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How to Meditate with Crystals

Have you been meditating for a long time now, but not getting the results you are looking forward to? Well, we have the perfect solution for you! Add crystals to your meditating process to get better results. Let’s walk you through what is crystal and how to meditate with crystals!

What are Crystals?

Crystals are naturally formed stones over the years found all across the globe. Some crystals forms through volcanic pressure, while some through years of sedimentation process, while the others are found in oceans, seas and rivers. Every crystal that is discovered is formed by different processes making it stand out from each other not only in looks but also in the effects that it carries. It is because of this reason selecting the right crystal for the purpose of your need is first step to begin your meditation process. A right crystal will not only help you meditate better, but will also speed up the process of achieving spiritual realization much faster, than simple process of meditation.

Let’s walk you through how to meditate using crystals!

Meditate with Crystals

The process of meditating with crystals is a simple process like regular meditation with certain principles to be kept in mind while doing it. The steps to follow while meditating with crystals are as follow:


This is the first step to begin meditation with crystal. This step should be performed to ensure that the crystal is clean and can radiate the maximum energy possible. To cleanse the crystal you should carry out the following important steps:

  • Passing the crystal through incense or sage smoke
  • Exposing the crystal to sun or moon light for hours before and during use
  • Washing the crystal under running water
  • Dipping the crystal in salt water
  • Keeping the crystal in bowl of brown rice to dry off before use

These steps will help in cleansing the crystal before use.


In step one has to make sure that they are properly grounded when using the crystal. This allows the flow of energy from the crystal to travel to the earth through you. This is important because the crystallite energy will drive out all negative energy into the ground and create a positive aura inside you. During the grounding process a channel should be created between the individual, crystal and the earth, where the energy flow medium will be the individual, which in turn helps in rejuvenating soul energy within an individual during the process of meditation.

Using Sound

When meditating with crystal you can use your own voice for chanting sounds or music to create a resonance in the place of your meditation. This will help in creating a sonar vibration in the crystal, which in turn will help release the energy stored in the crystal. This energy will then travel using the grounding process, helping you to improve your meditation.

Check out Time

It is advisable to use the crystal on your body for at least 20 minutes to get the best results and maximum benefit while using crystals during meditation.

These are some of the steps you should always follow when meditating with crystals to get the maximum benefit out of them. Alternatively, you can also use candles, oils, and other incense during the meditation. And close the meditation with crystal by stretching and wiggling your fingers and toes.

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