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People across the world have some basic beliefs and understandings that prevail from so many years. These unchanged things are so strong that every individual considers it to be holy, pious or useful for some or the other reason. One such thing that has remained unchanged and is equally in demand as it was years ago are the importance of healing stones. Yes, the world of today considers healing stones in the same way as it was considered by the people decades ago.

There are hundreds of kinds of healing stones that has their own specific features and are known for curing specific diseases. Each and every healing stone has its own healing attribute that draws the attention of the people for their respective reasons. Let us know some of the most prominent healing stones that are demanded heavily in today’s time:

1)      Green Aventurine

One of the popular healing stones of today’s time, green aventurine is demanded by the public for physical healing, good health and vitality. The specialty of this healing stone is the feature of curing almost every ailment. Also a heart chakra stone, the green aventurine is available in many light or dark shades.

2)      Apache Tears

Popularly known worldwide as good emotional support and healer, the Apache tears is a healing stone especially used for the times of grief. Grief can be anything from natural reasons like death of your closed one or marital reasons like divorce or break up. With the intention of curing the soul along with the body, the apache tear appear to be rough due to their violent creation and renders the curing of soul by being the emotional support to people in their grief.

3)      Pink Calcite

Being mistaken as Rose Quartz, this healing stone from Peru is either opaque or transparent and is greatly used for overall health and emotional well being. Being a heart chakra stone, Pink Calcite is widely used for heart problems and in addition, it works great for physical tissue repair.

4)      Black Tourmaline

Having a unique quality of transmuting energy as well as help in connecting humans to mother earth, the healing stone named black tourmaline is well known to cure many health issues. It is said that if you have nothing else, make sure to have this stone around you to safeguard yourself from health issues.

5)      Amber/Copal

For having a good emotional hygiene, one of the best healing stones that is apt for this attribute is Amber/Copal. This healing stone is known to be a wonderful healer and is known to be a great stimulator in physical energy, metabolism as well as energy flow.

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