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What Is Orgone Energy And How Does It Work?

Knowing about Orgone Energy

Recently, orgone pyramids have been recognized as a famous energy tool which is very effective in circles of healing. The healing effect is formed when the power of the orgone helps in maintaining a proper balance of the electromagnetic forces surrounding us. We cannot deny the fact that we live in a vast sea of technological web – Wi-Fi, cellphones, laptop etc. This causes immense electronic pollution such as fatigue, irritation, etc. Orgone energy is known to heal any negative effects associated with that.

The Orgone Theory

Orgone theory was first developed during the 1930s by Wilhelm Reich who was an Austrian psychoanalyst. He mentioned the presence of a bio-energetic life force that is etheric in nature which has a hand in animating our surrounding environment. What Reich wanted to specifically point out is that the orgone energy provides a proper balance thus keeping the physical as well as mental health of an individual intact. The Positive Orgone Energy is patterned and comprehensible while Deadly Orgone Energy being static in nature is prone to decay and destruction. The psychoanalyst therefore built certain things, such as – the Orgone Accumulator Box gathered and transferred the energy of orgone into the patient. This vibrating energy has been informed to heal faster, increment growth in plants and have optimistic effects on cancer.

How does the orgone energy actually work?

Although the effects are quite powerful, the real question is how does the thing work? To begin with, in the Casimir effect, there are two metal surfaces placed in close contact to each other however never touching. Now, that produces photons from the energized electromagnetic waves. All these experiments are held out in vacuum, so that the energy that comes out from a zero source which is termed as “Zero Point”. These points provide a healing effect since the electromagnetic waves are quite patterned and not sporadic in nature. Quartz, for instance, adds comprehensible effects to the orgonite grid thus enhancing the positivity already present in it.

The effects of Orgone energy

Orgone is such an energy providing tool that is both physically as well as mentally liberating. The energy of orgone is put into pyramids which then gives positive response to it. Many people have been noticed to get better sleep, jolly mood and increased vitality since the use of this energy stone.

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