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Amethyst Worry Stone – Your Ultimate Healing Companion

Amethyst Worry Stones- Benefits, Applications & Healing Properties

We all believe in the positive power received from natural processes, specifically with the Stone, Pyramids, Crystals, and Gemstones. Each of us is fighting our own battle to heal ourselves from negative thoughts and their power. Having said this, multiple ways are considered, and those are effective and powerful. One of the ways is by using this stone. Let us share the details with you and help you understand its benefits, application, and healing properties.

Introduction to the Amethyst Worry Stone

It is quartz with a beautiful purple colour and is known as part of hexagonal crystal systems. The best thing about Amethyst is that it is a semiprecious stone with a glassy lustre and is vitreous. As per the colour specification, it often comes in shades of purple and violet. The core meaning of Amethyst is to help provide spiritual healing, calmness, and wisdom.

Benefits and Healing Properties

When we discuss the Amethyst Worry Stone, we are curious to know its benefits and how it can help heal in our routine life. The essential areas where this stone works as a magic wand are:

  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Emotional

These are the three major areas where the Amethyst worry stone works as magic and helps us overcome problems and issues positively.

Moving further, when discussing the benefits that play a crucial role in our lives, here is a detailed understanding of how the crystal works in different areas.

  1. Physical Healing: Amethyst worry stone is crucial in helping individuals heal from physical problems and relive a healthy lifestyle. The stone helps us heal from major physical problems like:
    1. Boosting our Immune
    2. Deep and Sound Sleep
    3. Helps decrease migraine pain.

  2. Spiritual Healing: When discussing the spiritual healing properties, Amethyst plays an essential role. It works in areas where individuals often fail to overcome their negative thoughts, which influence them to wrongdoings. Hence, to fight this back, Amethyst worry stone plays a positive role in helping heal:
    1. Intuition Power
    2. Focus on Third Eye Awakening
    3. Reduces negative energies and thoughts

  3. Emotional Healing: Now comes the most crucial area many of us face to get an effective outcome and heal ourselves from it. The one we are discussing is about having a way to have proper and balanced emotional healing. Amethyst worry stone tends to help individuals heal from emotional breakdowns. The essential areas where the stone works as life-saver are:
    1. Balancing Emotions
    2. Soothes Mind
    3. Increases Courage
    4. Helps in Decision Making

How to Use Amethyst Worry Stone

While discussing the use of the Amethyst worry stone, it can be used in multiple ways and turns out to be a result-oriented property. Let us discuss it further. The beautiful and soothing crystal an individual can use in various ways and these are,

  • Form of Jewelry
  • Home and Office

Final Thoughts:

Alakik Universal Exports helps you get the authentic and genuine Amethyst worry stone, which will help you benefit in multiple ways. The stone has natural power; thus, many of us use it to find peace, calmness, and serenity. You can order this stone with us; we will deliver them to you at the best prices and with its detailed manual. 


Heal Your Body, Mind, and Spirit with Yooperlite

Discover Calming & Healing Powers of Yooperlite Stone

We all believe in natural therapy and the power of the Gemstones, crystals, and pyramids, which help heal and overcome our fear and worry. The research found that Yooperlite worry stone has a significant power which helps improve the body, mind, soul, and spirit. The stone is naturally made of sodalite and can be found in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. What makes it best about this yopperlite is that these stones glow under UV light and spread their power.

While discussing Yooperlite, it is proven to be helpful in many ways and issues, including stress relief, anxiety, and depression. Also, it helps increase peaceful sleep, boost the immune system, and increase energy levels. It remains true that Yooperlite is a versatile crystal that can be used in many different ways and is beneficial to everyone using it.

This blog will emphasise sharing the meaning of Yooper Lite Worry Stone, its uses and benefits, how you can use them in meditation and more.

Yooperlite: Meaning, Uses and Benefits

Yooperlite is a beautiful crystal gifted to humans by nature and found in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The stone holds a metaphysical property that helps clarify and promotes deep understanding and power to see the truth. Moreover, it is also said that yooper lite also helps strengthen our minds during times of change or upheaval.

The name of the crystal originated from the region where it is found and because the people who live there are called the “Yoopers”. Since Yooperlite is one of the types of syenite, it contains fluorescent sodalite. The worry stone comes in shades of green, blue, orange, and pink. Green colour stone is used more as it causes uranium to be present.

While discussing the uses and benefits of Yooperlite, it is defined to be vast and vary from metaphysical and physical uses. It is a belief among a few people that the use of Yooperlite is connected with the spiritual world, while some claim that it has excellent power in healing properties. Still, some people have a strong belief that Yooper Lite helps us protect from negative energy and surrounds us with positive thoughts and power.

At this moment, we are sharing with you the uses and benefits of Yooperlite and how it plays an essential role in our lives to maintain a perfect balance

Yooperlite Physical & Emotional Benefits

Natural therapy has always proven to be one of the most convenient ways to overcome physical problems and deliver the best results. One method is Yooperlite Crystal, which shares an excellent outcome in terms of physical benefits. The list of the advantages is mentioned below.

  • Cells
  • Skeletal System
  • Muscles
  • Recovery
  • Headache
  • Energy

We all have been emotional and sensitive; sometimes, we cannot control these emotions. It would help if you started using yooper lite worry stone as it has proven methods of maintaining a balance in our emotional life. The worrystone stone is beneficial in the below-mentioned areas where it provides a success ratio.

  • Calming
  • Focus
  • Creativity

Yooperlite Metaphysical Properties

Knowing the benefits of the worrystone, it also has a tremendous universal outcome in terms of its metaphysical properties. The list of the same is shared below.

  • Balance
  • Protection
  • Self-Confidence


Alakik Universal Exports helps you possess the worrystone with its wide range of metaphysical and physical benefits. Using the stone with perfection and precision enables you to have a proper chain of meditation that heals your inner soul and mind. For more information and details about Yooperlite Worrystone, you can contact us.


The Healing Power of Gemstone Healing Crystals: How They Can Enhance Your Well-being

When we talk about healing therapies, there is always a saying that Gemstone Healing Crystals are the best and most natural therapy. The process plays an essential role in individuals’ lives and helps them in all possible ways regarding energy healing.

Today, this blog will discuss how these natural healing crystals can heal and enhance your well-being.

Understanding the Science Behind Gemstone Healing Crystals

For the uninitiated, it is a strong belief that the healing crystals have a strong power regarding healing properties. The Gemstone carries a hidden spiritual power which helps overcome fear, fight back depression, bring peace and prosperity, calmness, and feel relaxed. The list that benefits individuals is endless and has many more positive upbringings. It is often noticed that not only individuals but also celebrities across the globe use them as they strongly believe in vouching for their efficacy. 

The art of Gemstone healing crystals has been used since the ancient era and is known to be a form of the best medication which heals naturally and effectively. Further, it also helps align the body Chakras, which causes an imbalance in our mind and soul. 

A report states that using crystals is one of the most influential and realistic forms of practising self-care and finding great positivity and happiness. The popularity of healing crystals is increasing significantly, and people strongly believe in the whole process with excellent outcomes.

Now, if you think there is a science behind Gemstone healing crystals, let us clarify: that is not such a proven method that highlights knowing the scientific approach. Also, nothing needs to be detailed about these healing Gemstones’ power in treating or curing conditions. However, the fact remains clear, and it signifies that Gemstones are a true gift from nature as they induce a strong power in relaxation and have a sense of resemblance from nature to every individual.

The Top 10 Gemstone Healing Crystals for Physical and Emotional Well-being

While discussing and wanting to know the top Gemstones that have a solid power to help our physical and emotional well-being come back, here is the list. You can also learn about these healing crystals in depth from us.

  • Clear Quartz
  • Obsidian
  • Rose quartz
  • Jasper
  • Citrine
  • Turquoise
  • Amethyst
  • Tiger’s eye
  • Moonstone
  • Bloodstone
  • Sapphire
  • Ruby

The Specific Benefits of Each Gemstone Crystal and How to Use Them

The next thing that needs to be known is the unique benefits of all these Healing Gemstones with a proper guide. Let us take the discussion further with actual outcomes and easy to understand the whole process. At this moment, we are in the respective scenarios where the above-listed Gemstone crystal works and is beneficial.

Healing Crystals for Health

There is a saying: “Good health in today’s fast lifestyle is an individual’s most significant wealth”. Having said this, we are currently listing the Healing Gemstone Crystals that are beneficial and known to be healing crystals for health-related problems.

Clear quartz is a universal consideration when your entire health system gets drained. The only crystal that is known as a master healer is clear quartz. It is a strong belief that the quartz supports the entire energetic system because it is a master healer.

Jasper: When nature helps you heal better when you are living a stressful life, Jasper healing crystals come as an aid. It is a nurturing stone that works perfectly to help you overcome and be a supporter when stress is lifting you more, and you are looking for calmness.

Obsidian: Another great healing gemstone that helps individuals let go of things and boost emotional levels with positive experiences.

Amethyst: If you are lacking in increasing your willpower and self-confidence, then you should opt for Amethyst. It is also beneficial for healing and purifying and significantly boosts self-confidence.

Bloodstone: Any blood-related issues are resolved using the compelling power of Bloodstone. It also helps improve blood circulation and is a supportive healing therapy for blood-related concerns.

Healing Crystals for Wealth

There is a list of healing crystals that will help you overcome your concern about wealth. Before proceeding further, check on the Healing Gemstones which provide effective results.

Tiger’s eye: You can keep the stone with you, which has a proven record of providing motivation and reducing fear.

Citrine: The gemstone is believed to have great work when you need a kick spark to increase your enthusiasm, creativity, and concentration.

Turquoise: Use the stone with full faith as it helps attract good luck and great power to soothe emotional balance.

Sapphire: Another name for Sapphire is known to live a healthy and prospered life. It is the stone known for prosperity.

Jade: It has the power to share good luck and is also known to be bestowed with prosperity.

Healing Crystals for Love

Illuminate with the power of healing crystals, which helps and encourages you to increase Love and trust with your partner. 

Rose Quartz: The stone is best known for showing its power for Love. It is, therefore, referred to as the stone of Love with a great belief that the stone helps boost and encourage Love and trust.

Moonstone: For anyone who is losing their interests and strength, Moonstone is known to be a perfect blessing. It prompts the feeling of inner strength and increases its strength and power.

Ruby: The perfect healing crystal believed to support sexuality and sensuality

Incorporating Gemstone Healing Crystals into Your Daily Life: Tips and Techniques

If you look forward to incorporating this Gemstone as a part of healing crystals, you must understand its complete process. Here is where you can use these Healing Gemstones in routine life. Could you have a look into it?

  1. Meditation
  2. Jewellery
  3. Carry Them
  4. Under Your Pillow
  5. Home Décor
  6. Crystal Rollers

Finding Authentic Gemstones: Tips on Choosing Genuine and Ethically Sourced Crystals

We at Alakik Universal Export have a complete guide which states in detail about these crystals and how beneficial it is when an individual or Reiki practitioner uses them. You can get the complete guide with us with a proper understanding of its benefits and usage.

Conclusion: Embrace the Healing Power of Gemstone Healing Crystals for a Balanced and Harmonious Life

With years of experience and understanding of this Gemstone’s core necessity, we promise you that you will be getting the best Gemstone that heals and balances your life with perfection and simplicity.

Understanding the Magic of Smoky Quartz Worry Stones

Are you the one who loves Gemstones and wants to know more about their properties and hidden magic? If that is so, you must be the one to hear about Smoky Quartz. One of the delicate and beautiful crystals has a brownish-grey colour with powerful healing properties.

In this blog, we will be sharing with you today the understanding of what Smoky Quartz is and what magic it possesses.

What Is Smoky Quartz?

The best introduction of Smoky Quartz is known for having a dark colour and a smoky appearance. The variation of the colours defined ranges from light to brown and even black. Smoky quartz has a unique colour combination because of the radiation that occurs naturally and within the earth’s crust. The exposure of the colour continues its formation because of the high temperatures. Also, this Smoky Quartz can be available in two more shares due to traces of iron oxide present in it. These colours are orange or yellow.

The variety of Quartz has a vast meaning and has long been prized by healers and spiritualists. It possesses strong healing properties and can protect people against negative energies. Evil eyes and vibes. It is a traditional type of crystal which helps protect individuals against physical danger and save them from emotional harm from toxic people or any situations. Additionally, the crystal will also give us a sense of clarity when making decisions that play an essential role in our lives.

The Benefits of Smoky Quartz Worry Stones for the Mind and Body

While discussing the benefits of Smoky Quartz Worry Stone, it is significantly affecting the mind and body. With the proper use of the stone, you will positively get the effect, and it is an incredible gem to wear on bad days. Also, it increases positive vibes, which raises excellent energy and intuitive knowledge. The outcome of it is in the way of feeling safe and protected.

Some of the other benefits of using Smoky Quartz Worry Stones effective for the mind and body are,

– Helps reduce stress and negative vibes.
– Keeping away from toxic emotions.
– Increases positive frequencies.
– Overcome the inner fear and fight from unwanted emotions.
– Great healing stone for the long term.
– Reconnect the physical and spiritual spaces.

How to Use a Smoky Quartz Worry Stone for Maximum Effectiveness

The best practice practitioners can avail with Smoky Quartz stone is when using it properly, which increases self-confidence and delivers adequate power to the inner soul. The energy level rises with high- frequency, and an individual can intensely focus on their meditation and prayers.

The Science Behind the Healing Properties of Smoky Quartz Worry Stones

The core healing property of the Smoky Quartz Worry Stones is its hidden power to absorb all negativity and have a proper balance of life with high focus and enthusiasm. Moreover, the stone has the superior power of absorbing negative vibes and energies surrounding it and building a pillar suitable for the overall lifestyle. 

Conclusion: Embrace the Calming Energy of a Smoky Quartz Worry Stone Today!

Alakik Universal Exports helps you get the best and most effective Smoky Quartz worry stone that balances your life and embraces human tendency with practical outcomes and high-rising energies. Contact us today to know more about these quartz or any spiritual products.

Using the Merkaba Crystal for Meditation and Spiritual Awakening

Merkaba is a spiritual symbol and an ancient geometric pattern composed of two triangles that interlock each other. The one is pointing upwards, and the other is downwards. The meaning of the word Merkaba is a combination of two Egyptian words- “Mer”- means lights, and “Ka” means “Soul.” To increase consciousness, the association of the symbol has the power for great transformation, spiritual growth, and the path for intense meditation. 

The roots of Merkaba are mystical and have spiritual traditions, as well as various cultures, including ancient Egypt, the New Age movement, and the Jewish Kabbalah. The symbolic means of Merkaba is linked with esoteric teachings, which include the complete journey towards enlightenment and the alchemical process.

Understanding the true meaning and process of using Merkaba crystal will help you attain higher awareness and vibes of positivity and energetic appearance. 

Let us understand how effective the use of Merkaba crystal which awakes our meditating and spiritual awareness.

Merkaba and the Spiritual Transformation.

The sacred geometry of the Merkaba star is more beneficial than its physical form. There is a saying and a strong belief which says that Merkaba holds immense spiritual power, which is depicted as the symbol of personal transformation and ascension.

The interlocking tetrahedrons in the Merkaba possess a solid association to maintain a proper balance, harmony, connectivity, and unity between different aspects that have real meaning to our livelihood. Further, it transfers energies which are masculine and feminine in divine realms. Having a tremendous spiritual effect, Merkaba’s structure helps connect the energy’s positive flow with a higher consciousness.

The practitioners and the individuals use this technique for meditation, which involves visualization and chanting mantras that help activate the Merkaba. With this means of practice, individuals can tap into their inner soul and understand the power filled with emotions. It further expands overall awareness and aligns them with a purpose which is high and filled with positivity.

Merkaba- where is it used?

The symbol of Merkaba holds great positive points, replicating the symbol of increasing physical and visual forms. Merkaba is widely used by individuals practising a form of control in meditation, healing energies, and balancing the chakras effectively. Mentioned below are some of the ways Merkaba is used and turns out to be very effective.

Meditation and Energy Healing

Benefits of Merkaba

Let us now share with you the benefits which are associated with the use of Merkaba. It is how you can often see a gateway to higher consciousness and spiritual realms.

  • Increased Self-Awareness
  • Heightened Intuition
  • Enhanced Energetic Protection
  • Balancing and Aligning the Chakras
  • Clearing Negative Energy
  • Promoting Emotional Well-being
  • Facilitating Spiritual Growth and Transformation
  • Incorporating Crystals for Amplified Healing

Final Words:

When nature delivers the best sources to increase your inner self-belief, it is the best way to get things coming correctly. Alakik Universal Exports is prime place for individuals, practitioners, and astrologers to help them get the best and most effective Merkaba and other spiritual stones and stars that help increase spiritual benefits with high meditating power.

Reiki Pendulum

Using Your Reiki Pendulum for Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing.

When we hear the term Pendulum, the first thing that strikes us is that it is best used for spiritual healing. Also, it is known as a divine tool used by the Reiki masters. Pendulums are swinging objects connected with a metal or leather chain or a string—the celestial object swings around back and forth. A fact that remains constant is that it helps maintain a strong meditation power and helps maintain stability in the body. 

The use of Pendulums is best known as a complementary health therapy which helps detect any blockage or evil eyes in the body. With the help of Reiki treatment, it is found that people feel relaxed as it heals the body and diminishes the negative energies which block the body and the mind. 

Further, the process continues when the blocks are located in a person’s chi, or energy with the help of pendulums is termed complementary. Also, it is known as the alternative for physical and spiritual healing. 

Today, we are discussing how the Reiki Pendulum helps rebuild the balance of the Chakras and heals them, which delivers an enhanced and immersive experience.

Reiki Healing with Pendulums

It is a common belief amongst Reiki practitioners that the Pendulums are the one who chooses you and not the one who starts the Reiki classes. Upon touching the pendulum, the individual must feel the comfort and have a perfect vibe with its touch. To know how it is possible, the best way is to hold the Pendulum in your hand, close your eyes, meditate and focus on your chakras. It is the process which will help you understand the feel of the Pendulum, whether it is positive or negative. Selecting a correct Pendulum is entirely based on the instincts and vibes an individual feels and believes.

Chakra Balancing with a Pendulum

Pendulums are one of the most favourable processes for maintaining a proper balance of Chakras. The routine lifestyle of individuals undergoes multiple vibes, which impacts the overall system of the Chakras. Hence, it is required to maintain a proper balance and stabilize at the right place, and it is believed to use Pendulums. The individual who is practising Reiki uses the Pendulum in a proper way as instructed in the principle guide. 

Using the Pendulum detects the blockage in the body’s chakras, and with proper therapy and sessions, it helps them heal and balance in their correct position filled with positive thoughts and vibes.

Using a Pendulum For Energy Clearing And Alignment

It is one of the Reiki principles which every practitioner follows as it is essential to have positive vibrations surrounding them. As an individual, when you use a pendulum, before that, you need to stick to the principle which says, “I am using a pendulum for energy clearing and alignment”. It means you want to clear all the blockages and help the chakras to be at the right place with a clear set of positive vibes and thoughts.

Final Words

At Alakik Universal Exports, we help every practitioner select the correct Reiki pendulum and help them get the delivery fast. Not only do we understand the importance of having a Pendulum, but it also enables you to understand the using method with complete principles and user guide. To know more about it, feel free to connect with us today!

Amethyst Worry Stone

Amethyst Worry Stones : How They Work and Why You Need One.

One of the most popular Quartz Crystals that pretend to boost the healing power is Amethyst Worry Stones. The purple-hued stone is used for different reasons and different types. Some use them as a piece of jewellery, while some use them for Reiki or alternative therapies. Amethyst Stone’s excellent property is stimulating our emotions and nurturing the body to balance our health Chakras

From an astrology point of view, Amethyst crystal is a Pisces birthstone and brings good luck for the people born in February. Apart from its significance, having an Amethyst raw stone will get several benefits if used with proper accuracy and precision. 

Properties of Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst is known to open a person’s third eye, which means the most significant source of power and wisdom. Individuals practising crystals believe they can use Amethyst to increase, enhance, and sharpen their vision of spiritual activity and enlightenment. Another aspect is that keeping the stone in your home will absorb all negative energies and create space for positivity and harmony.

Further, it is also believed that Amethyst crystal can block negative energies and stress, leading to an imbalanced thought process and disrupting human thoughts filled with positivity. Using the stone with proper guidance will rebuild the natural energy source and soothe your mind and soul.

Benefits of Using Amethyst Crystal

Let us now proceed further and understand the benefits of using Amethyst Worry stones. Here is the list of some of them.

– It helps maintain the balance between health and mind.

– Stimulate and Boost the immune system.

– Reduces anxiety.

– Promotes serenity.

– Removes negative thoughts.

– Increases a high level of focus.

– Protects from Bad Eye.

– Fights with negative energies.

– Connects to and stimulates the crown chakra

– Helps overcome fear and emotional trauma.

Final Words

Amethyst is rumoured to affect mental and physical healing properties significantly. Yet there is no scientific approach which claims its harmful usage. Instead, with proper care and belief in self, it is the accurate natural way to help boost emotional energy and focus on positivity by kicking off all negative thoughts. Alakik Universal Exports enables you to understand more about the stone and makes easy ways to buy them at the best prices. 

Gemstone Obelisk

The Spiritual and Healing Properties Associated with Gemstone Obelisks

Obelisk isn’t a word we use every day, but it has great power, and to our surprise, its shape is ubiquitous in our environment. It has one of the most impressive forms because it towers over the surroundings and marks it as a monument of our great history.

The Obelisk’s long, pointed shape gives us a clear understanding of the positivity of the natural rock with multiple benefits. Upon using Obelisk, we all know that the stone helps meditate, increases concentration level, and enriches powerful energy to shift our perspective.

Today, the blog shared will emphasize knowing the healing properties of Gemstone Obelisk.

Healing Properties Associated with Gemstone Obelisks

The Healing Properties of Obelisk are beneficial to every individual, and when we say that, we believe in getting direct energies from nature and the environment. A true Obelisk is made up of a single piece of stone, pointed as a Tower. The ancient monolithic Obelisk initially started in Egypt and later is found globally.

These stones are believed to act as a vessel and assist in releasing and sharing the energies built up from the Earth. It has a great power to balance energies conveniently and maintain a proper lifestyle. Further, the shape of the Obelisk grows naturally it is firmly believed that the originality of the built-up stone is within the Earth; it releases energies that build positivity and firmness in oneself. The crystal’s use remains the same, as is the size of the Obelisk stone tower. Accepting the process and working on it step-by-step will provide a positive energy amid the negativity and evil energies surrounding the individual.

In Crystal Healing, it is found that obelisks are formed in different shapes and sizes. Still, the energies they pass on are the same and help build the body’s overall immune system with positivity and direct energy use. The holistic healers using the wand find it more effective as it is used in Reiki therapy and sessions. With the proper use and direct passing of the energy, the rock can be used for natural energy to a specific part of the body, room, workspace, or anywhere you want.

Using the Gemstone Obelisks and wands is best for Reiki healing. It is a holistic technique that involves a challenging process due to their energy, directly bringing the recipient physical and psychological relaxation. Similarly, multiple properties can be known through positive thoughts and ideology.

Final Words

Alakik Universal Exports is the leading place to help you book the set of Obelisk Stones, which come in different shapes and sizes but with endless advantages. Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about it.

Reiki Pendulum

Different Types of Reiki Pendulums and How to Choose the Right One for You.

The Pendulum has a vibrant power and is a natural crystal that carries divine tools to help detect the energy blockages in the body. As a human, we undergo multiple blockages in our body but cannot recognize them. The best way to overcome negativity and blockages is using pendulums, the best and most natural therapy. Having said this, let us proceed further and discuss different types of Reiki pendulums used in Reiki therapy and how they help maintain a proper balance in our body.

Different Types Of Reiki Pendulums

Gemstone/Crystal Pendulums

The Gemstone/Crystal Pendulums comprise actual gemstones, semi-precious gems or natural crystals that carry effective energies and divine power inside the stone. The force through which the Pendulum swings stronger is only due to the divine energies inside the Pendulum. While undergoing the therapy, the questions are answered more clearly and have a practical and more functional result. 

Gemstones are known to be one of the most-purest forms of energy if used and appropriately cleansed. These Crystal Gemstones are available in different shapes, sizes, and colours. Further, which form of gem or crystal is ideal for usage depends upon the Chakra and the Gemstone. Ideally, a significant method needs to be understood when using Gemstone/Crystal Pendulums. 

Metal Pendulums/Brass Pedumums

The Metal Pendulums are made up of brass, chrome, pewter, alloy, or steel.

These Pendulums are the second-best pendulums with effective vibrations after Gemstone/Crystal Pendulums. Metal Pendulums hold the vibrant, magnetic energies that many of the metals provide, positively impacting the users as the swing for these Pendulums is stronger. With proper usage and the cleansing method, the response of queries with positive answers is received. Metal Pendulums are available in different shapes, sizes, and colours.

Wooden Pendulums

The art of making a Wooden Pendulum is designed and shaped using various wood blocks and is hand-crafted. Since it is designed with wood, it is not considered the best medium for pendulum use. The core reason is that it does not carry that amount of energy, which is effective and helps swing the Pendulum to and fro.

Final Words:

These types of Pendulums are available in proper and thorough reiki sessions. The next step is the selection of these Pendulums, and it is entirely based on the blockages the human body faces. Hence, the ideal way here is to select the correct pendulum set with us at Alakik Universal Exports, as we would be assisting you more accurately to define which pendulum is ideal for you and your Reiki sessions.

7 Chakra Energy Generator

Selecting The Right 7 Chakra Energy Generator For Your Healing Journey

A tradition is followed for thousands of years and is recognized by our ancestors. The recognition is known to be the use of crystals as they are known as power-filled objects. The positivity can be seen in our lives and offers massive benefits that turn out to be more useful in our lives if we harness their energy. The hidden power of 7 Chakra energy generator crystals helps enhance the power of the crystals with a unique formation of the crystal that is in a star-shaped appearance.

The chakras and each type have a significant combination of crystals, including healing, protecting, and energy generation. Today, in this blog, we will share these crystals’ use in generating energy.

Overview of the Seven Chakras

(1) Crown Chakra – The position of the crown chakra is situated in the centre of our forehead and is linked to every other chakra. So, any imbalance in the crown chakra will affect all our organs, including the brain and the nervous system. The power of the chakra helps maintain a perfect balance of our spiritual connection and activates the consciousness at a higher level. Upon research, it is found that the blockages in the crown chakras occur for reasons such as narrow-mindedness, skepticism, and stubborn behaviour. If you know someone who resonates with such behaviour, you can help them and enlighten them with this stone crystal jewelry. Wearing the crown chakra bracelet will help them have positivity in their lives and also assist them in connecting to themselves with a high spirit of oneness and calmness.

(2) Third Eye Chakra- The power of the third eye chakra helps us communicate with our inner soul, which connects to our intuitions and feelings. The chakra can see a broader picture because it is the eye of our soul. Since the chakra is located on the forehead, people with blockages may experience headaches, concentration issues, weak-sightedness, and reduced imaginary power. Wearing the third eye chakra crystal bracelets is the best way to overcome such problems and kick off anxiety and stress. The bracelet worn is closer to the skin, giving more power to the body. Also, as an alternative, these crystal stone products can be kept at the office desk, which helps attain natural raw energies.

(3) Throat Chakra- The connection of the throat chakra is associated with the heart chakra. Hence, the best part of this chakra is that it can help us communicate our feelings verbally and confidently. We share expressions with high power and confidence because of having a solid throat chakra. However, if there are blockages in the chakra, the effect can be seen in expressing feelings, trouble speaking and sharing thoughts of the mind, and problems with teeth, gums, and mouth. However, the issue can be resolved with the help of an adorning throat chakra crystal bracelet, and it will give the power to build creativity and communicate confidently.

(4) Heart Chakra – The most significant power of Heart Chakra is it acts as a bridge between the lower body and upper body chakra. The name of the chakra itself can influence receiving and giving love. Blockages in the heart chakra are evident enough in actions and reactions. A person without a proper heart ailment will face multiple issues like insecurity, isolation, inferiority, loneliness, and even being left out. Hence, to overcome such problems, the best way is to adore the heart chakra crystal bracelet. The natural stone attracts all the positive energies like luck, opportunities, and everlasting love, which assists in kicking off all negative thoughts and points.

(5) Solar Plexus Chakra- It is the chakra associated with our digestive systems and situated in the stomach. It is a fact that the more grateful is our digestive system, the more effective is our willpower. The powers that constantly stimulate our ability from our upper abdomen are self-confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem. As an individual, if you are facing any issue related to indigestion, heartburn, ulcers, etc., use a solar plexus chakra bracelet. Wearing the bracelet will help you heal all the negative thoughts and health issues. Also, it will work as a cleanser that carries the virtues of self-healing, inspiration, and self-improvement.

(6) Sacral Chakra- The power of sacral chakra helps in relating to the emotions of others. It is the chakra that works and requires creativity with positivity. The best part of the chakra is that it helps us understand our inner feelings and pleasure us. If at any moment you find that these chakras are paused, the effect will be seen on the body. It will have issues in lower back pain and urinary tract infections. The best part of carrying the crystal is that it will help increase confidence and meet goals.

(7) Root Chakra- The connection of the root chakra is to all the other body chakras. The working of root chakra helps us stay connected to our ground physically, mentally, and emotionally. If there is any imbalance in the chakra, it will disrupt all the other chakras in our body. Wearing a root chakra crystal bracelet will help alleviate the stress and reconnect us with the earth’s grounding energies. The best part about these chakras is that they help stabilize the individual with their mood swings and promote luck with wisdom.

Final Words

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