Best wholesaler of Rose Quartz accessory – Alakik Universal Exports!

Best wholesaler of Rose Quartz accessory – Universal Exports!

It is well proven and acknowledged by the public all over the world that the usage of healing stones has actually helped people in many ways. Due to this, their beliefs of decade are just becoming stronger and stronger with time. As we all know, there are hundreds of different crystals that have their respective properties to heal different problems occurring in people’s lives. Hence, counting on these crystals for any of your problems is actually a wise as well as an acceptable decision in today’s world too!

A renowned and popular wholesaler that caters to every healing stone requirement is Alakik‌ ‌Universal‌ ‌Exports‌. Once can easily find his requirements getting fulfilled here at this one stop destination. With export done in many countries, it has been constantly catering and delivering the requirements to its large based clientele. With every stone known for its peculiar characteristic, Rose Quartz stone is one amongst them which is gaining popularity nowadays.

Rose Quartz is either a translucent or a transparent pink crystal which is popularly known as love stone or a stone of unconditional love.  This stone opens the heart chakra and is said to have characteristic of encouraging forgiveness, help in letting go of anger, jealousy and resentment and even supports in learning how to love your own self.  The Rose Quartz Hearts have additional characteristics like smoothening the complexion, improve vertigo and heal kidney, adrenal and lung problems. If you intend to keep this love stone with yourself, then the best place to keep it is in your pocket or purse. Other places where this Rose Quartz Cut stone can be placed is in the relationship corner of your home or even on your bed under the pillow as it is believed to instigate one’s sleep!

Well, this stone can even be used in different forms like Rose Quartz Bangle, Rose Quartz chakra bracelets or even as a whole Rose Quartz Worry Stone sets. So if you are the one amongst many who are searching for this rose quartz accessory in any form, then the one and only solution for you is Universal Exports as it guarantees to cater you with all your demands and requirements. Present in India and ensuring the delivery in India as well as outside India, Universal Exports makes sure to maintain their mantra of providing the right product to the end customer in minimum days. So if you have any kind of healing stone requirements, resort and universal exports and be free as it ensures you with the best solutions for lifetime. For more information visit:

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