Healing Wands use for Healing

What is Healing Wands? How To Use It For Healing.

Healing Wands are the purest forms of stone used as the energy for healing crystals to unblock and realign one or more chakras. Individuals who are practising Reiki and energy healing can also use them. It has a process in which they can scan the overall system of the chakra and its aura to locate the blockage of the energy or the stagnation.

Healing Wands – Usage Method

Healing wands come in many shapes and sizes- and are made with various materials. It is a healing crystal, mainly cylindrical, and may or may not be faceted. The form of the healing wands has a rounded end and a pointed end, whereas some have both ends rounded or pointed. The best part of this natural healing crystal/wand is the individual can take advantage of the stone is its natural energetic qualities. The stones have different shapes and sizes, as are the healing benefits and energies, so using the want addresses various matters and other healing therapies.

The power of the healing wand is it can be used for overall healing and cleansing of the specific chakra (energy centre) or part of the body. Along with it, the long cylindrical edge of the wand is used to draw energy with direct force in a straight line. It also helps balance the meditating chakra and build the sign of the power of positivity in the body.

Many practitioners and healers who are using the healing wand use it to scan the energy possessed in the body and feel the blockages and lulls in the auric field. During the session, if the problem is identified, the best thing about the healing wand is that it will use them to direct the position and heal the energy to a specific location. At times, the healer helping the individual with the therapy will find that the wand never touches the body physically at any time. On the other hand, the pressure points are connected to ensure the healing takes place while healing specific ailments.

The process and use of pressure points, or meridian points, are considered in acupressure and acupuncture. As there are different meridians corresponding with other parts of the body, it helps activate or is activated with the needles or pressure to promote the natural healing responses in the body of an individual. Wands can also be used in similar ways and fashions. Charts showing the meridians and the combined correlations are easy to find online, and it is treated with a specific ailment which helps see the correct meridian point and touch the wand point to it.

Using of Wands

Using the healing wand precisely is possible with regular practice and learning. The rod’s healing power is to get strength from the material from which they are made and from the intention of the user handling the wand. Ensuring the processing and programming of a rod in a specific manner requires intense focus, and with that, there should be a particular intent associated with it. There is a straightforward and effective tool and the wand used to understand the practitioners’ intentions. Amethysts are explicitly used to heal emotional pain and overcome trauma. The strong intent, combined with the appropriate stone,  creates a more powerful healing aid.

Moving further, different types of stones and crystals that help correspond to the process are nearly available for the ailment or condition an individual can think of. Clear quartz or selenite wands are an excellent choice for users practising for the first time or experiencing them. These both are meant to have a bunch of healing exercises that are effective and worth using. Similarly, the accurate use of the healing wands depends on the usage and for which part of the body, chakra, or healing centre it is required. 


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