The Difference between Reiki and Spiritual Healing

Difference between Reiki and Spiritual Healing – Alakik

Reiki healing for many lay people will seem to be much similar to that of spiritual healing. The latter is said to channelize energy into the recipient from any higher source through the hands. However, some major differences are present between Reiki and Spiritual healing, some of which are given below:

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Difference between Reiki and Spiritual Healing

  1. Origins: It is through the Victorian Spiritualist Churches that spiritual healing is said to have grown. Reiki is Japanese, being common with Acupuncture, Shiatsu, OiGong and Tai Chi, Shintoism, Mystical Buddhism, etc. Its origins are said to be connected with Christianity, while some churches offer spiritual healing.
  2. Ways to connect to energy: It is through practice that spiritual healers tend to learn to connect and draw energy. Practitioners of Reiki have to go through ‘connection ritual’, which provides them with consistent and strong connection to source from day one. But spiritual healers are required to put more effort and time for achieving the same. Spiritual healers view themselves as ‘attuning’. While for Reiki, ‘Attunement’ is considered to be a special ritual connection performed on the Reiki student upon attending the course.
  3. Self treatments: More emphasis is laid upon self treating in Reiki, regarded to be the system’s essential part. However, it is not the same with spiritual healing.
  4. Treating methods: People are treated by spiritual healers by making them to sit on a chair. It is in the aura that the healing is performed. On the other hand, people are treated by Reiki specialists when lying down upon the treatment couch. Hands-on approach is used instead of hands-off approach.
  5. Using Symbols: The manner in which Reiki is practiced and taught, symbols are regarded to be the system’s integral part that is used in connection rituals known as attunements and for treating others. The Reiki practitioner is provided by the symbols with more conscious control over the energy that is being worked upon. The symbols ideally are to be used intuitively instead of imposed in manipulated academic fashion. Symbols are not used for spiritual healing.
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Beliefs: It is the common belief of spiritual healers that astral plane entities make them vulnerable as they open towards the energy. Adequate steps are taken towards safeguarding themselves. This is achieved through bubbly visualization of light surrounding them, close their chakras and close themselves after the completion of the treatment. Few spiritual healers require others to ‘stand on guard’ while they treat. This is not believed by Reiki people and such steps are not required to be performed, since energy is inherently protective. Protection is necessary for preventing the practitioner from facing problems from those upon whom they have been working for. Reiki prevents this and also stops that drained feeling on completion of the session. Reiki is said to come with inbuilt protection and for this nothing is to be done.                                          Take a Look At more about Reiki Product

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