into one’s being – Ruby is for you. Assisting with doubt and anxiety, it encourages stepping forward in life.

Turquoise – this healing stone is said to be a beautiful gift from mother earth. It is used as a protection stone by Native Americans.

Above mentioned are some of the many healing stone that has metaphysical properties and are beneficial in some or the other ways. You may be skeptical regarding its availability in India but the fact is the presence of Alakik‌ ‌Universal‌ ‌Exports‌ ‌ – that deals in each and every kind of healing stones. Moreover, it deals as a wholesaler and caters to the public demands worldwide. So if anyone is in dire need of any particular metaphysical stone, without searching for other options here and there, should resort to ths one stop hub of healing stones i.e. Alakik‌ ‌Universal‌ ‌Exports‌ ‌!

Top 5 Healing Stones – Alakik Universal Exports


People across the world have some basic beliefs and understandings that prevail from so many years. These unchanged things are so strong that every individual considers it to be holy, pious or useful for some or the other reason. One such thing that has remained unchanged and is equally in demand as it was years ago are the importance of healing stones. Yes, the world of today considers healing stones in the same way as it was considered by the people decades ago.

There are hundreds of kinds of healing stones that has their own specific features and are known for curing specific diseases. Each and every healing stone has its own healing attribute that draws the attention of the people for their respective reasons. Let us know some of the most prominent healing stones that are demanded heavily in today’s time:

1)      Green Aventurine

One of the popular healing stones of today’s time, green aventurine is demanded by the public for physical healing, good health and vitality. The specialty of this healing stone is the feature of curing almost every ailment. Also a heart chakra stone, the green aventurine is available in many light or dark shades.

2)      Apache Tears

Popularly known worldwide as good emotional support and healer, the Apache tears is a healing stone especially used for the times of grief. Grief can be anything from natural reasons like death of your closed one or marital reasons like divorce or break up. With the intention of curing the soul along with the body, the apache tear appear to be rough due to their violent creation and renders the curing of soul by being the emotional support to people in their grief.

3)      Pink Calcite

Being mistaken as Rose Quartz, this healing stone from Peru is either opaque or transparent and is greatly used for overall health and emotional well being. Being a heart chakra stone, Pink Calcite is widely used for heart problems and in addition, it works great for physical tissue repair.

4)      Black Tourmaline

Having a unique quality of transmuting energy as well as help in connecting humans to mother earth, the healing stone named black tourmaline is well known to cure many health issues. It is said that if you have nothing else, make sure to have this stone around you to safeguard yourself from health issues.

5)      Amber/Copal

For having a good emotional hygiene, one of the best healing stones that is apt for this attribute is Amber/Copal. This healing stone is known to be a wonderful healer and is known to be a great stimulator in physical energy, metabolism as well as energy flow.

Be these top 5 healing stones or hundreds of other specific healers, you can easily find them at Universal Exports. Alakik‌ ‌Universal‌ ‌Exports‌ ‌ is a premium dealer of healing stones that aims at catering to people’s healing stone demands all over India. With time, it has evolved as the one stop destination for healing stones.

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Healing Stones – Alakik Universal Exports

Healing Stones-Universal Exports - Alakik

Precious and semi-precious stones have their own share of importance from that era when spiritual, physical as well as emotional healing had no signs of existence. These gem stones are actually the healing stones which when used under the guidance of a professional can prove out to be the best treatments of all.

This ancient therapy of curing the diseases is very well acknowledged across the globe even today. Focusing on the ancient stories of these healing stones, it has been known that these stones were not only used for health purpose but even used in powder form to color clothing and textiles. In addition, some of these common crystals were also painted on the skin for certain religious ceremonies held at that point of time. Nowadays, you can get such varied crystals from one of the premium manufacturers – Alakik‌ ‌Universal‌ ‌Exports‌ ‌.

People from ancient age till today have evolved a strong belief of these healing stones as the positive results of using it apparently gave them a reason to believe about its authenticity as a whole. These crystals or chakras that are available at Universal Exports have varied attributes and gradually people noticed and identified the difference amongst them that helped in curing different diseases.

According to the birth-month of people, the gems have been grouped and categorized accordingly. Depending on that, birthstone jewelry is made as per the related stone of that particular month. Let’s throw some light on some of the stones that are used even today for healing purpose:

  • Actinolite – it heals physical body, assists the elimination of toxins through liver and kidneys, relieves stress as this stone is the rich connection to divine mind.
  • Adamite – this healing stone helps in stimulating your creativity, encourages living a happier life and also relieves stress as well as depression.
  • Amazonite – it aids in communicating truth by energizing the words you speak. It is known to be a powerful healing stone to relieve from electromagnetic negativity released from microwaves or cell phones.
  • Axinite – it is a stone that brings earth energy into one’s own body. People who have problem with feet and legs must resort to this stone for healing purpose.

Likewise, there are hundreds of such stones available at Universal Exports that have varied healing qualities. With such a wide range of chakras as well as their healing qualities, they have attained a great level trust amongst the people which makes them use it for various purposes in day-to-day lives.

Hence, considering it in today’s time, these gemstones have even become a delightful expression to give as well as receive them in form of gifts. Gifting such crystals is a great way to render that emotion of care and that you really expect well-being of the counterpart. One can resort to Universal Exports to gratify this emotion at its best.

Catering to these requirements of today’s generation, Universal Exports makes sure to provide all such one-to-one needs and demands of the people. One of the biggest gemstone providers, Universal Exports is known to stand concrete at the customer’s requirements by enhancing their capabilities to meet the required demands within a stipulated period of time.

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