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What is Agate? And Its Healing Properties

Agate is an ornamental stone that primarily consist of cryptocrystalline silica, chalcedony along with microgranular quartz. These ornamental stones are characterized by the fineness of grain and variety of color. Even though agate can be found in several types of host rock, they are usually related with volcanic rocks and are common in several metamorphic rocks.

Although the color of agate differs depending on the type, this popular stone is well-known for its beauty and can be identified by its transparent shine and signature bands. Agate is formed as a result of igneous rock combined with the silica deposits in groundwater. The multicolored bands that give the semi-valuable stone its brand are layers of agate deposits that build up on top of each other. Agates come in a range of colors such as brown, pink, white, red, black, purple, yellow and gray. This cryptocrystalline mineral is made up of silicon dioxide and is found popularly around the world in places such as Egypt, Brazil, Nepal, India, Germany, Italy, the USA and Mexico.

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The meaning of Agate differs from civilization to civilization, for instance the followers of Islam as well as Babylonians used to believe that agate can ward off the tragedies and evil eye. On the other hand the Egyptians and Persians believed that agate can provide protection against natural disasters such as lightning and has the ability to deliver powers of speech. Chinese believed that agate can offer spiritual protection, and can stimulate one’s life force while cleansing their mind to make space for fortune and good luck.

The healing properties of agate are slow and steady. Their properties bring harmony to all aspects of emotional, spiritual and physical. Blue lace agate heals properties ease the nervousness within the throat, and allow flexibility between mind and mouth. On the other hand, moss agate which is a light green colored stone is known to help people who are seeking the courage for long lasting stamina. Those struggling with addiction or want to implement healthy habits; moss agate healing properties are advantageous for them.

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